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[00:00:00] Khotso Rams: Thank you so much for joining us. My beautiful friends. My name is Khotso Rams, and you are listening to VIDAR Online Fashion Radio where you’ll be getting Moments Afer Meoments, today, I’m joined by a super sensation. He goes by the name of Wiseman Zitha

[00:00:17] Khotso Rams: He’s an actor, he’s a performer. And I know that some of you guys have been thirst trapping over a lot of his pictures on the internet. Please give it up for Wiseman Zitha.

[00:00:39] Khotso Rams: oh my goodness. Welcome to the PREVIDAR. How are you doing? 

[00:00:41] Wiseman Zitha: I’m good. Good, good, good. Thank you so much for having me. 

[00:00:44] Khotso Rams: So nice to finally meet you, actually like everybody knows everything about you, right? Um, but, but for you.

[00:01:04] Wiseman Zitha: Um, Wiseman is, um, a young boy who was born and raised in [00:01:00] Limpopo. He’s a model actor and content creator. I’m just a normal, well, I’d like to think I’m a normal dude, but living my life every day, just, you know, pushing, hustling, going for my goals and yeah, that’s just, that’s who I am. 

[00:01:16] Khotso Rams: I love that so much. So welcome to your first ever PREVIDAR photoshoot. It is a cover shoot. 

[00:01:23] Wiseman Zitha: Um, it was amazing. We got to play a lot and create some amazing images. I cannot wait to see everything. Um, it was nice. I really, really enjoyed it. 

[00:01:33] Khotso Rams: Actually. It was amazing. ’cause like you have this weird, not even weird, but you have a way of really understanding your body. That was so nice to see action. Does that come from years of being a model? Understanding of your body and shapes actually come from, I think, uh, this year, uh, it will be how many years?

[00:01:56] Wiseman Zitha: 6, 7, 7, 8 years in the modelling industry. So I [00:02:00] think you kind of like understand your body as time goes. And also, you know, you practice all these poses or you’ve done these poses that you try to just, you know, play around with the photographer, uh, understanding each other. And yeah, to me, I think it comes very natural.

[00:02:14] Khotso Rams: Now. I know if I do this, I’m going to look like that. If I do that, I’m going to look like this. (Wiseman ) So it’s, it’s, it’s just, yeah, I think it comes naturally. Yeah, it becomes, it’s quite easy for me. 

[00:02:25] Khotso Rams: So modelling is more just about you being a pretty face, which is that what you would say? 

[00:02:29] Wiseman Zitha: No, not really. I mean, You need to understand the craft.

[00:02:33] Wiseman Zitha: You need to know. Uh, cause I mean with modelling it’s we have different types of modelling. If you want to do high fashion, you want to do commercial modelling. It’s all about smiley Smiley’s, but high fashion, you need to understand, you go for fears, you go for, you know, all the different, weird poses that you see on both magazines.

[00:02:52] Wiseman Zitha: So yeah. Um, I knew that I, well, I meant to be a high fashion model, so I kind of like started with the years and also looking at different [00:03:00] poses from Pinterest. Very helpful, very helpful. Looking at different reports and all of that, but yeah, it’s being a model. It’s more like understanding your craft and also cause I mean, different clients want different things.

[00:03:13] Wiseman Zitha: Absolutely. You know you can get in and say one, just you standing still, you know, I don’t know if you’ve seen like Rich Mnisi is the kind of vibe that does not like the posey, supposed to stand still and then sell the garment. That’s basically understanding what.


[00:03:38] Khotso Rams: Well, I find that so fascinating because for so long, I mean, we grew up watching America’s Next Top Model we grew up sort of with our own understanding of what modelling is really like. Um, would you say that that was an accurate portrayal because I’m finding that as I’m getting older, I’m realizing that it’s much bigger than I thought it was? It’s much more than you being pretty in doing a cute face. So just tell us a bit about that. 

[00:03:53] Wiseman Zitha: So, I mean, you need to have a presence if you want to be a model, um, I always say [00:04:00] this with being a model, you find that you look like five different guys in South Africa.

[00:04:05] Khotso Rams: So what makes you stand out? 

[00:04:07] Khotso Rams: You need to have a presence. When you walk into an audition room, people need to look at and feel like, yes, you might look like this or have the same, uh, features like the model, but can he deliver? And also I feel like with my acting training and sort of like helped me a lot with my confidence and also how I project myself.

[00:04:24]  Wiseman Zitha:  Cause obviously some cAstings, they want you to speak. They want you, they direct you basically. You just get a brief that, okay, we’re looking for models. You get here now. They’re like, oh, we want you to walk and understand. And then you look at the camera and then you do this. So it needs you to know how to follow instructions, you know, and stuff like that.

[00:04:39] Wiseman Zitha: So I think my acting experience really helped a lot. Well, my, I was a student then when I started modelling. So I think it helped me a lot.

[00:05:00] Khotso Rams: I’d like us to talk about that, right? Because a lot of people think that your claim to fame or your sudden rise in popularity was attributed to. Um, The River, which is a big role that you just recently got in [00:05:00] 2021.

[00:05:00] Khotso Rams: But I think a lot of people would be surprised that it was actually a long time coming. 

[00:05:05] Wiseman Zitha: It’s been, it’s been, it’s been, I mean, my first role was in 29, 18. I got the role in 2018. So yeah, I came to the university and did my diploma explaining at TCT, a digital tech out there. So it wasn’t 18 hours when I was graduating, I served brief.

[00:05:23] Wiseman Zitha: And then I went for an audition. Well, I didn’t think I was going to get it because it was literal, but I always say if something is meant to happen, it will obviously happen. So I went for it auditioned and then I got it. So my first role was The Island of Blood. Yes. Getting enough blood and then after and then The River is like my third job.

[00:05:45] Wiseman Zitha: Yes. So The River was actually my third job. It was not like my first. All of these two roles that Aidid where like SAP staff, not a lot of people watch a CBC nowadays we have [00:06:00] Netflix and other stuff. So yeah, the reveal was like my third role.

[00:05:00] Khotso Rams: Imagine that ’cause, I think a lot of people including myself, um, I’ve always known you on social media as just being this type of a person, right.

[00:06:13] Wiseman Zitha: Um, where you do modelling where you. Appear every now and again, but it almost, it did feel as though The River was yours was a big break. When The River did happen? How did your life change eventually when you got to the role on The River? How did your life change?

[00:06:39] Wiseman Zitha: I think with The River, because obviously it has like bigger audience and I was the annoying character morally.  I think it’s sort of like got people talking a lot because I mean, everyone just hated me. Well, people will like me, but people hated the fact that I came into this nice, cute couple, and then I was causing provocation. So I think, yeah, everyone was just talking about every episode people would like to talk about, oh, this morning or this monitor.

[00:06:57] Wiseman Zitha: So obviously people wanted to know who is [00:07:00] this model. Yeah. So yeah, I think The River sort of, well, if I want real estate, my break, but was it also contributed to who I am now because I got to be exposed to a lot of people, a lot of audiences, which is so interesting because. Up until that moment of The River.

[00:07:18] Khotso Rams: I mean, I’ve always wanted to follow you on social media and, um, your content always seemed as though it was, I don’t want to say straight presenting, but it always seemed like, um, it always seemed like it was straight online. Right. And it almost thought like your, you’re coming out story was the one that you had on The River.

[00:07:37] Khotso Rams: So before we even tap into that, tell me a bit about your actual upbringing, actual story. 

[00:07:44] Wiseman Zitha: Yeah. Um, I mean, I grew up a normal kid. I would like to think. Yeah, normal kid I’m from a village, so everything was done normally. I never really had any problems, village, boy vibes to anything village kids [00:08:00] do play around and all of that.

