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Welcome to #Ginkgowood! A place where people that know how to party in style and #GetMoreParty exist. This month, Brutal Fruit partnered with Previdar to explore this imaginative party neighborhood.


#GINKGOWOOD | COVER: Boitumelo Thulo | Couture lace jacket – Warrick Gautier for Jenni Button | Makeup – Vuyo Varoyi | Styled by Fearless Afrika | Hair – Candi & Co

As a means of celebrating its latest addition to the brand’s growing Triple Fusion range, Litchi-Ginkgo, Brutal Fruit and some of their favourite party people took us on an all access journey to party in #Ginkgowood.

#GINKGOWOOD | COVER: Boitumelo Thulo | Makeup by Vuyo Varoyi (Revlon) | Styled by Fearless Afrika.

#GINKGOWOOD | Boitumelo Thulo | Makeup – Vuyo Varoyi | Hair – Candi & Co | Couture lace jacket by Warrick Gautier for Jenni Button | Black leather pants – Legit | Styling – Fearless Afrika

#Ginkgowood would cease to exist without our favourite celebrity lusts and party people who know how to #GetMoreParty from these streets. Previdar cover girl, Boitumelo Thulo is no stranger to partying and looking good for the party, which is how every great night out kick-starts. Meanwhile, whether they are heading out to SA Fashion Week, or any other hot parties, Jozi’s favourite IT Girls, Channel O’s Naomi Noinyane and Stylist Tshepi Vundla are known for bringing their A-Game to red carpets and dance floors alike. Great parties are made by epic performances, and new rap kids on the block K2 and Nadia Nakai have proven that their performances and hot singles can light up any party. Grab your first class ticket to #Ginkgowood this party season, by amping up your party fashion, owning the night with your friends and #GetMoreParty


You entered this industry as a young lady that wowed us with her gorgeous smile on a fast food advert – has your career taken the shape you had hoped?

“Thank you. I think more than anything, it surpassed my expectations. And to be honest, I was only certain of one thing and one thing only – I wanted to be an actress. I didn’t know how or when that was going to happen but I was following a path that I prayed would lead me in that direction. So I can genuinely and gratefully say that I have continued to receive much more than I bargained for.”

What has the industry taught you about who you are?

“It has taught me how important it is to genuinely accept and love yourself for who you are. With all the comparisons that can ultimately lead one into a dark out of self doubt and self hate, I have learned that if I do not consistently and on a daily basis, work towards loving myself unconditionally, I will not survive this industry and more importantly, this life.”

#GINKGOWOOD | COVER: Boitumelo Thulo | Makeup by Vuyo Varoyi (Revlon) | Styled by Fearless Afrika.

#GinkgoWood | Boitumelo Thulo | Makeup – Vuyo Varoyi | Hair – Candi & Co | Couture mini dress – La Manche | Styling – Fearless Afrika

What has the industry taught you about who you don’t want to be?

“There is so much ruthless negativity in this industry that if I contributed in any way towards it, I would truly feel like I have failed my family and myself.”

You’ve been named the next “IT” girl to have her own LEGIT range, getting that phone call must have been life changing – what were you thinking when you heard?

“You know the ego always finds a way to make you feel unworthy of the things you deserve. So the moment I received the news, my mind was flooded with doubts and questions of whether I was ready and if they were sure, but far beyond that I just said a silent prayer in my heart and thanked God. I was like FINALLY! lol! I could not be more grateful. This position is a true privilege.”

#GINKGOWOOD | Boitumelo Thulo | Makeup – Vuyo Varoyi | Hair – Candi & Co | Couture mini dress – La Manche | Styling – FearLes Afrika

Have there been human moments in your journey where you felt it may be the end for you?

“Absolutely. Not even just the end for me, but the end of my relationship with the industry. Our industry is incredibly abnormal. What we go through are not things that the average being is meant to go through. And it comes in copious amounts (good or bad). It gets seriously tough at times to a point where you believe that you deserve better for yourself. But hey, if you want to be a part of this industry, you have to want it bad enough to drag yourself through the heaps of negativity.”

