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“There is no middle ground, the media industry teaches you about yourself; what you can handle and what you can’t. When they say you need to have a thick skin they really mean that” – Lootlove

Often the broadcast industry will chop and change TV personalities; looking for a faultless face, unique talent, a new ‘it’ effect about a personality that could sell to thousands of various audience. It’s never easy for the ‘new girl’ to take over especially when the person who was the face was perfect on and off the show.


I couldn’t be something I’m not, I can only be me otherwise I can’t keep it up” the conversations starts and Lootlove is laying it all out; from ecstasies of her career as a TV and radio personality to coming clean with her personal frustrations with her ever growing online popularity . We take a look at Lootloves’ career path and more after a photo-shoot with Previdar, which she couldn’t stop gushing about.


On your twitter page there are some interesting pictures; a few pictures and then would come across a picture of a giraffe. Why?

“– Twitter is quite rough, if they are not calling me a giraffe, they are calling me a pine tree or an ostrich. It also stems from the fact that the person I work with is shorter than me, and then when I wear high heels I become taller than the usual. It’s gone from me being annoyed by it to actually not caring anymore because with twitter people, they target your emotions to get a reaction from you. ”


You have been in the public eye for quite a while now, since Live, is it what you’ve always imagined it to be?

“No, there is no one on earth who could have prepared me for any of it, there is no one who could have painted a picture vivid enough to grasp completely what it’s about. It’s really great at certain moments, terrible on certain moments – there is no middle ground but more than anything it teaches you about yourself; what you can handle and what you can’t. when they say you need to have a thick skin they really mean that. You’re going to be attacked in ways that you weren’t before, criticised and in the same breath people will suck up to you – praise you even when you’re doing something wrong because it’s convenient for them. Some of the people you’ve put on a pedestal; they aren’t as great as you thought they were. They make a lot of mistakes that you don’t even let yourself make and you end up getting disappointed. ”

How important is it to remain true to yourself?  “Very important, you need to be your own centre otherwise you are going to lose your mind. If you’re a person that gets easily swayed, don’t think about getting into the industry. You will end up in situations you don’t even know how you even got to them and you get so scared, you’re most likely to not even ask for help and I’ve seen quite a number of people suffer in silence. With me I know that I am my centre, as well as my brother and mother. And when I left home my mother said “do not live a life you don’t live here, and the most important thing is to hold on to yourself as much as you can. ”

Have you ever had to reel yourself from something you have got into, while in the industry?  “Luckily for me I haven’t had a sticky situation and the only way I know I would save myself would be to call my mom. The only issue I ever have with anything that might come out is if my mother doesn’t know about it then it’s a problem. The rest of the world can literally fall back I don’t have to LOOTLOVE-LUTHANDO-ON-PREVIDAR--8worry about anything else but my mother. Also, I’m a very safe person, I don’t want to lose the reputation I have because that the 1st thing they said to me “your reputation is everything” and “don’t trust everybody”. So I’ve been paranoid and living on the straight and narrow which has made me harbour some resentment to some degree. Only now I realise that I’m here to live my life and if I’m out there partying, then it is what it is and if you capture it and think it’s a Sunday”

After the ‘LIVE’ show, not only did you receive positive energy, the were negative stones thrown at you as well. How did you handle the negative enegry you got?

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I wasn’t handling it at all, if they shot; I was there with my Bazooka shooting back with everything I had. It got hectic and I’m a very emotional person and I took it personally and it was shocking to see human beings in that light, I’m also human and I hurt too. At work people kept on saying I should just block all those people that were not pleasant and they LOOTLOVE-LUTHANDO-ON-PREVIDAR--1never got that it wasn’t just about blocking, I felt
like I had to defend myself, then someone said “that’s the thing, you don’t need to defend or explain yourself to anybody. Most of the time, they are doing it to get your attention because they can’t get you to respond to a positive tweet but when they send a negative one you immediately respond.” With time I learned that’s just how twitter is; people are very vocal because it’s just a phone and you can’t call them out on the street because you don’t know who they are, so they can be that person. As much as I’ve learned that I still have my days where I tell them to fall back and I’ve learned how to control it and block all the ones that I had to block.

What is your end game, what is the ‘dream’ for Lootlove? “It will sound very cheesy and there is nothing specific that I want. But what I do want from the world is to bring ‘real’ back. I feel like we’re in a

place where everything is artificial, unreal and mechanical. It feels liked there is no place for true, genuine people and in everything that I do, I want to show people that its okay to be real, be yourself, do you. A lot of people take more from you if you are yourself. Besides that in whatever that I do, I want to have it venture to architecture even there I will still be preaching the same thing of being ‘yourself’. And maybe one day I can be Oprah: heal the world. I think my journey is to inspire as many people as I possibly can. Entertainment is something I will always be a part of, whether in front of the camera or behind; it’s always going to be a part of me”

We are living in the time where people want to dissociate themselves from being called a groupie. How do you maintain your relationship with your fans to make them feel appreciated?

“I don’t see anybody as a fan; first of all because once you do that you separate yourself from them. I see them as people who appreciate what I do and people that I happen to inspire; people I’m brave enough to try something in front of. And the relationship with them is, I will never say no to a picture if I see the on the street even though I get annoyed sometimes as they may not be the nicest of people. They’ll call you when you are dancing to your favourite song with your friends and ask for either a hug or a picture and I will give them that gladly, I just try to share as much of myself with them as possible.”

How did you get your radio gig at KingfischerFM?

“It all started when my mother forced me to enter a beauty pageant, I didn’t will but I ended up on the top 12. After that I got into promotions where we did a lot of cool stuff and we would travel on weekends as well and be hostesses and make sure everybody on board is sorted and looked after. I remember one of the biggest gigs I did at the time was when they renamed the cricket stadium.

At that even, we were offering people drinks and there was this one gentleman that when I went to, offering refreshments he declined and then asked me to come do a voice test, he then went on and asked me to take his details. All of this is happening and I’m just in shock and disbelief. After that I told my mother about it and again, encouraged me to do it. I call the gentleman and before I knew it I was doing a two week orientation after that there was a guy who was doing 7 to 10pm weekdays, at the back of my mind I was thinking they would put me on grave yard. And that’s how my radio career started; I had to spend 2 weeks with her, and literally grasp whatever I can grasp and run with it.

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