[00:08:01] Wiseman Zitha: So I, I, I just feel like it was only when I came to, you know, to housing that I felt like I could express myself and who I was, uh, compared to the villages because. At home, it’s not like, you know, people understand or they know what’s happening. So coming into housing, I sort of like, you know, um, got too comfortable and also got exposed to, you know, the right people who I felt was my only problem growing, like from coming from Limpopo.

[00:08:30] Wiseman Zitha: Cause the fact that I always have this anxiety of people not accepting. So, um, coming to drama school, for example, I mean, I went to art school, so everyone there. Do you pretty much. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It’s fabulous. Yeah. So I sort of like, you know, got comfortable and understand. I understood that people really loved me for who I was.

[00:08:51] Wiseman Zitha: So that’s where, I mean, everybody got to see who I was, but yeah. So with everything, I mean, it’s planned for me, it’s [00:09:00] work. So everything’s sort of like planned, but not necessarily that I’m trying to hide anything. 

[00:09:05] Khotso Rams: Yeah. So, um, this new segment I’m trying to introduce to, uh, via online podcasts and it’s a segment that, that I’m calling.

[00:09:13] Khotso Rams: I did not, I was gay until, right. Um, because I’ll often feel like as queer people, we’re not aware that we’re different until someone points it out. So until you have your own moment when you’re like, and steam, but it’s not up until somebody points it out that you’re like, oh my goodness, this is what’s really going on with me.

[00:09:33] Khotso Rams: So, um, I’m gonna just save a statement and I need you to complete it. Right. So I don’t know I was gay until…

[00:09:40] Wiseman Zitha: um, I didn’t want to get debt when playing with other kids.

[00:09:46] Khotso Rams: Tell us more, tell us, or yeah, 

[00:09:48] Wiseman Zitha: I mean, I’ve always been a soft kid. I also liked to feel like, I mean, people can relate to my story. I mean, we knew, um, you know, gay or lesbian. Well, let me just say for now. [00:10:00] Yeah. Um, you sort of like, you know, grew up very softs well, most of us we saw it, but obviously, when you’re a kid, you don’t really understand what’s happening.

[00:10:08] Wiseman Zitha: I’ve always been a soft key and you know, my mother would always say, oh, this one, my kids are always going to be solved and I didn’t want to play card games with kids. And then I’ll just, I mean, you know, that key that I was the first one. So, but I didn’t really think nothing was wrong or, I mean, I didn’t feel like I was different because being a kid, also my ex my entire pre.

[00:10:30] Wiseman Zitha: Days. I never really felt like I was different. We had enough, it was only when I got to high school that kids that are to sort of point out like, oh, different, you miss this. And that’s when you know, you also start to see that. Actually, I think maybe I’m different because I also say, I mean, during those years, for me, it was like my years where I was trying to discover who I was and also wanted to be sure what I was, you know, so yeah.[00:11:00] 

[00:11:00] Khotso Rams: I find that a lot of people, like I said, early on, you never really know you’re gay until somebody, you never know you’re different rather until somebody actually points it out to you to be like, you know, you’re not like everyone else. Yeah. And I feel like that’s a lot of stories for, for that. That’s the same, that’s the story for a lot of queer people.

[00:11:19] Khotso Rams: Um, so how did this new identity shape your dreams of being an educator? Um, I always say gay people, we are hard workers here to get what we want. And I always say maybe because for my story, maybe it’s going to be different because I come from a village where being different is like a taboo. So it’s sort of like gave me, like, it gave me that push that I wanted to say already, you are seen to be this person.

[00:11:54] Khotso Rams: You need to make it. And I always say, I mean, being bullied and all of that growing up, I felt [00:12:00] like they were preparing me for this. Cause now when they, I say nonsense about on social media and whatever and whatever. I’ve experienced this before. I felt that made me go through all of that for me to be the person I am now, that’s basically me, them ridiculing me and all that, you know, you know, kids can be really mean.

[00:12:20] Khotso Rams: I felt like maybe that was, God prepared me for the bigger challenge. Now, when people now write nonsense or say this and that, I don’t really get that. It doesn’t get to me like that because I felt like my entire life I’ve gone. I’ve seen it before. Bring something else, please. Do you know? So I think it has shaped me in a sense that I, I felt the need to really, really make it because already at home you feel, I mean, I felt like I was at disappointed at some point, because I felt like my parents had like bigger dreams for me.

[00:12:53] Khotso Rams: They had their own wishes to say, oh, maybe I was going to do this and this and this and that. So them knowing, I felt [00:13:00] like, you know what, I need to really make it, ensure them that. I can be I’m this person, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to do what I’m meant to do in this world. Do you know? So yeah, I think it’s somehow shaped me to be a strong individual to someone who knows what they want and goes for it.

[00:13:17] Khotso Rams: Right. Uh, because they do say that like, particularly with this industry, you need to have a thick skin, right. To make it. Um, so would you say that all the years as a child have prepared you for this moment of having a thick skin and what have you learned about yourself through this industry? Um, I think that I’m very, I think I’m very strong.

[00:13:43] Khotso Rams: I’ve grown to be this strong person. I mean, I don’t even remember. I mean, you, you’re a human being. You do get to those comments that will really hurt you a bit, but I don’t think I, it hits me like that. I don’t really care much these days. I just look at it. I mean, there’s. I shift my [00:14:00] energy to, and incident things.

[00:14:01] Khotso Rams: I don’t entertain at all. I told myself that, you know what advisement because you can read all the positive stuff and only bump into one negative one that draws your entire day. Some like to focus on the positive, negative one, lift them like that. Yeah. That’s so nice. And, and looking back at your childhood right now, um, what are some of the moments that have, I don’t want to say that have helped built you, but what are some of the moments that you look at?

[00:14:26] Khotso Rams: And you’re like, it makes sense that I’m supposed to be in this position, in this industry right now. So, um, my high school, I always say it’s so weird that when I speak to my friends, they always say their high school years was the best. And I’m like, what was the worst? I know what’s the worst for me because.

[00:14:49] Khotso Rams: I mean, for example, like you’re going to create eight are grade 9, 10, 11, and 12, who they already know a lot and they know a lot, lot more that you also don’t know about yourself. [00:15:00] So to me, I feel, I felt like my high school was the worst because I felt like I was living my life, depressed people at some point.

[00:15:11] Khotso Rams: And I hated school because I’ve, I don’t know if you remember the sensor in Jason’s story. Yes. I hated that storyline with all my heart because I mean, I came from the village. They only see you on television and they already see that you’re different. I used to come to class and then kids, would you not right to draw me straight sensor.

[00:15:31] Khotso Rams: And Jane said, I don’t really remember that. Uh, the late, uh, at the other uses, right? That about me used to like in front, every time they’ll teach us sciences and we’ll talk about the chromosome, like the woman, the X, Y, X, they always say, so what about people like Wiseman? Do they have an X two? Now I look at it.

[00:15:58] Khotso Rams: I’m thinking, oh, that was stupid. [00:16:00] But at the moment doing grade 10, and you’re not even sure of who you are, it hurts a lot. You try to hide by all means, but people just keep on coming for you. So I felt like though, I mean, I hated my high school so bad. So I feel like those years it was when God prepared me for this, because now, I mean, you know, industry every day, one thing you can say now, we just gotta make headlines tomorrow.

[00:16:31] Khotso Rams: So yeah, I feel like now. I don’t really take it personally. I mean, I don’t really care much. I do read certain stuff and I’m like, oh, they don’t know your wise, man. They just trying to sell their people. So they’re just trying to sell their blogs. Just move. Yeah. So I felt like my high school years before were, and I don’t believe get that.