Before your USN deal, you were already working on getting lean and fitter – was the change of body a business move or for personal growth?

“It was definitely for personal growth and I think choosing that path attracted all the things that would compliment the decision and assist as well.”

And now you’ve added Brutal Fruit to the roster as a lover of the brand that encompasses the fashion, the music and the zest for life – How does it feel to be a triple threat? Does it feel like validation for you?

“(Laughs) The recognition is a great feeling but throughout my journey on spirituality, I have learned that seeking validation outside of yourself is a set up for failure. You will never find enough validation from the world because the world will never perfect itself for you. You are the one In charge of your own world. The validation is within you. The blueprint of your soul is all the validation you need. With that being said, I’m very excited to be embarking on this journey with Brutal Fruit.”

#GINKGOWOOD | Boitumelo Thulo | Makeup by Vuyo Varoyi | Hair by Candi & Co | Couture mini dress – La Manche | Styling – FearLes Afrika

With LEGIT behind you, it’s obvious that your fashion footprint is firm and now also lucrative. How would you describe your style?

“I know I’m not the most fashion forward person but I definitely know what I love when it comes to fashion…even when it’s not necessarily wearing the garments. My style is mainly about comfort. I really do not see the point of wearing something that is uncomfortable to be in. Discomfort brings about an aura of being unconfident. I also just wear what I like, because I’m yet to join the cool kids who follow every single kind of the latest fashion trends. As LEGiT would say, “Don’t tell me what to wear!”. But I think my style is still evolving. Which is incredibly exciting. The more confident I become in who I am, the more I’m able to explore my place in the fashion world.”

With red carpet appearances here, parties and events there – how do you bring the party in your outfits? Is there a specific item that takes your everyday look to “more party”?

“Most definitely my red tassel heels from my #LEGiTxBOiTY range brings the party to any of my outfits!”

You’ve managed to bring a sexy feel to work-out gear with the sports LUXE range. How important is it to feel attractive at the gym for women?

“Well, we go to the gym to look and feel attractive and healthy and I don’t think there is ever a moment we deliberately try and look unattractive. I don’t think we have to look shabby and sweaty when going to the gym. I think any outfit, be it gym wear, work clothes, leisure clothing, etc that makes you look and feel good, boosts your confidence. So if you’re already feeling confident and attractive at the gym, you’re probably even able to add more reps to the workout. And are able to work towards an even better body.”

You’re a busy lady with schedules most would not understand – is it easier for you to date in the industry where there may be more understanding around that?


Boitumelo Thulo | B&W leotard – FaveOnline Store | Heels – Legit | Hair – Candi & Co | Makeup – Vuyo Varoyi | Styling – FearLes Afrika | Directed & Photographed by Lawrence Manyapelo

“Absolutely. It’s obviously not an easy decision but makes so much more sense. I don’t think I would be able to explain my working hours and certain tasks I have to take on to someone who has no understanding of this industry. It would put a huge strain on the relationship.”

What type of romantic partner are you? Do you know your love language?

“I do know my love languages. When I’m in a relationship, I invest wholeheartedly in my partner. I’m a very physical person, I love hugs, random kisses, holding on to my partner for no reason whatsoever, etc. I’m very supportive. I believe that my partner and I are a unit so anything that he is for, I am for. We are both representatives of each other. I love love. I believe love is the ultimate, most important priority in life. Without love, your entire life is imbalanced. And I don’t only mean the love with a partner, but universal love in general. Finding a life partner to share love with is a miraculous act of God.”

#GINKGOWOOD | COVER: Boitumelo Thulo | Makeup by Vuyo Varoyi (Revlon) | Styled by Fearless Afrika.

#GINKGOWOOD | Boitumelo Thulo | Makeup – Vuyo Varoyi | Hair – Candi & Co | Couture lace jacket – Warrick Gautier for Jenni Button | Black leather pants – Legit | Styled by FearLes Afrika | Directed & Photographed by Lawrence Manyapelo

You’ve been a fan of HipHop for some time. What does it feel like seeing the industry from a different angle now?

