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Converse Cleans The Air In Cities Across the Globe Through Sustainable Street Art

Converse City Forests:

Street art has previously been an act of rebellion but has since become a celebration of creatives and an artistic medium for social progress. Converse continues its initiative in cities across the globe, painting sustainable murals and bringing new meaning to street art.

Members of our global Converse All-Stars community of creatives have partnered with Converse to paint murals in cities across the world using Graphenstone’s ecological air-purifying paint to eliminate harmful substances such as CO2, formaldehyde, and gases, improving the air quality around the murals.

The paint’s lime base absorbs CO2 during the drying process, acting similar to a tree. This way, any surface coated with it becomes an active air-purifying surface that helps protect people from harmful substances. The street art campaign, which first launched globally in August 2019, has been dubbed “Converse City Forests” and is a celebration of creating together for social progress.

The Converse City Forests highlight how the Converse community of All-Stars are creating sustainable art together and uniting to create a better world. The second City Forest Mural in South Africa will be located in Kloof Nek, Cape Town as of 1 April 2021 painted by Cape Town Street Artist Nardstar.

Nardstar’s inspiration behind the mural is race and gender inequality:

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“As an artist, I am committed to the representation of women of color in my work because I feel that this is my contribution to the fight against gender inequality. It does make a difference when women see themselves represented in art, especially in a large public mural, it is empowering.”

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