[00:16:52] Khotso Rams: And that’s so amazing because I also feel like generally with a lot of, um, quote-unquote straight people, right. [00:17:00] Um, they don’t get the opportunity. Most of them drink to get the opportunity that we do in high school where the, our high school experience was mostly spent going inward, interrogating, what’s going on?

[00:17:11] Khotso Rams: What am I feeding? Why am I feeling this way? What’s really going on. Right. Whereas they just had a regular experience of high school. So I was like, oh, that’s normal. Yeah. They thing that, you know, that kids that are hating themselves exactly. It’s killed themselves. I still don’t understand. They get like, what’s going on.

[00:17:30] Khotso Rams: This is different. I mean, I do see kids that I went to high school with. Um, now they want to, my friends obviously say, oh, I went to high school with you. And I’m like, honestly, I don’t think they really even remember, or they know how much they hurt the trauma. Yes. The causes them. One quarter. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:17:52] Khotso Rams: But they don’t understand the kind of trauma they put me in when I hated, I hated my high school and also worried [00:18:00] of not performing well, because I was just like, he’s the one who has been just finished high school and goes and leave. Yeah. I kept telling, I remember really, it’s funny because a lot of, um, I was sharing an experience with a friend of mine that I went to high school with about how, like something as simple as going to the bathroom, right.

[00:18:20] Khotso Rams: There was, uh, it was, uh, it was a monopoly game, right? Oh, I remember I’m like, is this the right time? Should I wait? Should I go off to as kids telling you that I’m lonely? Cause with me, you know what I used to do because I used to have like a very tight voice growing up, you know, very, very tiny, obviously used to.

[00:18:43] Khotso Rams: Say to me, when you go to the bathroom, I want to check if he has maybe two parts and stuff like that. Oh my God. And they’ll just, you know, throw those words like random felt like it was to them. They felt like it was nothing. But to me, every time I had to go to the bathroom, I always say, I wonder if I’m going to find them there.[00:19:00] 

[00:19:00] Khotso Rams: They do check me to see what’s happening. There was one of those things. Yes. Oh my goodness. That’s so crazy. And I feel like it’s funny. They’re not even aware that that’s what’s happening internally with us until years later when we share that experience. Yeah. Um, so I want us to quickly play a song that reminds you of your childhood before we just pick up, um, with a sense of you and the song you selected is a song by Omangi.

[00:19:31] Khotso Rams: It’s a song called money. Am I pronouncing that right? Tell me about that. Um, so growing up, obviously, I’m the firstborn. My mother got me when she was still in high. So this year to complete high school and stuff. So I was basically raised by my grandmother. So she just used to, she liked the some, or maybe then when I was growing up, that song used to play a lot on the radio.

[00:19:56] Khotso Rams: Cause we used to listen to a lot of radios then. Cause it didn’t really have like [00:20:00] television like that because I mean, I come from like the villages. So that’s one of the songs that every time it plays, it literally takes me back to when I was getting I’m talking about like my primary days, not my school days as well.

[00:20:15] Khotso Rams: I’m talking about my primary days where, you know, I used to chill with my grain-free primary did for me, I felt like, you know, she, she really sacrificed a lot for me because obviously, my mom was still very young. So she was, she literally took me and then she raised these. So to me, it reminds me of her a lot and I feel like I owe him.

[00:20:36] Khotso Rams: That’s so beautiful. Oh, a lot. And I’m also thankful that she’s still alive, you know? And I’m trying to at least spend as much time as I can meet them there because I felt like I need to show how much I appreciate her while she’s still alive. But yeah. Knew of her. I don’t know how bad cause yeah, every time it plays, it just takes me back there.

[00:20:57] Khotso Rams: There what’s your grandmother’s name? [00:21:00] Okay. Sounds okay. Shout out to granny. Well, thank you so much. Well, the next song that we’re going to be playing friends is a song called like I said, it’s all mine G um, the artist and the name of the song is money, which means mother. And what language is the song it’s in song.

[00:21:19] Khotso Rams: Okay. Let’s play it. And I hope everybody at home enjoys a please download it and, uh, hope you.[00:22:00] [00:23:00] 

[00:23:10] Khotso Rams: and welcome back. My friends, we are still hanging out with wise men Zita. That was a song that reminds me of his childhood. It is a song called money, which is, which means mother. And it’s about an artist called or mine. Gene. There we go. Please download it and show us all the mothers and the grandmothers out there for allowing us to be and to exist and to celebrate all solutions.

[00:23:33] Khotso Rams: Okay. Uh, Marvin, thank you so much for hanging out with us still. Thank you so much. Oh my goodness. Okay. So, um, we are now entering like the second phase of your life, right? Which is now high school, where you have real life. That this is what sort of life has to offer you, the people, and this requires you to have a thicker skin.

[00:23:55] Khotso Rams: Right. So tell me now, at this point, [00:24:00] when was the dream realized? When did you, when, when did he when did the bug hit? When was it realized? It’s so weird. I get very emotional and I had to talk about how everything started, but yeah. So I think, um, I always say everything works at, you know, how God works.

[00:24:19] Khotso Rams: It’s just amazing. Everything, somehow interconnects everything, all the disappointments that know that you want it to be. Yes. Somehow makes sense. When you look at it, I’m like, oh wow. If I had yes there, I don’t think I’ll be where I am today or I’d beat this person. So to me, um, I think that it’s great.

[00:24:39] Khotso Rams: Elect 10, let me just say grade 10. ’cause I want to start with like the modelling to acting so great. 10, because I was like a different kid. We had a, I don’t want to call him a gay teacher, but you, I think he was, cause I didn’t [00:25:00] really know much about his family. Like. Um, wife, kids, children, any of that, but he really felt the need to protect me.

[00:25:10] Khotso Rams: Um, you wouldn’t obviously make it obvious that he’s trying to protect me, but obviously like during breaks, you’d always call me to come in and always, you know what I converse about everything. So I won’t mention his name because, but yeah. Yeah. In grade 10, that’s when I remember we used to in the villages, we have this, um, it’s like the culture as a culture day where we would dress up and we have like schools come.

[00:25:38] Khotso Rams: That’s what we used to do. Serafina move kids compete and they choose the best. Yeah. So I started doing like the ballroom dance and stuff. Cause I mean, you want me to do something because you could see that I was bored and like didn’t really have much. I didn’t really have much friends because in high school, I mean, you are different.

[00:25:56] Khotso Rams: You try to be friends with the boys, the boys be like, you don’t belong. You tried [00:26:00] to be friends with the girls. But every term, the gay com committee comes. They all let you avoid it. And then you feel like, you know, maybe just don’t let me just isolate myself. So you felt the need to protect me. And then that’s when he started introducing me to all of these things are connected to him like this last year.

[00:26:19] Khotso Rams: It was the end of last year because my mother somehow met him. And then he asked me my numbers. Can you see me on television? He really helped him lot because I started doing, uh, the ballroom dances. And then he asked me to enter Mr. Madam Lily of which I won a couple of small titles. There was no money, but to me I felt like, okay, cool.

[00:26:39] Khotso Rams: This is something that I’m actually good at that I can do. Um, our line wasn’t really polished then, but he saw something in me. I always say, God, God always speaks to the people before you even get there at a thousand percent. Somehow, they’re just going to meet you for the first [00:27:00] day and then they know what they need to do in your life.