“I’ve realized that we concentrate too much on the end product but never try to understand the process it takes to get to the end product. Seeing, first hand, the incredible amount of work it takes to get to the final product has made me appreciate the craft WAY more.”

One HipHop artist fills up an entire Dome. And you get to sleep next to the man with the formula that made this possible. What does this level of audacity mean to you as the woman who supported him until he achieved it?

“I’ve said this before…it truly is a privilege to have been able to witness such a magical moment in such close proximity. I always call just to randomly thank him for inadvertently inspiring me. I’m always like “Hey babe. Sorry to disturb. Just wanted to thank you for the inspiration. Bye.” Lol! I have never ever met anyone more passionate than Refiloe. He is so driven and so faithful to his craft, it makes me realize how little I’m doing to hone mine. I’m truly blessed to be able to have access to this phenomenal energy!”

Your fans, the people who are #TeamBoity no matter what – they don’t know more than what they’re shown about your relationship. If you were to intimately communicate anything about your current heart state, what would you tell them?

“I truly am the happiest I have been in a very long time. I finally feel like I’m home. He feels like home. Of course at the moment, he is busy with the biggest project of his life so understandably, our relationship had to take a back seat but it’s also such a beautiful process because I’ve learnt the power of gifting your partner with patience and loyalty. We have both chosen each other and there’s nothing more amazing than to be on the same page with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. And I know some people thought it was a publicity stunt of some sort but we were already in love when we decided to share the news. We just thought that it would be great that once in a while, we all celebrate positivity. No relationship is easy of course, but if you are with the person you truly want to be with, you will choose them everyday. And I choose Refiloe everyday.”


#GINKGOWOOD | Boitumelo Thulo | 2 piece Bikini – FaveOnline Store | Double slit black beach skirt -Legit | Makeup – Vuyo Varoyi | Hair: Candi & Co | Styling: FearLes Afrika

A lot of our communication is digitally driven now. Having the large following that you do, how has this changed your life for the best and the worst?

“Well, the worst is definitely having an abnormal amount of access to negative and harsh thoughts about you. That has to be the Toughest. The positive to that though is growing a thick skin and almost relying solely on making a decision to not get affected by both the negative and the positive. It’s great place to be in. The best is of course the incredible amount of love you receive. It is also life altering. A stranger choosing to love you unconditionally is Godly. I’ve learned so much on social media and most of the lessons were about myself, so I’ll always be grateful for the negative and positive.”

We’ve observed how you handle negativity on social and the like – you don’t’ seem to let it in your space at all. Dating within the HipHop industry where responses are almost always expected, do you expect your man to handle hate the same way that you do?

“My partner is his own person. He is a grown human being and the same way I wouldn’t want someone to dictate how I react to certain things, I wouldn’t do the same to him. However, I do advise him from time to time and he genuinely listens. I love that about him. He is so opened minded, always willing to learn and take advice. I don’t expect him to react the way I do because it’s a different space but there are times where I step on when I feel like he can or could’ve made a better decision.”

Are you on snapchat? Do you think the platform is going to grow?

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“(Laughs) I am on snapchat. It seems like it’s becoming the next big thing but we are very very far from replacing Instagram. I enjoy watching other people’s snaps but I’m the worst at snapping. I never know what to snap. It feels so invasive at times. But I’m slowly getting there. Too many social media addictions to choose from now.”

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Interview & Article: Star Khulu  |  Styling: Lesego Kgosimolao for FearLes Afrika | Wardrobe Assistant: Naledi Khutswane  |  Makeup: Vuyo Varoyi  | Hair Styling: Candi & Co.  |  Body Fitness (Sunning Hill)  |  Creative Director & Photographer: Lawrence Manyapelo

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1 Comment

  1. Fentxe Soul

    Oct 29, 2015 3:22 pm at Oct 29, 2015 3:22 pm

    Boitumelo Thulo… I love her Soul.. A rare kind indeed… 🙂 my ultimate crush and mentor since 2011 😀 😀 😀

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