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PREVIDAR-LOGO-2020-1.pngPREVIDAR is a unique art, design, high fashion, luxury, and lifestyle online magazine. We celebrate extraordinary editorial cover shoot experiences, and the Avant-Garde fashion looks that transform both ordinary and extraordinary citizens into completely unique different versions. Our platform is a free online resource that offers something for everyone.

Bonang styled by Kgosilesego, directed by Lawrence

Previdar is a lifestyle & fashion publication that provides content to inspire the artist in all of us. Started in 2012 by founding editor Lawrence Manyapelo, Previdar has always been dedicated to celebrating art and design in all forms. Our goal is to provide inspiring content to artists and pop culture enthusiasts who are always willing to have open-minded conversations. We collaborate with top talent in the PR, Marketing, and Media industry – from musicians and actors, to fashion designers and consultants, to make-up artists and photographers. Our covers are a testament to our commitment to quality and diversity.

Previdar is a social media based online magazine and showcase platform. We are geared towards promoting art and design in all forms, working with artists and pop culture enthusiasts to produce interesting and engaging content. We have worked with top talent in the PR, Marketing, and Media industry to date, including Musicians, Actors, Fashion Designers, Fashion Consultants, Make-Up Artists, Photographers and more. Our goal is to provide a creative outlet for artists and promote open-minded conversation and collaboration between creatives.

PREVIDAR as a concept influences works produced for other editorials, music videos if you can remember AKA’s Congratulate Music Video was styled by PREVIDAR), and other Visual Artworks in South Africa for artists like Danny K. PREVIDAR today is a force to be reckoned with and a platform we all want to associate with even when the audience does not know when we next publish, they absorb every one of PREVIDAR’s covers with utmost attention to detail. It’s the unconditional support and love for the magazine from the audience that keeps the lights on, the inexplicable hate for the magazine has also brought the magazine inexplicable numbers and it’s important for us to encourage all kinds of feedback from PREVIDAR’s readers. 

PREVIDAR today as a platform prides itself in offering itself as an opportunity for young upcoming talent (Writers, Stylists, fashion designers, makeup artists, photographers, videographers…) to showcase their talent, position themselves in the market by rubbing shoulders with industry pioneers and learning how to put their best foot forward.  PREVIDAR feature stories and interviews also continue to be about success, luxurious inspirations but the ultimate goal is to use more of these elements to inform, innovate,  entertain by making High Fashion the and Avant-Garde the source. 


pre- +‎ vidar

PREVIDAR (present tense previdas, past tense previdis, future tense previdos, imperative previdez, conditionalprevidus)

  1. (transitive) to foresee