[00:27:02] Khotso Rams: They, they are assigned to come for that moment and to put you where you need to be. So I feel like it’s also one of those people that were sent by God to put me somewhere to at least like build my confidence because like then I was very, I was, I don’t want to lie to you. I was just like going to school and coming back.

[00:27:21] Khotso Rams: So from there, um, grade 10, I started entering this pageant and I used to win. And obviously during assembly door intro, like, let’s say, I want a title to carry the title with them. And then the session, all the crown and whatever. And then Monday when we have an assembly, don’t present it to me. So the kid felt like, oh, he’s popular to phrase it.

[00:27:41] Khotso Rams: Cause I started to become like a little popular image. That’s cool. Like vibe with me a little bit. So, um, great 11, obviously that’s going to be with my pageants and stuff. Grade 11, I think towards the end of grade 11, I wanted to be on television. I would land and [00:28:00] say, I knew I wanted to be an actor. I just want to go on television.

[00:28:02] Khotso Rams: I felt it was cool. And there are some that I could do because I mean, I was born, like I was different from the beginning. You don’t want a different, and they know that you are destined for something greater higher. Yes, that’s me. I’m not, I’m not saying it coming from a cocky way, but I just knew that I am here for something greater.

[00:28:22] Khotso Rams: So yeah, a great metric. I finished matric Russell hard for me to convince my parents that I wanted to do drama. I mean, my biological dad is a teacher. My mother wanted to be to stay in school. So she wanted me to become some. Better that

[00:28:43] Khotso Rams: for me to sell. What did you do? Drama. And so I finished my matric and then applied for dramatic art here in GT. But then I didn’t tell them I was doing, I’d said I was going to do journalism. Yes. And then obviously journalism and media, she was like, oh, okay. It is brought because of [00:29:00] general staff being at the scene.

[00:29:01] Khotso Rams: And, uh, I think I lost my second ad that she saw Mary’s. I was like, what is voice? What is sound? Is that even a module? What will they do voice? And then that’s when I was like, actually I actually drama. They were really concerned. I don’t want to lie to you. They’re concerned because I mean, as parents, they wanted me to do better absolutely.

[00:29:20] Khotso Rams: Of who will go to school instead of drama and then end up not even in one show. Absolutely. But it’s also so hard to convince people that you want to become this person when they’ve never seen anyone who comes from the village. Area that they’re in, mix it in the big, so it was so hard and I didn’t understand them, but it’s only, now that I’m older, I’m like, actually they were concerned because and they want me to do great.

[00:29:48] Khotso Rams: So I think which I kind of Matrique, uh, took a gap year, then I came, decide, and then I’d like to teach you, I wanted me to audition and auditioning. I don’t know what it’s auditions, [00:30:00] I’m a village boy. The only thing I know is goats and chickens. And I had to that’s when I became super close to YouTube, that’s what I used to like research my stuff.

[00:30:10] Khotso Rams: So I, you know, I auditioned, it was bad. I don’t want to lie to you. Or maybe because now I’m looking at him like, no, you know, I mean, I even mixed clients or just doing a lot of stuff, but apparently when you audition for the first time, they’re not necessarily looking for perfect lines. They want to see if you can potentially.

[00:30:26] Khotso Rams: Yes. If there’s someone they can punish. So, yeah, I applied and I got a call December to come to 10 and then that’s when everything happened. So three has done the line after I’ve reached my diploma finished in 18 or digital again. And I got my first ever break was the literal first audition and I got the role press the voltage.

[00:30:47] Khotso Rams: Wow. And what did that mean to you? And what did that mean to your parents now? You’re, you’re here, right? And you’re are on a very big national [00:31:00] broadcaster. You’re on the SBC to primetime attributes, to events. What did that mean for you and your family and mind you pure from the village watch as the business start to go?

[00:31:11] Khotso Rams: The big, the satellite. And I remember, I didn’t tell you when I was doing rotations, you know, I finished my studies and then I could see that she was super concerned post, like you’re done with schools. So yeah. Like, I just knew, man, that something’s going to happen. And then, yeah, immediate, I think after a month of graduating, I got a brief and then I don’t want to lie a doubt at first because I was like, I’m not on whatever I read.

[00:31:41] Khotso Rams: Like I read the entire brief to a nine year old. I was 23. Um, my agent knew I was gonna kill it. I I’m so grateful for obey pushes me so hard because you cannot tell me that for someone who had never been on television, you [00:32:00] looked at a 23 year old and then it’s so potential of them playing a lead role.

[00:32:04] Khotso Rams: To me. It’s also those people that are sent to take you where you need to. Also, I always, I believe that’s what I always believe to say. By the time I get there, God, you’ve already spoken to someone, spoken to someone to say, when this one comes here, your assignment. So he believed in me so much that I’d never been on television.

[00:32:24] Khotso Rams: I mean, I did not even have a real something to show that I’ve done this thing ahead was stuff from university. Yeah. So I, he maybe audition, audition with a self-tape, uh, pat to called for me to do an actual audition. And then they call me again for the third time to pair with the lead lady. And then I on the sports, the third audition, they just said, you guys got the roles I cried.

[00:32:52] Khotso Rams: How can you know, I didn’t cry there because obviously I was still processing it. I got home. I cried because I told my mom, but then [00:33:00] she, I remember her saying, this is what you’re meant to do. You. At the right time. Cause you’re still young. Some people discover that they’re meant to be doing something later.

[00:33:12] Khotso Rams: So I’m glad that we also allowed you to do what you wanted to do and look at you. You’re doing it. And honestly, it really means a lot for me to be in this platform for a young queer kid who is now going to wake up tomorrow morning and go and carry wheelbarrow and fed shorter. Like I used to, I have a dream to say, if Wiseman, who comes from my village is doing it out there, what’s stopping me because I remember I just took a chance.

[00:33:42] Khotso Rams: I don’t really have people that I look up to. How would I say it’s very important for me to be where I am today because I represent a lot. Absolutely. Because if you’re young and you’re doing it, that that means a young person can do it. But I used to look at, I don’t even know, ring goes on tipsy to now to.

[00:33:56] Khotso Rams: No. It was like, one of you did harder to marry or the other [00:34:00] guy, he was the only person I watched on television who spoke like me. And I’d like to your team right now, actually he acted then Kiani. I was with him. I realized in the table read. I’m like, what is happening to all my life? You are here with me today.

[00:34:16] Khotso Rams: I literally sat him down. I’m like, you don’t understand the amount of influence they impact you because you’re the only person that I looked up to. I mean, of course later on, but for money came Charles, my dad on getting out, but the bull came, but he was one person who was constantly booking stuff. And he was the person who made the note for my soul.

[00:34:38] Khotso Rams: I say, even now the kids, a kid out there who looks at me and say, well, this man was born here. He went to a public high school. Like I am going now. It’s possible. If they can do it, I can do it because I was myself in them. Yeah. Oh, that’s that’s yeah, I [00:35:00] think I, I stand for, right. So to me, it’s everything.

[00:35:05] Khotso Rams: And also for those kids, I’m saying all of these stories of me being bullied in high school, because I understand that there’s probably a kid out there somewhere where there’s nothing, you know, but they don’t have anything that’s politically different. It’s possible. It is possible. It’s possible. And you.

[00:35:23] Khotso Rams: Trust me, God is preparing you for something much, much bigger, because God knows that you could have a lot of people bullying you. So if you don’t have the background of being political art, now you’re going to have a big skin where you just going to die. Yeah, absolutely. I love that so much because I feel like I’m with a lot of queer people, um, their childhood is spent with them trying to find themselves, right.

[00:35:46] Khotso Rams: So I try and do see someone that looks like them in television and in family situations in, in everything. And I think what I like most about this generation of queers is that we are the people that are creating the visibility and the [00:36:00] representation for the children, um, that are still growing up right now.

