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Clement Maosa To Find His Biggest Fan On Tropika Smoooth Fan This Week

Last week, Nthabiseng Senatle was crowned Babes Wodumo’s smooothest fan after an exciting episode of Tropika Smoooth Fan and this week Skeem Saam actor Clement Moasa is in the hot seat.

Clement Maosa is an actor best known for his role as Zamokuhle ‘Kwaito’ Seakamela on SABC 1’s popular drama ‘Skeem Saam’. After initially wanting to be a soldier, Clement set his sights on acting and has proven to be a hit with audiences around the country. Clement’s role as Kwaito is his first gig in the industry but the character has proved to be a hit with audiences and has catapulted Clement into superstardom.

This week, four die-hard celebrity fans will compete in various interactive games in the hopes of being crowned Clement’s smooothest fan. The winner will make it to the finals where they will compete against the smoootest fans of the other celebrity contestants and, after another round of games, the two top contestants will go head to head to win R250 000 cash and a Honda Amaze!

Five Minutes With Clement Moasa:

What attracted you to a show like Tropika Smoooth Fan?

For me, the whole idea of having an opportunity to interact with my fans and the people who have supported me and rooted for me since first seeing me on TV, is priceless. Because of our shooting schedule on Skeem Saam, it’s not always possible to sit down and get to hear how you’ve affected people with your life and story. Of course, with social media, one has become very reachable but it’s not enough. Tropika Smoooth Fan encompasses all of that and makes it a fun and enjoyable experience. Most importantly, my smooothest fan will get to walk away with lots of money!

Why do you think it is important to recognize the fanbase who has been by your side throughout your career?

Skeem Saam started as a Sepedi drama on SABC 1 – a predominantly Nguni channel. The show became a massive success because of how the viewers believed in us and the stories we were telling. It never escapes my mind how in my line of work, support and participation from fans is paramount.

Why do you think so many people around the country identify with you and your work?

I think it’s my story, more than anything. I’ve shared my story many times, which is by no means unique, but very relatable to many South Africans. How I had a dream of being an actor from a young age but had to suspend it because my parents didn’t believe in it. I subsequently studied law and while I was doing that, both my parents passed away. I was still young and dependent on my parents and that experience could’ve broken me. I think when my fans see me, they see that anything is possible. That no dream is too big. It might not be smoooth sailings, but nothing is impossible.

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What do you hope your fans get out of watching you on this week’s episode of Tropika Smoooth Fan?

Being able to smile in the midst of hardships. I’m hoping to inspire people who want to walk the same path as me, and those who are on the verge of giving up. That they should follow their passions and work hard in order to achieve what they want. Also, that it’s okay to have fun.

What was the biggest lesson your fans taught you about your career?

That I shouldn’t be careless and live recklessly because there are young kids that look up to me for the mere fact that they see me on TV every day.

What’s can fans expect from you in the coming months?

Tons and tons of fun. Keep an eye out on my social media pages for all the information you need to know.

Can you share something with us that media and fans might not know/might be surprised to learn/know about you?

I’m getting married soon! I popped the question during my 30th birthday party earlier this year and I am so excited.

Can you share an instance where a fan has changed your life in some way?

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There was a group of girls I bumped into at the mall and one was crying uncontrollably. I asked what was wrong, and the friends told me she was my fan and never believed that she would see me one day. She was shaking and I have her a hug and she told me everything about me. She showed me pictures of me she saved on her phone over the years.That made me realize the impact we have on our followers and since then, I appreciate them even more and always make time to take pictures with them because you’ll never know how impactful and meaningful that might be to them. Through the motivational teachings I do at schools, once in a while I bump into kids I once motivated years ago and they tell me how far they have gone or achieve because of me openly sharing my journey and giving them encouragement. It’s an incredibly special thing.

Want to be a contestant on the show? Simply buy a Smoooth Fan-branded Tropika at your nearest store, find your unique code and follow the on-pack USSD instructions for your chance to prove you’re the smooothest fan on live television.

Fans also stand to win amazing prizes by snapping a selfie of themselves with a Smoooth Fan branded Tropika, and Whatsapping the image to 071 605 1503 live during the show between 18:00 and 18:30 every Friday.

Catch Tropika Smoooth Fan every Friday at 18:00 on SABC 1.

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