It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Women’s Month! This month is a reminder to celebrate women’s milestones and their extraordinary roles in all spheres of society. To commemorate Women’s Day on August 9, we’re showing support to entrepreneurial women by putting our money where our mouths are (literally!), and highlighting some incredible women-owned beauty brands.

Women in beauty hold a special place with the Previdar Beauty Team (and not just because they make some bomb products), but because beauty is so personal, and we are thankful to the brands that create products to help women feel good in all their uniqueness.

If you are interested in shopping for women-owned brands, you’ve come to the right place. This is your chance to support women and look good at the same time. Ahead, 16 women-owned beauty brands that we love and recommend. The brands are categorised according to hair, makeup and skin care. Happy Women’s Month and happy shopping!





South African natural hair care brand AfroBotanics went from being manufactured in founder Ntombenhle Khathwane’s garage to a fully equipped factory in Midrand, and now occupies prime shelf space in some of the country’s largest retailers.

AfroBotanics products are infused with natural ingredients, like aloe vera and coconut oil, that are scientifically-derived and sourced from various locations throughout the African continent. Crafted for African hair, the products aim to moisturise, soften, detangle and condition curly hair. AfroBotanics prides itself in producing hair products that make hair soft and manageable without applying damaging, harsh chemicals.


Luna Lux Hair



Established by digital creator and beauty entrepreneur Cindy Khan, Luna Lux Hair is a luxury hair brand specialising in hand made wigs that come flawlessly customised and ready to wear. The brand offers a wide range of different styles, textures, lengths, and colours making it possible for our customers to find the perfect luxury wig. Furthermore, Luna Lux Hair offers wig installation services, as well as hair accessories such as bonnets.





A locally grown plant-based hair care range, Nilotiqa is owned by Thokozile Mangwiro. Using natural ingredients sourced from Africa, her products are made specifically for black women who have challenges maintaining their natural hair.

Nilotiqa caters to the growing movement of black people and people of colour who are choosing to wear their natural hair, instead of using treatments and styling techniques that help them conform to whitewashed beauty standards.


Suki Suki Naturals 



The brand’s founder, Linda Gieskes-Mwamba, started Suki Suki when she wanted to grow out her natural hair. All the hair products available were either full of chemicals or were ridiculously expensive – or both. She then started playing around with natural ingredients, this would lead to Suki Suki Naturals first and most popular product. Now crafted in Johannesburg, their product list has grown to include skincare too.


Vana Naturals



Vana Naturals is a woman-owned, natural haircare brand that was established by businesswoman, Stephanie Kituri. The Cape Town-based brand offers premium clean beauty solutions for afro-textured coily, curly hair types using only natural and organic botanical ingredients. All the ingredients are carefully curated and rigorously sourced to formulate high-performance products that nourish, protect and grow healthy hair and are not tested on animals.


The Perfect Hair

Crafted to meet the needs of African hair in African climates, Taryn Gill founded her game-changing hair care brand – The Perfect Hair. Formulated for effectiveness, the products use high-tech conditioning polymers and botanically-derived ingredients like mango butter, grapeseed and marula oil, and basil root extract to offer curl and coil care and control. Furthermore, the products are vegan and free from silicone, parabens, petroleum, and sulphates, and sold in PET recyclable packaging.



Lash Me Baby



Lash Me Baby is a luxe lash brand founded by South African beauty digital creator, self-taught makeup artist, and entrepreneur, Thandi Gama. Having worked tirelessly to build the popular brand, Thandi Gama’s Lash Me Baby has attracted many international and local brands, as well as a loyal audience.


Hermosa Flor Cosmetics



Triggering some of the biggest changes in the beauty landscape in South Africa is Mbali Sebapu, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the disruptive and trailblazing Hermosa Flor Cosmetics beauty brand. Derived from the Spanish meaning beautiful flower, Hermosa Flor Cosmetics aims to empower and radiate the strength that exists in our core existence one glowing beat at a time!



Lula Fox



This local makeup range boasts products that are ecologically sound and skin-friendly. The products are made from natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients and are never tested on animals. Plus, Lula Fox‘s products are professional, made for the most advanced of face beats.


Quick Face



Media personalities and sisters, Lungelo and Ayanda Thabethe teamed up with retail giant Mr. Price to launch Quick Face – a seven-step beauty brand for women on the move. Quick Face is designed to simplify your makeup routine and give you the ultimate soft glam look in one bag on the go.


The beauty range includes ultra-gloss lip gloss, brow-defining, and volumizing mascara, glow highlighter, translucent powder, 3-in-1 concealer palette, hydrating mist, and brow-defining pencil.


Chick Cosmetics



Dubbed the Glossier of South by makeup enthusiasts, Chick Cosmetics was founded by entrepreneur Nomfundo Njibe. Having launched in 2017, Chick Cosmetics prides itself on being cruelty-free and appealing to the conscious consumer. The brand is driven by the love of promoting diversity in the African beauty industry.


Skin Care

Yolz Beauty



Founded by entrepreneur and beauty blogger, Yolenda Jawe, Yolz Beauty is a beauty brand offering a range of facial sheet masks, Jojoba oil, as well as skin moisturising balm. The brand aims to help women enhance the health and radiance of their skin. Furthermore, the products are biodegradable, cruelty-free, and are developed in South Africa.


Portia M Skin Care Solutions



Portia Mngomezulu founded Portia M Skin Solutions after she discovered the healing effects of Marula on her pregnancy-related stretch marks. Portia M Skin Solutions specialises in organic skincare products which are formulated mainly from marula oil.





Envisioned by engineer Stella Ciolli, SKOON came about when she read that people apply about 515 ingredients to their skin daily. That got her thinking about multi-tasking formulas and pared-down routines that still delivered great skin. Their products are produced in Cape Town. None of their ingredients are tested on animals and they contain no obvious toxins or controversial synthetics. Plus, they’re science-backed and all their products are formulated to deliver real results.


Swiitch Beauty



Founded by Rabia Ghoor when she was just 14 years old, Swiitchbeauty is one of the leading local cosmetic brands in South Africa, and with good reason. Their products offer great quality at affordable prices and you’re honestly spoilt for choice *fills cart*. One of the things we love most about Switch is how their products are tailor-made from customers’ feedback and reviews. From lip balm to skin glistening skin products.





Founded by Dr Leslie Nteta who is a dermatologist by profession, Dermopal provides women of colour a sunscreen that is suitable for their skin. The basic purpose is to identify, develop and provide skin care products to address various skin ailments common in Africa. A proudly South African company, Dermopal has a unique understanding of the needs and preferences of African skin better than most.The SPF 30 sunscreen is available at most leading pharmacies such as Clicks and Dischem.

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