[00:36:04] Khotso Rams: And I think what I want to know from you the most, uh, more than anything is how, first of all, how important is representation, because in as much as we saw you on Gianni, you were still. I mean, there was a gay character, it was monumental for your career. And I’m all my goodness. That was the first time I also saw you everywhere.

[00:36:25] Khotso Rams: I’ve always followed you as a, as a model and I’ve always known you work as a model, but that was the first mainstream thing. Right. So for, I’m just curious, how important is representation to you? How important is telling queer stories? Um, I mean, I think to me, it’s, um, there’s quite a lot that, you know, it’s not told out there.

[00:36:49] Khotso Rams: Um, we do have a story is very important for, you know, I always want to refer instead since when Jason’s story, as much as I hated that [00:37:00] story, I could see myself in them and. I used to feel so uncomfortable, you know, the kind of comments your parents will always make when those things come. And then you sort of like,

[00:37:20] Khotso Rams: kind of men do these things. So, but trust me, of course it was like one of the first few storylines. So if it was, and it became like so hot and it was like that, it was very important because now for them seeing a lot of that on television, it’s like, oh, okay. They are there exist, nothing wrong with. You know, gay story lines and gay people succeeding cannot tell, I mean, as much as reality that people, you know, a lot of us, you know, have people get killed, but can also tell like the successful gay person, I cannot say gay person [00:38:00] and someone was doing well because none of us are doing well.

[00:38:04] Khotso Rams: You know, I think it’s very important for kids to see them so that all of our parents I’m saying this, not just because I feel like people in the villages where I come from or our parents, they to be educated because I mean, there’s a lot that we need to teach them. And there’s a lot that they don’t know.

[00:38:18] Khotso Rams: You know? So representation is very important. We need to be seen. People need to know we’re here. People need to see a lot. It’s not like where they see like, oh, what’s happening. I want to say this generation of ours, you know, course we are now aware our kids won’t really have to come out. No, because you can see what’s happening.

[00:38:40] Khotso Rams: The reason why a lot of us need to come out now, It’s something that is very strange. I haven’t seen it. And we shouldn’t really also blame our parents because something that they don’t know, you know, they still have a long way. We should be patient with them, for them to understand what’s happening.

[00:38:58] Khotso Rams: Trust me, 40 years to come [00:39:00] through a different story because we will be, we would have really sort of, we it’s something that happens. We know our kids will differently. And kids who grew up knowing what is, you know, queer, what is this? You know, so unlike now, so seeing a lot of gay people on television and doing well and stuff like that to the village, people, people that are not related to cared about it, they get to see, oh, it exists.

[00:39:25] Khotso Rams: It’s there. So it’s very important. I always say that because I feel like I’m in as much as I think a lot of queer people growing up around the central Jason era will definitely relate to, you know, Really liking that storyline. Right. Because it, it, you felt like they were exposing you. I saw myself. I’ve always like, oh my Jesus.

[00:39:46] Khotso Rams: And if your credit is busy, that means the thing that about me. Yeah. I wonder what exactly they shouldn’t know. [00:40:00] Hmm. And I find that like, and with particularly the sense of, and Jason’s story, a lot of people, um, in that era came out and they love that story for a lot of things. Right. The fact that it was things with Jason.

[00:40:14] Khotso Rams: So you couldn’t really tell who the man quote unquote, with a man also the woman was, which is something that a lot of queer people have been pageant with. If they showed two people, two men really, who are in this loving relationship and they’re just going about their lives. Yeah. Um, so when. You were now thrust in the spotlight, um, on, on Kiani and you were the love interest, I think you’ll you characterize them as more so, um, right.

[00:40:46] Khotso Rams: And you had to go through these crazy love stories where you were literally the, the Romeo to her, to her being the Juliet. What sort of things did you have to deal with? Because right now, [00:41:00] because in that moment, the country was looking at you as prince charming, right? You are prince charming presenting.

[00:41:09] Khotso Rams: You are represent exactly a lot of

[00:41:16] Khotso Rams: straight dudes. Yeah. And he wanted someone that could really relate to Niki’s representing them. Correct? Yeah. Did you feel the weight of that responsibility and what was that experience like for you? I think for me, I don’t want to lie. I remember. This question, like every time when I’m being asked, what was the most challenging rule for you?

[00:41:37] Khotso Rams: I always say Mosa rarely. Um, he was, I also feel like maybe because I had never done anything on television, I’m a care person. And then boom, Kaniqua was a straight room. I don’t know how I look on television and I’m very, [00:42:00] like, they’re not super much conscious of my mannerisms that I had to cut off. And somehow, you know, embody the most viral.

[00:42:07] Khotso Rams: It really challenged me a lot. I don’t want to lie because I was so scared on how people are going to receive you. And I remember the first episode I had like this nice monologue, um, at court. Cause I play a lawyer and I trended first episode, like the entire week. Everyone has to know who is this one? Oh my gosh, who’s this.

[00:42:29] Khotso Rams: And then I remember on Wednesday, cause we used to play managers. Then Wednesday on Wednesday, someone found my Instagram and they took a screenshot of me. I was wearing an underwear sitting by the pool, of course, with a very, you know, nice, cute poll that they not expect from their Mussa. And it became a problem.

[00:42:53] Khotso Rams: Like what sweat is most like gay? Or am I gonna, so this was still in season one. This is the first season [00:43:00] and the first week of the show. So I knew we used to play Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Monday they sit everyone’s oh, this hot guy. She was like, oh my gosh, where’s Wednesday, summer. I don’t know that devil where did check their Instagram.

[00:43:12] Khotso Rams: And they found my name like who was down. And then this posted on Twitter, I’m not going to see everyone. I was like, wait. Cause you know, men will always try, like, it’s like this. Is when they are a man is in a religion with a lady and then a lady is like obsessed with a certain dude, try by all means to put like negative comments to the guy to say, ah, with me.

[00:43:34] Khotso Rams: So many guys are so angry with the fact that girls would compliment them also. So they wanted something to make the ladies tarnish. How ladies really I’m a rumor. This was like my first job. And I’d never been, you know, trending white cartel, never trended. And now people are talking about me. So I felt that people as stepping into my private space where now they have to deal and do all those things, I didn’t understand, you [00:44:00] know, because I also, I always say this when I entered the industry, didn’t understand the impact.

[00:44:04] Khotso Rams: And also the fact that you are preparing yourself to be criticized, energized, to be, you know? Yeah. You’re opening yourself for everything. People have the opinion because you all day, so I don’t want to lie at first. It was very hard because I had to deal with such things, but they really received more so well.

[00:44:22] Khotso Rams: Okay. Other than that people always say, no, let’s not really look at judge the kid by just because of what he is. They joined the less, the character, if he’s doing a good job and then let’s applaud him for that, the rest is none of our business. Biggest problem. Somebody standing on the outside, it always seemed as though you were, I wouldn’t want to say putting in the work or putting in the effort, but it always seemed like you were distancing yourself from identifying as queer.

[00:44:50] Khotso Rams: So when I saw you on the river, um, paying incredible character, I was like, oh my goodness, are you coming out now? [00:45:00] So was there a, did you make a decision within yourself to not identify as queer in the earlier in the first season of Kiani? Or what was that conversation? Yeah, I think so because, um, yeah, I did because I was like, okay, cool.

[00:45:16] Khotso Rams: I don’t want people to look at me like that. Um, I want them to seeing what’s out. I thought that’s how it works. No, there’s just wash mortar and that’s it. And now I understand that it’s not even about it. People always want to know what happened, what was happening. So I felt like when I answered the, when I started drama, I thought, I didn’t know.

