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PREVIDAR is an art, design, high fashion, entertainment, luxury, and lifestyle online magazine based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The magazine is a free online platform that has been celebrated throughout the years since founded in 20212 for its editorial cover shoot experiences, and the Avant-Garde fashion looks that transform both ordinary and extraordinary citizens into completely unique different versions.

The Circulation of the PREVIDAR Online magazine covers is achieved through modern digital platforms and social media which all leads new and subscribed members to when the cover goes LIVE.  Also due to the magazine being FREE, the magazine depends on the brand collaboration budgets mostly to produce its covers, so you will receiver your cover experience only when. Its readers, however, are accustomed to these random cover treats that often get social media talking and cover stars trending. And is also important to mention PREVIDAR online magazine caters to a niche market of luxury explorers, top billing lifestyle, and those with knowledge and interest in POP Culture.


PREVIDAR’S aim is to celebrate “Art and Design” in all forms that appeal to artists and pop culture enthusiasts who are always willing to have open-minded conversations. Over the years Previdar has continued to collaborate with Top talent in the PR, Marketing & Media industry from Musicians, Actors, Fashion Designers, Fashion Consultants, Make-Up Artists, Photographers & other corporate sponsors to produce a cover every now and then.

PREVIDAR Magazine has since featured on its covers Africa’s renowned personalities from future billionaire Boity Thulo, Pearl Modiadie a mother of Lewatle, all the way to the alcohol and lingerie hitmakers like Bonang Matheba, Vogue’s Alek Wek, DJ Zinhle the DJ, Da LES, AKA the rapper, Pearl Thusi, Maps Maponyane just to mention a few.

PREVIDAR as a concept influences works produced for other editorials, music videos if you can remember AKA’s Congratulate Music Video was styled by PREVIDAR), and other Visual Artworks in South Africa for artists like Danny K. PREVIDAR today is a force to be reckoned with and a platform we all want to associate with even when the audience does not know when we next publish, they absorb every one of PREVIDAR’s covers with utmost attention to detail. It’s the unconditional support and love for the magazine from the audience that keeps the lights on, the inexplicable hate for the magazine has also brought the magazine inexplicable numbers and it’s important for us to encourage all kinds of feedback from PREVIDAR’s readers. 

You can’t think about PREVIDAR without mentioning its founder.  At only 23 years of age in 2014, Lawrence broke new ground in Avant-Garde for PREVIDAR which saw the founder making it to Destiny-Man magazine Young and Powerful titled “at the fashion frontier” influencing the fashion industry through fashion and visual experiences. Lawrence Manyapelo, who is mostly known as a renowned South African photographer who took a big interest in photographing superstars, is an unassuming introvert who most people have thought only of as a photographer but he is by profession a Multimedia Designer and today an experienced media industry personnel with a focus in Interactive Design and developing digital platforms.  An extraordinary digital pioneer whose photography work had to take a back seat while giving space for other creatives to carry on his vision. 

Lawrence Manyapelo found PREVIDAR magazine while still at university in 2012, with a much deeper intent to give voice to the voiceless. To expand his knowledge on the industry, we’ve seen Lawrence Manyapelo throughout the years partnering with renowned South African PR & Marketing corporations after leaving University, in order to deliver a variety of outstanding cover experiences spanning all the way from South Africa, to that PREVIDAR Spain cover with Lorna and Blue Mbombo and all the way to Zanzibar with Amanda Du Pont’s for her first PREVIDAR cover experience.  It is through these collaborations that Lawrence is able to partner and produce concept covers for Luxury alcohol beverages like Ciroc with Melody Molale, Tanqueray, and much more socially notable beverages with social currency or just when there’s a launch of a flavour or so you’ve probably seen PREVIDAR’ take over the internet. In order to expand his knowledge; his knowledge of the industry spans from both digital publishing and print publishing all the way to everything that you can envision as Multimedia. Not only has Lawrence has taken on the role of Creative Director for Top Brands after parting ways with DNA Brand Architects in 2016, he graciously continued to explore his dream more in print publishing taking on another role of Creative Director for DESTINY Careers Magazine under TheBarleaderTV productions owned by Legend Manqale. Destiny Careers magazine later on rebranded into what we know today as Careers Magazine published by CTC College for the C brand. In 2020 Lawrence left his role as Creative Director on Careers Magazine for an Interactive Multimedia Manager position where he is heavily involved with both research and development of an innovative digital TV streaming platform, a new free online stream TV platform that aims to transform how the youth thinks about education and the future forever. 

PREVIDAR today as a platform prides itself in offering itself as an opportunity for young upcoming talent (Writers, Stylists, fashion designers, makeup artists, photographers, videographers…) to showcase their talent, position themselves in the market by rubbing shoulders with industry pioneers and learning how to put their best foot forward.  PREVIDAR feature stories and interviews also continue to be about success, luxurious inspirations but the ultimate goal is to use more of these elements to inform, innovate,  entertain by making High Fashion the and Avant-Garde the source. 


pre- +‎ vidar

PREVIDAR (present tense previdas, past tense previdis, future tense previdos, imperative previdez, conditionalprevidus)

  1. (transitive) to foresee
Africa's premier online magazine based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The magazine covers Art, Fashion, Luxury, Design, Lifestyle & Entertainment. 


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