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Set in the heart of Illovo, guests were treated to Belvedere cocktails as they bid farewell to summer whilst overlooking the Johannesburg skyline with an experience like no other.

After a successful summer of Pop Up bars and garden parties, Belvedere Vodka, the world’s original luxury vodka, transformed Ferguson’s fifth floor into a garden style oasis providing the perfect backdrop to celebrate all things natural.

Lunga Shabalala
Belvedere takes pride in the natural integrity which characterizes its brand DNA. As the craft trend rapidly gains momentum and consumers question furthermore provenance and quality of ingredients, Belvedere is distinguishing itself by owning the territory at the heart of the brand: Naturalness.

Dj Voodoo

Dj Voodoo

With a summer flair and feel, guests were treated to a day of natural indulgence with snacks and refreshments representing everything that Belvedere Vodka personifies.

The aspect of a fresh farm to table feed that is clean and natural surpassed all expectations and showcased Belvedere’s RELEARN NATURAL ethos.

Luthando Shosha and Boity

Luthando Shosha and Boity

For an added excitement, the Garden Party included local celebrities such as Jessica Nkosi, Boity Thulo, Thembi Seete, Luthando “Lootlove Shosha, Khanya Mkangisa, Lunga Shabalala, Zikhona Sodlaka, Noluthando Meje, Tumi Voster and Moonchild Sanelly who had the chance to taste a variety of various Belvedere Spritz’ and choose their favourite.

Mandla Dakada

Mandla Dakada

Surpassing standard definitions of ‘natural’, the luxury vodka brand’s commitment goes beyond simply acting natural. The manifesto outlines ten tangible principles with a common message: keep it simple, real and clear. Crafted from just two ingredients – Dankowskie rye and artesian water -Belvedere remains simple, with no additives or enhancements. This recipe is in accordance with the Polish geographical appellation, which protects a 600-year vodka making tradition, and no sugar ever added.



Real ingredients taste better. Distilled from locally sourced raw ingredients from ten select farms, this meticulously cultivated, harvested and fermented rye is at the heart of Belvedere Vodka. Transformed by Polmos Zyrardow and diluted with water from its own artesian wells near Zyrardow, Belvedere truly is a product of its environment. In addition, all of Belvedere’s flavoured vodkas use 100% fresh and natural ingredients, which are picked from a bush or a tree and not from a lab.

Leroy Marc and Friend

Furthermore, Belvedere keeps it clear. Transparent by nature and naturally transparent, Belvedere chooses a minimalist approach not only in its production, but also when it comes to cocktails introducing the Belvedere Spritz Collection, a series of twelve natural and deliciously refreshing long drinks full of fruity flavour, low in sugar and simple to create. Faithful to the popular spritz recipe, the Belvedere Spritz is prepared with a naturally flavoured modifier, topped off with sparkling and tonic water, finished with two fresh garnishes.

Sazi Ngcobo and Lunga Shabalala

Although summer may be gone, the Belvedere Spritz Collection is here to stay. Lookout for more Belvedere Garden Parties in summer of 2017.

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