[00:45:40] Khotso Rams: It came with this whole, you know, people wanting to write things about you. I just felt like it’s my passion. I’m going to go do a job, do my job well, and I leave, but now I understand that it’s a complete thing. They want to see you here. Put a character as the night, my niece. So yeah, at first I was like, why [00:46:00] are they doing this?

[00:46:01] Khotso Rams: But now it’s like, oh, I’m used to it. It happens. It is what it is. You know, people have. Obviously find something to talk about and the interest in your life, you know, not everyone is obviously there for the bad reasons. So I was really hiding, hiding, but I just chose not to entertain anything in the earliest stages.

[00:46:22] Khotso Rams: So I remember the rebar, even my agent asked me, I remember very well, he’s like, there’s a role. Uh, they are looking for this kind of person and just putting it out there because I told her if you’re comfortable doing it as yet. And because I had watched the Revit and I felt like it was one ensured that I had to be part of.

[00:46:42] Khotso Rams: I was like, I am petitioning for it. I was like, it’s a great show. I’m like, I’m auditioning. So I auditioned and then I got it. Yeah. Just like I said, this Dell tape, cause it was wrinkled Corona virus. It was, I asked my sister to record me on the. And then yeah, send myself tape [00:47:00] two weeks later. Got a call. I, you booked the job then.

[00:47:03] Khotso Rams: Yeah. Um, like it’s from the outsider. DNI was such a monumental show, right? It was the first ever what the drama in history. Exactly. Adva. So just sort of carry the weight of what that level of representation meant for people in South Africa to then now feeling like you’re not outing yourself. Was there a thought process?

[00:47:32] Khotso Rams: Was it something you needed to work through? How was balancing the two? Like, because both sort of carry a weight of responsibility, right? Um, the ones that you’re representing your culture and your tradition on the other side, it’s really who you are. Um, so just talk me through this balancing act. So with me, I told myself that I don’t want to be known as the

[00:47:57] Khotso Rams: Um, I knew eventually in the future, [00:48:00] I was like, I was going to venture into other shows. Cause that’s the, that’s the dream I don’t want to be. I didn’t want to be those people that you always see them on one show and that’s it because it’s very possible. It is. And now that’s and also, yes, you need to know what you want.

[00:48:18] Khotso Rams: And also open yourself. I told myself when I entered here, I’m like, as soon as this season ends, I need to push myself. I have to be another, you know, and I, this is the advice I always give to also my fellow actors or young actors, artists are coming to say, don’t be an actor. That was the one again ends.

[00:48:38] Khotso Rams: You don’t have a job wait for five years after a challenge yourself. So I knew I was, you know, obviously going to play. You know, a gay character or something like that. I just didn’t know what was going to happen that fast because it was . I went to when I was shooting Vango at audition for the Rebbe. And then [00:49:00] I’m like, listen, I am going to milk it.

[00:49:02] Khotso Rams: And all that allowed me to do, um, to speak in my language is beautiful for me. I mean, I really, really loved the fact that I was bringing something different to the table. Literally. It was really that we had that, um, you know, we look at this language thing and feel like it’s just, oh, it’s just language.

[00:49:23] Khotso Rams: You know, that I had people saying on when I was doing the river, why does this peak what’s morally speaking? Is that the ? So the fact that people can still differentiate between vendor and swung, but they’re able to differences suit to an 80, right. A big problem, especially a country that is official language.

[00:49:44] Khotso Rams: So I was like, oh, okay. Meaning, it’s a good thing. I need to be able to teach them. People know that this is also when I went to Rockville, after I got the job, I asked if I could speak my language [00:50:00] and it’s like, it’s beautiful. It’s something different. I want you to do it. You understand how people were happy?

[00:50:06] Khotso Rams: Like even today I still go cheetah and right, like check Rockville Mo um, Adonis saga. People felt represented because, you know, as a type of person on television, you only see motion. And that’s what they usually would say. You only place security guard or the most ugliest of the, the one who has so much comedy, you don’t get big roles, but to talk about people, seeing someone speak like them, getting a cultural storyline, and it’s like, That’s here for, you know, it, they feel represented.

[00:50:45] Khotso Rams: So I always say I’m here for that. Um, if I get a role and they don’t specify which language I’ll go Tonga, and also like the fact that everyone was going to children, whatever, and I come with a different language completely. And that brings something [00:51:00] different, different, new audience to cause when sometimes people know that I’m there, they’re forced to watch because they want someone who speaks like them.

[00:51:07] Khotso Rams: There’s nothing more nicer than hearing someone speaking. Like you can relate to those nuances. And, and when my, for example, when my mother would say Monday, if you not only want to know what is money, where is it coming from? Or when it comes to context. But if your Tonga you’ve heard your grandma’s saying money, you heard your say money.

[00:51:25] Khotso Rams: I understand it is exciting to me. I always say, I’m here to represent my people and I want to do it. And if it means. All the Shoals yes. Wow. Oh, that’s so amazing. Oh my goodness. I never read you liked it because I feel like we like to just say we, we live in a country that has the level official languages, but people are still struggling to differentiate your feelings on that mean even the yeah.

[00:51:52] Khotso Rams: Like north, because, and you cannot be angry. No, it’s not even about that. It’s she’s been posted [00:52:00] because we watched a lot of them. So they’re not used to the language because it’s not a lot of that is being spoken on television. Then nine years old, when we heard the song, that’s why we only had that one shoe.

[00:52:15] Khotso Rams: It’s important for these people. When they hear someone speaking, their language is like, oh my God, And what I’m more curious about is the fact that like, um, I mean, normally it’s, like you said, whenever, like Tsonga or vendor, people are constant things it’s normally to play it sort of see an ugly dude.

[00:52:39] Khotso Rams: dramatic addictive person. Yeah. You know how it’s all boys so happy. It wasn’t all that congratulated me when I went, hung off the WhatsApp and that’s actually what I want to tap into. Um, you all are very good looking, human being. Um, and I often wonder how has that affected [00:53:00] your success with the suspicion of representing, um, the song community?

[00:53:05] Khotso Rams: Um, I want to say. It’s so weird that people don’t really believe that I am

[00:53:20] Khotso Rams: I am F bolts on the mum and dead

[00:53:27] Khotso Rams: state. We do have it’s on the main, like you, and that’s the funny thing, because I mean, they would always type cast us to be this ugly people. Yet, if you go to the book where you see some fine people,

[00:53:43] Khotso Rams: there’s a lot of good soul. It’s very, very, so it’s with me. It’s always been like, okay, cool. She’s Tonga. And then it’s these and this and this and this and this. And I don’t want to lie. I I’m running with it. I mean, , you know how it is tall [00:54:00] dark. Let’s go. So I’m running with it as it’s working for me. Yeah.

[00:54:05] Khotso Rams: To be recognized. I think I always say to recognize to me, it’s not even about waiting everything is to be recognized, to be seen for someone to say,

[00:54:17] Khotso Rams: you know, there’s something or this kid is going somewhere. You know, that’s what I appreciate. I appreciate that so much to be recognized out there. So to me, all these things, when it’s happening, it’s like, oh my gosh, at least the people that are watching this. See, they see something. So now you are recognizable.

[00:54:38] Khotso Rams: Everybody sort of knows you and knows your face. How does that affect your dating life? How do you date? Are you, are you dating? No. No, I’m not. I’m dating. I’m not. So, um, it’s always say to me, I’m very dating. I’m very, [00:55:00] excuse me. I just feel like it’s very weird. I mean, being all day, it’s like, you always ask yourself if people are there for love or what you bring to the table, or some people laughing in a way that they feel like it drops off.

