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Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo. Image source: TimesLIVE


Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo sue over sex tape allegations!

“Moreover, the malicious spreading of fictitious rumours has caused enormous emotional harm to our children” – The Kumalos’ | Report by Lwazi Hadebe

Its been exactly 14 days since South Africa was shocked by the allegations made against one of the most powerful couples in the country. The allegations come after this can of worms was opened on social media, claiming that Romeo Kumalo appeared in a video performing sexual acts with a rapper.

Here’s how it happened:
Jackie Phamotse tweeted “…No wonder this woman is drinking so much, imagine your yellow bone handsome husband rimming a young raper in your house and you as the wife are watching and one of your friends is secretly videotaping.”  This is the tweet that set the twitter streets a blaze with people asking questions, trying to connect the dots, making assumptions: trying to figure out who is this couple she is referring to.

Basetsana Kumalos’ socialite status, which affords her to go to events frequently, was looked as a reaction (a woman who’s experiencing marital problems and tries by all means to be out of the house); further insinuating that the marriage is all a sham! Even videos of her dancing and having a good time, where its quite evident that she was three sheets to the wind at the time.
During this time one can only imagine what she was going through as a woman when her marriage is dragged on social media, what their children were going through, their businesses, reputation and so on.

They have since released a right of reply on June 16, this is what you need to know:
“We issue this statement in response to those false and defamatory allegations. The allegations allude to a sex tape which does not exist. The source of the allegations is an author whom we have never met, spoken to or had any dealings with. We can only deduce for reasons which remain unclear, that the motivation behind these unfounded and salacious rumours was nothing but pure malice, and perhaps an attempt by the author to create publicity and boost her book sales.” The statement read.

“The harm caused on personal, emotional and professional has been immeasurable. Moreover. the malicious spreading of fictitious rumours has caused enormous emotional harm to our children –  who we have always tried to keep out of the public spotlight”. They continued to say, “We have sought legal counsel and have laid criminal charges of crimen injuria and are applying for Protection Orders against those responsible. The defamatory content has also since been picked up by mainstream media, and we are considering other legal options available, including laying a complaint to the Independent Media Ombudsman,”

Crimen Injuria in South African law is described as the willful injury to someones dignity, by the use of obscene or racially offensive language or gestures.

The next half of the year is going to be quite interesting and this is a story we will be following very closely.


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Article source:  Phil Mphela/ Weekly Xpose

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