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“I’m sure about my realness. I take it with me everywhere. I put wear it before I put on my clothes. That’s the one thing that nobody can take away from me.” – Khanyi Mbau, Interview & Article by Lwazi Hadebe.


Khanyi Mbau. White Designer Summer coat: David Tlale. Shoes: ALDO.

Khanyi Mbau. White Designer Summer coat: David Tlale. Shoes: ALDO Roses: Blaque Petals.

In a time where come backs are unheard of, Khanyi does at total 360, proving that anything is possible if you put in the work and set your eyes on the ball.

Successful talk show Host, Author, Radio Anchor and Actor. To top it all off, she is recently nominated Best supporting actress!


Khanyi Mbau. Atelier Dajee Summer Coat. Bikini top: Aldo, Sandton. Suit: SIMONI Exclusive Menswear collection.

With her best foot forward in the fashion game, Khanyi sure starts off the year with quite a bang that this moment is recognised as the Rebirth of Khanyi Mbau.

Khanyisile Mbau. Designer Shirt & Shorts: David Tlale.

Best Supporting Actress nomination for the Africa Magic Viewers Choice award! Tell me more!

“I’m happy but scared at the same time! You see, in South Africa we know that once you go against african countries and artists we don’t vote enough! Because of population in Nigeria, a vote may cover any votes I could possibly get. The fact that Africa recognises my craft is enough.”

Khanyi Mbau. Atelier Dajee Summer Coat. Bikini top: Aldo, Sandton. Suit: SIMONI Exclusive Menswear collection.


“To be honest no, all the roles that I’ve ever played I did an exceptional job because I always say there is never a bad or a small role; it’s a big or a small performance.”

Khanyi Mbau. Dress: Gert Johan-Coetzee. Shoes: Aldo.

Happiness is a 4 letter word, what did you tap into?

“Zaza is typically who Khanyi Mbau used to be when she came into the industry, and who South African women are today. If you look at instagram; women are taken care of, they are travelling, expensive shoes, they have their blessers and Zaza’s exactly that. She’s about the shoes, the hair, the life and she’s taken care of, all she cares about is ‘will I have a bag to match my shoes tomorrow?’ But in her journey it also shows where her family life isn’t going well – she does have a sense of emptiness because the husband’s never there. So he gives her what she wants because he’s always working. The void of having a partner thats not physically there is what kills her. I understood where the character was going because I could tap into my own well of experience, where I shared it with people and I guess thats why it was authentic because I could identify with her.”

The movie brought in R7 million in revenue, what did this mean to you as a South African actress?

“That there is a need for honest screenplay. South Africa is ready to be global.”

She is King, another project you’re a part of, you play Vivian?

Khanyi Mbau. White Designer Summer coat: David Tlale. Shoes: ALDO Roses: Blaque Petals.

“Vivian is the new age Whoopi Goldberg who nurtures and mentors kids who want to be stars. All she does is guide them and show them the right way, help them into their strengths and help find their talent. She’s a drunkard but the kids love her.”

Red Carpet Ready, the champagne dress to the Sun Met was outstanding. Who’s it by?

“Matte Nolim made the dress. I approached him because he has a relationship with satin. Working with that kind of fabric is tricky because if you cut too much, it becomes too tight and if you cut too loose it looks like nightwear. He understands sleeves and patterning. So I said to him, ‘I need to look like champagne; like a bottle of GH. Mums.’ He said ‘I can do that; to show your figure. Simple, yet striking and leaves a good impression.’ Thats what I wanted.”


Khanyisile Mbau, top: Ryan Keys. Male model, Suit: SIMONI Exclusive Menswear Collection.

How do you get ready? For the past year or so, you have been exciting to look at. Fashion mishaps or number one best dressed, you never let up.



Khanyisile Mbau, top: Ryan Keys. Suit: SIMONI Exclusive Menswear Collection

“I always look at fashion as something where you don’t showcase what’s currently on season, because the now is already the past. I always tap into the upcoming seasons and the concepts that are coming in to give an idea of where we are going. Furthermore, the red carpet is a trail that’s leading you forward into the future.”


When you search Khanyi Mbau, you get over 815 000 results in 0.59 seconds, whats does this mean to you?  “It shows interest invested in my existence.”

What do you know for sure?

“I’m sure about my realness. I take it with me everywhere. I put wear it before I put on my clothes. That’s the one thing that nobody can take away from me. I’m real when I’m drunk, hungry, scared, broke, rich. With a new man or no man, you name it.”

Why do you think it’s so important to be comfortable in your own skin?

Khanyi Mbau. White summer coat: David Tlale. Roses: Blaque Petals.

“Here’s the thing about about that, it’s an antibiotic that takes away anything that is negative in your life. When you walk into a room with a smile, you lighten up someone who may have been down and they want to know more of you.”


What’s important to remember, what have you learned?

“What I learned about life is that it’s very long and you need to be yourself. When I got into the industry it was all about pleasing the next person and I forgot me. I had to make a choice and say “I don’t care what happens, I just want to be me,” and thats working for me so far.”


With her talent being recognised across Africa, it will only be a matter of time before this star takes on the global stage.

ROUGE ISSUE: Fashion Styling by Oliva Harlow  |  Hair by TT  |  Makeup by Bokamoso Dikobe  |  Assistant stylists: Rea Kalape & Kay Khanye |  Roses: Blaque Petals  |   Creative Director: Lawrence Manyapelo.



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  1. AlexD

    February 21, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    When you have gone through soo much at such a young age and still manage to come out on top now that’s perseverance and that’s what i’ve always admired about Khanyi Mbau #YouSlay

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