[00:55:17] Khotso Rams: Yeah. So relevant. If they’re getting you and stuff, your famous there is in a way also people that are emotionally just not there because they feel like you have everything figured out. You have everything. This is why I don’t think he’s dealing with anything or is fine. You know? So yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s somehow affects you because you don’t really know who is there for the good reasons you attract.

[00:55:41] Khotso Rams: Just a lot of people, literally that people just want to be your friend and be with you if you want to. They just want you to be around

[00:55:54] Khotso Rams: California now. Yeah. So you ask yourself. [00:56:00] So, yeah, it somehow affects because I’m now I struggled to not trust or even see that. Oh, I also think it’s something that I need to also work around and also understand that not everyone’s going to be there because I’m on television or anything like that, but yeah, it’s a struggle, but it is what it is.

[00:56:22] Khotso Rams: And this moves us into our next segment. It’s actually one of my favorite games that I’ve introduced to, um, Vita online fashion radio. So it is a game called surgery so fast. We are debunking the myths. We are standing in line of the truth. We are telling people what is what, okay. So, uh, so we’re going to go through a series of three, four, um, rumors.

[00:56:45] Khotso Rams: And we need you to just clarify that for us now once and for all we’re setting the record straight rumor numero UNO is Wiseman’s detox, dating . Oh, [00:57:00] no. What is my friend guys? Yeah. Tell us about the reason for people. We’ve been friends for a very long time. I met him. I had a long time ago when I go to Pretoria.

[00:57:09] Khotso Rams: That was when . And that was when Wiseman was Weissman G Patty vibes. So it’s just that, unfortunately, that people only see us now and they feel like we’ve been friends just because we make the industry of with, for a very long time. Yeah. And we understand each other, we vibe. Well, I mean, yeah, we were very similar

[00:57:37] Khotso Rams: question tomorrow to Wiseman’s says courage is dating a woman true or false. No, this false, this is not the first time you hear this.

[00:57:50] Khotso Rams: Uh, kids apparently. So, no, I’m not, I’m not with a woman. I have friends, very close friends. And again, guys, one thing people don’t understand is [00:58:00] I’m a model and I’m an actor. I will be seen kissing woman on television. I get both direct bookings from magazine that wants me to do bridal stuff. Like I lost the, I did a bridal photo shoot because this magazine wanted me to be discussing trended.

[00:58:18] Khotso Rams: Yeah. I think that he’s married to this girl and she not, and I’m thinking, God guys love is beautiful. I know that never got married. That’s it? And I’m an actor guys. I know how to embody a character given one, you know, and I do my job and I leave, you know, uh, final question. Um, and this is from you, is it a rumor that you would like to clarify that a lot of people are getting incorrect?

[00:58:48] Khotso Rams: On social media on align, anything I’ll release. They it’s a rumor, but people tend to think that I’m very uptight and very, yeah. People think [00:59:00] I’m not guys. I, you

[00:59:06] Khotso Rams: tell us, I, I think I’m negative that I’m very vibey. I might with people. It is it’s I don’t know how, but maybe cause my face or something, but people tend to think I’m very mean. Yeah. And people, you know, it’s so weird that people won’t even take pictures with me or they see me in a club. They just text me the following day.

[00:59:31] Khotso Rams: I saw you, but you are, you look like someone who’s when I say hi, do think who are you? Right. And that it has never been me guys. If there’s one thing about, I respect people and I always say. It takes courage for someone to just randomly stands and come to you and say, hi Wiseman. I watch you. I love, I like you.

[00:59:53] Khotso Rams: Yeah. Would I be mean to someone like that? And I believe that first impression always lasts. [01:00:00] I don’t care whether I’m having a bad day or not a bad day, but if it followed me for a very long time and you were to be even well tired, if someone were to stop and say hi, can I please have a picture? Is very easy.

[01:00:11] Khotso Rams: Smiling, take a picture, give them a hack. And it won’t take nothing. Literally guys being nice. One had in any way. How you leave that friend feeling it’s, what’s going to last, even though they love to so much, but if it gives them that cold shoulder or you show them, you know, those deeper tendencies

[01:00:38] Khotso Rams: and that’s not what you want to be nice to people, smile, give them hugs. You know, they’re also going to promote you to other staff. And again, guys, I always say, when you meet people, you never really know what they do. It’s very simple. Like never some people, uh, destiny connectors they’re meant to connect you to even [01:01:00] higher level.

[01:01:01] Khotso Rams: But you block all of that because you are slacks someone coming to say hi highways, but all you could could, could stop. Hi. I’m good. Good, good. Listen to what they have to say. You know, you never know next thing, the producer, the connecting you to the right. Literally they’re like, no. Cause the guys, the industry is like, People want to work people that as much as you can be the most talented person ever tell act or whatever presenter ever.

[01:01:26] Khotso Rams: But if you don’t feel like you go to work with forget it, you keep that person who doesn’t have enough talent just because they work well with them. Oh, my goodness. It’s yeah, it’s always been nice because you never know. We didn’t know what people do. Wait a minute. So I want to, I want this to lead us into our other song that you selected for us, right?

[01:01:49] Khotso Rams: And this is a song that you said that normally sees you through the moments when you’re not feeding to share about yourself. So it’s like an empowering Anthem for you, right? Give us the name [01:02:00] of the song and tell us what the song does for you is it’s a Hopi boarded by a customer I’ll make, so there, isn’t why it’s so weird, but it’s an old song.

[01:02:12] Khotso Rams: Really? Yeah. It’s like not really old, but it’s one of those few songs. See, that’s one of the songs that custom made when he was still starting out. I remember I used to listen to this song in, when I was doing my. First year, this is one of the songs that, you know, in class. And also because my parents didn’t know what I was doing, you know, you know, and they were doubting that you can do something.

[01:02:38] Khotso Rams: Uh, it’s one of those songs that I would listen to. And I mean out, feel like, you know what, someday this will work out. Yes. People now may not be believing in my dream, or God showed me these. You might not see today, but one day is going to make sense this song, I hope you bought it. It’s just, yeah. It gives me that thing.

[01:02:59] Khotso Rams: [01:03:00] That. Yes. People might doubt you and stuff, but fast needles you flourishing one day. Yeah. And they’ll know you’re here to stay and to tell it, I love it so much. Please enjoy this one. This is by Caspin your vest. It is called. Please enjoy. He kept saying, you fuck them fish and saved him. Now I’m the people I could have stuck to scoop, but how was it my life.

[01:03:24] Khotso Rams: If I played by your rules before he told me that rap don’t make money, want to prove him wrong up at that’s going to take from me, mum and dad, but full teachers mess and trying to sit them down on some live in a system of state. Cause I’m a rep. It broke their hearts and I felt kind of whack, but I got history to make in a pay phone ever since 16, I’ve never spent a jail home.

[01:03:46] Khotso Rams: I’m on the ground for full earth, broke up. No worries. Welcome to the city of Tilburg. I’m in the city with things Smith. When you show love this day, you ask Dick rod and they hit on us. Cause we get it. It’s just the [01:04:00] blueprint there. Ain’t no love in the city done. I’m uptown.

[01:04:07] Khotso Rams: I just wanted to speak to browse. My men never thought that I get a call from Java and never since I did a song, we should change. I wasn’t hard on the lungs and the money gets a small issue, big shots who give a fuck about a small school, told me as to take down names. Dasha, Dan Kim, I was about to take down legs, break down games, put a trigger.

