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COVER: CHIANOSKY | TRESemmé #VolumeIssue

Interview & Article by Star Khulu | Volume Issue hair styling by Saadique RyKlief. Fashion styling by Bontlefeela Mogoye. Makeup by Precious Xaba. Creative Director: Lawrence Manyapelo #VolomeIssue

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CHIANOSKY. Dress: Keys Fashion. Fashion styling by Bontlefeela Mogoye. Hair by Saadique RyKlief. Makeup by Precious Xaba. #VolomeIssue


She quietly takes the background for her perfect ‘selfie op’ then sinks into a cappuccino and attends to what looks like e-mails. The feisty that comes with a red head is no lie and seeing that translate onto lens was interesting. She goes from bun and comfy shoes to sex bomb at the snap of her manicured finger. As the cool kids would say, “all the sax”. While TRESemmé played with their new volume system, we tried to do the same with her brain…

It’s Women’s Month right now. If you were asked to sing an anthem for all women, which one would it be?

“I’m every woman – Whitney Houston” 

Who is the bravest woman you know?

“It’s hard to pick one as I surround myself with brave women.”

We can both agree that our early twenties are for the lessons. Which is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt so far?

CHIANOSKY. Dress: Keys Fashion. Fashion styling by Bontlefeela Mogoye. Hair by Saadique RyKlief. Makeup by Precious Xaba. #VolomeIssue

“Take the time to understand yourself. Self-
awareness and originality is a valuable power to carry.”


You came into this music industry a teenager, and have come a long way since ‘Walk Away’. What’s the difference between what you thought the industry was and what it really is?

This industry is definitely a rollercoaster. What it was and what it is still remains – I think that South Africa has outstanding talent and every year it gets better and stronger. The only downfall is the lack of general support for one’s talent, rather than only supporting someone because of the hype… Hype blurs many lines between friends and foes. Believing in yourself is the most important thing in this game and working hard to perfect your craft.

We learnt that you’re very opinionated and you stand up for yourself. How has the industry taken to you as a strong-willed woman?

To be honest I haven’t really noticed how the industry
grasps me. That is not the thing you focus on. Because I got into this industry at a young age as you mentioned, it took a few years to really know what I want and how I want others to see me. I put myself second many times and did things that I didn’t relate to 100% because I didn’t want to cause a stir or be that diva at the shoot but I now realize that I am the leader of my destiny and that it’s my image and story that is being put out for the world to see, so I have to stand up for what’s truest to me.

CHIANOSKY. Dress: Keys Fashion. Fashion styling by Bontlefeela Mogoye. Hair by Saadique RyKlief. Makeup by Precious Xaba. #VolomeIssue

TRESemmé got the chance to play with your fire tresses and the volume they could reach. We knew you’d come onto set and just ooze sex appeal. Is it a confidence you always had or did you have to hone it as the years went?

I definitely feel like I owned it more the older I got. My mother (from a young age) taught me independence and to have an opinion and my love for fashion is generally quite sensual and fun. I love wearing my best clothes everyday and clothes that fit my body well. I think this allows my personality to ooze out.

Can we expect a new project on the way with all the studio time you’ve had lately?

Yes, I am working on something amazing with Sony BMG 😉


I probably said this two sentences ago, but we are in love with your hair! A fashion statement on its own, really. Are you a natural red head? Can you say?

CHIANOSKY. Dress: Cinnel. Shoes: Castelo (Sandton). Fashion styling by Bontlefeela Mogoye. Hair by Saadique RyKlief. Makeup by Precious Xaba. #VolomeIssue

*Laughs* I wish!!! I’m a natural brunette but my mother and my Ouma were both natural red heads so I decided to try the look and I can’t imagine myself any other way.

When preparing for an awards show, take us through what Chiano does to prepare for the occasion? What does the perfect dress look like?

Certain events bring out certain characters in me. I usually only know who I’m going to be on the day of the event and then my team helps me bring her to life.

And your hair? We saw the magic it produces after Saadique made magic with the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash system… What does it look like at its best?

Shiny and bouncy.

TRESemmé encouraged us to play with the idea of volume. Did you ever tease your hair to get the look you wanted when you were young?

Not really, only when I wanted to achieve certain looks.

What’s next? If you got over the red, what would be next?

I am secretly dying to go platinum blonde but I know my mom will kill me.

How would you describe your personal style?

Sensual, sexy, eclectic and spontaneous.

The musical sphere has made a rapid digital move. Album sales are going down and the focus is online. Is this a good thing? Do you still feel the want to put out a hard copy album?

It’s a good and bad thing. It’s good because now artists can reach people all over the world and share their music easier than before but it’s bad because I feel that the value for music is diminishing. So much piracy and illegal downloading it’s terrible and artists have to work even harder now to reach the numbers that they set out for.

CHIANOSKY. Dress: Cinnel. Shoes: Castelo (Sandton). Fashion styling by Bontlefeela Mogoye. Hair by Saadique RyKlief. Makeup by Precious Xaba. #VolomeIssue

Oppikoppi was this month and the festival’s diversity stretches every single year. The audience is growing! What do you think caused this shift in interest from a niche market to it being something trend-worthy to experience?

They have worked really hard to create a unique experience over the years. They also showcase a wide variety of artists who cater for many different genre appetites so many people are able to relate to one movement.

Why do you think pop music in South Africa is not getting that lift off that every other genre has had the chance to experience? Hip-hop is currently experiencing their fire moment. Is it one genre at a time do you think?

Generally every year different genres come and go, are reborn or become trendy in the moment. I honestly think it’s not a “turn” kind of thing but that the industry is always waiting for something and if the right muso comes along with the right remedy no matter what the genre then there will be lift off.

  1. I am at my best when I… can be myself.
  2. Love is… life changing
  3. I still need to… jump out of an airplane

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