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Celeste McTurk, Creative Director, shares 2018 Winter Suiting Trends

Suited up sport-look

Suit up your look with a sporty element. This is a key trend to add to your look this winter, making sure you add a zip up hoody or elegant sneakers to your look will make you stand out in the crowd. Make sure you keep it elegant and always wear a suit that fits you proper.

The layered look:

Layering using 1 colour (different shades). For that sophisticated look make sure to layer this winter with matching colours from head to toe. Interesting textures and material will take your look to another level.

The denim look

The denim suit combo. Add a denim jacket, shirt or tie to your tailored suit to create a perfect look if you don’t want to be too formal, make sure to stick to classic shoes for this look, also use different texture denims.

The grandpa look

The herringbone and tweed look finished off with a flat cap. Old school wool is playing a trendy part in this coming winter, pair textured pants with a different textured jacket finished off with a flat cap.

The patched look

The Patch and pieced together coat. This trend is more for the early adopters and trend setters. This is a very expressive look and something that will grab people’s attention. If done right this look will give you a lot of styling freedom. Dressing up or down make sure the suit and shoes you pair with this coat is simple.

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