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Nicole Da Silva | Sunglasses & Bracelet: ALDO (Sandton). Croptop: OATH.


“Music is a lifestyle. It’s a business for others but it’s a lifestyle” – Nicole Da Silva| #YiSSUE #VCDeezer


Nicole Da Silva | Sunglasses & Bracelet: ALDO (Sandton). Croptop: OATH.

You have certain songs that have taken you through certain events in your life, for example when you were on a sort of a weight loss programme in 2011 you did mention that Kanye West was one of the guys you listened to. With you being on radio and also a person who has been listening to his music, would you say Mr West is one to look at as a Pop Culture Icon? – One of the sad things the way Kanye comes across in the media at the moment is that because his wife, Kim, is seemed to be vacant, quiet at sea, frivolous. They now think that’s what he’s about and he’s actually got an amazing creative mind. When I was at varsity radio Through The Wire had just come out and he was so conscious, so aggressive. He then took Daft Punk and made Stronger; that was the track I used to gym to. If you also look at some of the recent stuff that he has done he has this sort of 3 dimensional show or experience where the stage is like a giant IMax screen, it curves and it comes over his head and it’s almost like you are watching a 3D movie except the guy is busy performing which is really cool. He’s very progressive, I like what he’s doing and the fact that he teamed with Paul McCartney shows the guy is not just about “sippin’ by the pool with the hoes”. It’s pretty cool that he is challenging the way people think about music.

Nicole Da Silva | Sunglasses, Shoes & Bracelet: ALDO (Sandton). Croptop: OATH.

Is that where music is these days – always about sipping? – If it were champagne it would be better. The way I see the youth at the moment especially with social media is that everyone is trying to be cool but they can’t afford the lifestyle so they put up a front/personality/persona. There are a number of girls out there taking pictures half naked with duck face, wearing clothes that aren’t theirs in the change room; pretending to be getting ready for a big party but no honey, you are only 17 years calm down, get your matric, your driver’s license and an education. I feel that with pop culture being what it is a lot of young influenced people are missing the point. These guys can afford this lifestyle because of what they do, because they have a talent and/or they are working at it. There are too many kids just trying to be fabulous but can’t afford to be.

As a radio personality are you able to change the playlist? – No, see I was a programs manager at VOW FM for 2 and a half years. So I got to learn how radio gets managed, all the behind the scenes. I can tell you now, if you go to a radio dial, close your eyes and skip through, you will know what radio station it is without looking at the frequency from the sound of the station. If everybody played their own music, that sound of the station would change. The station would then lose it’s personality and sound.

Which then brings us to fashion and music, what is an accessory to the other? – Music is a lifestyle. It’s a business for others but it’s a lifestyle. If I say I listen to Hip Hop or Electronic Dance Music, it says something about me and it’s an extension of my personality. You wouldn’t see guys going to a metal club dressed in bright colours. And no I’m not saying everyone must be a stereotype but generally you can tell what type of music a person listens to by the way they present themselves. Because the music influences our lives so much so it influences your life and the way you dress.

Nicole Da Silva | Left: Dress: Lallalux. Right: Sunglasses & Bracelet: ALDO (Sandton). Croptop: OATH.

How do platforms such as Vodacom Deezer fit in to how we consume music? It’s enlightening, keeps you in touch, expansive, good company, and that sums up Vodacom Deezer for me.

You’ve been in radio for a long time, is that the plan? – I’ve only done radio and it’s only what I want to do for the rest of my life. I was at radio 2000 before I got to 5fm and I’ve been with them for 5 going to 6years.

And what has the industry taught you that you wouldn’t have learned anywhere else? – To be confident, be sure of myself and not worry about what other people think and say. Being vanilla is not nice I’d rather have people hate me than to say why they hate me without know who I am. It’s taught me that there are all kinds of people; the people that really believe that Oscar Pistorious is innocent, he is a victim and there are extremists who say ‘no, he deserves the death sentence’. There are all kinds of people that are 100% convinced of what they are convinced of and you have to try and relate and speak to all of those people without being bland and in the middle of the road. So being entertaining and staying true to yourself and don’t let what other people think get to you.

How did you find the experience of modelling for Previdar? – It’s definitely made me appreciate radio a whole lot more, I could never be a model. This is so hard, you have to worry about what your face and body is doing. It’s tough but you kind of feel glamorous and special, besides it’s always nice to be dolled up.


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