[01:04:29] Khotso Rams: Who’s on flats. My advice come from NICU. Don’t rap. They believe in the mat, which is part of the reason I believe that I can compel as making me suck a Dave deal in the mat, which the media would treat me like Keenan. And you fill in this pattern that this dream Muslim capitalist blow with the breast and the lips known to be half of those kids.

[01:04:49] Khotso Rams: Don’t you live specimens. Please lose one week less surface Pitt, openly fascinates lingo. When you compare them to cheers, I make the cheeky show. Love to regret the damn Meagan TP broke up. He was [01:05:00] supposed to be leaving peak. There was a need for it in a live feed, but anyway, that’s what the green figures too.

[01:05:06] Khotso Rams: I’m glad. And he had green fingers. Cool. Cause man, wasn’t a festive thought music. Wasn’t the best without music trends. Have you ever seen hot work? Nigga. I read Pete brown desk. There was one good nigga.

[01:05:22] Khotso Rams: middle finger to poke people like acting a new to the bullshit of the world till it happens to you. The biggest killer in the country here in HIV, men, Twitter, Nike, me the hate. I need to sustain kids. We never used to be your paper. And now you want my Dick. You’re trying to prove that I’m the greatest. I entertained the niggers to what behind me, that gay sex, but I don’t give a fuck.

[01:05:44] Khotso Rams: My attitude on late check. That’d be test the same shit. Same script, different cuts. You don’t care what you say. Fuck it enough. They used to say quit. Didn’t put no buckets, same tricks. You’ve been luck hit at the dinner. They said McCain don’t fit and soft. Post it first plastic in the [01:06:00] bag. I hope they send my kind of faith and so forth.

[01:06:04] Khotso Rams: First classic in the bag. I hope you bought it.

[01:06:37] Khotso Rams: the city of my kind don’t fit. And so I forced it because I believe in five don’t quit. I’ll get a portion. And like these other lanes, they want comfort these days. If you choose to be loved and you love to be chased as hard to be brave. I understand. But think about it. You can never lose your mind. If you are honest, you may shoot without your decency.

[01:06:54] Khotso Rams: So bitch has never get shit from me. I buy his and he’s the home without the point, [01:07:00] spit like an overdose. Cause I’d be bringing kids to the hood. I’m like a door to door. I really hope it rain forever. It’s amazing how we came together. Everybody’s curious to probably want to know how does he live? Like politics.

[01:07:13] Khotso Rams: Fuck that. Proud to announce that that spot.

[01:07:24] Khotso Rams: the other stations are tuning into

[01:07:35] Khotso Rams: Ooh. And welcome back from that absolute, incredible song that was casting your vest. I hope you bought at 2014 Davey album. It was so incredible Wiseman. Thank you so much for requesting that for us. And I’m really hoping that people out there are going to listen to it and they’re going to take away that empowering message.

[01:07:55] Khotso Rams: Right? Um, so throughout our conversation, uh, [01:08:00] you have made mention a lot about God, what God means to you. What is done for you, um, who he is to you. Let’s, let’s dive into the spiritual aspect of Wiseman SITA. So, um, Who has got you, uh, is the air that I breathe? Um, I believe that, I mean, I don’t want to, I don’t want people to take it in a different way, but again, I always say, I believe in a higher power and I don’t judge people can believe in their own higher power.

[01:08:35] Khotso Rams: I believe this, God, I believe we, I walk and talk and I live with God. And also don’t believe in coincidence. I always say, what is happening right now is what God had written. That was going to happen. Exactly what we’re doing right now. It has been written Lord born. They’re going to be doing all of this today because everything is planned and destined in the things returned.

[01:08:59] Khotso Rams: So. [01:09:00] Whatever that is happening now. I thank God or the nose I’ve had. I thank God all the years I have, I then go where I’m going. I trust God that it’s where he wants me to be. So what has been really amazing in my life? I always say, uh, my life is a prophecy because whatever that I was shown or I’ve seen, I always say, if something that you can to me, it’s, if something that you can see it in your mind is what goes shows to you to see it.

[01:09:32] Khotso Rams: Wow. That’s so if you see yourself willing and Grammy, you’re going to say to your friend, do love because that’s not what God showed to them. If God showed me winning a Grammy. The day will come. What’s going to happen because already I’ve seen it in my mind. So whatever that is happening to me right now, it’s not by mistake.

[01:09:53] Khotso Rams: I have, I don’t want to say it in a boastful way, but I’d seen it in my mind. I believed from day one, I [01:10:00] came to housing that I’m here to get what is mine and I will do it and it will happen exactly how everything has been unfolding in my life. Yeah. Oh my goodness. I love that. And thank you so much for sharing that with us.

[01:10:12] Khotso Rams: Um, okay. So we getting into the last couple of minutes of our time together, and we’re going to wrap it up in a bit though. Um, so I want to know one of, um, a few other things from you, right? So you are here in this industry. Um, you are a performer you’re, you’re, you’re doing quite an incredible thing. What do you want your legacy to be?

[01:10:38] Khotso Rams: Um, to me, I’ve always say I’d like to. There’s more that I want to do than just being a good performer or he carries the character well, and whatever I would like to assist people. I want people to look at me and take something out of me. That’s been every time I ever seen with actors, I mean, it was [01:11:00] like the new ones that are new into the industry.

[01:11:02] Khotso Rams: I want them to, you know, there’s nothing more annoying, will more demoralizing than having to be on a set with someone who’s experienced in a new, and they show you too, that you are new, you are new and you don’t join. So to me, it’s about empowering other kids. It’s about assisting kids from home. I mean, I get so many times I’m not drink quite a lot, like out one, two right now, but I have so many kids from home.

[01:11:29] Khotso Rams: Who’d like to be where I am today. And they honestly feel like it was just a walk in the park. Yes. Obviously our destinies are different, but always they go to school. I didn’t make a mistake by coming to study drama in TT. I could’ve said any other thing. Literally, if you want something, you go and Polish it ticket one to do radio.

[01:11:49] Khotso Rams: If it’s just a certificate, Polish it to do something know about it. No way to price. Nobody know how to approach this. Not this. You have the digital thing [01:12:00] better and you’d be good at it. So to me, my legs are really good. Like justice people. I want people to reach where I am and also to, even as the past become a greater, you know, I feel like God sent us here as you, you know, to live something.

[01:12:17] Khotso Rams: I like that as well. Um, and thank you so much for agreeing to spend all this time with us. And I think a lot of people at home will want to know one thing. Right. So we, we, we we’ve shut down the rumors. Right, right. JV you’re here. You’re you, you are queer. And I think people want to know how on earth did you manage to craft the greatest love story on Gianni?

[01:12:44] Khotso Rams: Like why did you tap into, what were those feelings like? Have you yourself been in love and, um, you call star, was there a conversation about. Your chemistry. We want to know all about that little [01:13:00] bubble of Gannett, particularly this love story that you got you on every minute MCM list. Yes. Oh my gosh. Um, with Mosa, your ire to dig deep because so many things that happen well, so many things about he might didn’t really relate to because I’m a queer person.

[01:13:19] Khotso Rams: Of course. Um, I don’t know, as I’ve never really been, I’ve never really like been exposed to how you caress a woman, how you speak to your women. Imagine I need to, and also having to tap into the emotional side. A straight person. Yeah. Cause how they feel emotional and how it gave us personal. Emotional is different.

[01:13:46] Khotso Rams: Yes. So with me, I was like, okay, cool. So this is how I feel, because if I don’t feel like then, then I won’t deliver a hundred percent. So with me, I had to like learn from scratch. I had to really [01:14:00] rethink, how did you do that? How, um, Emotionally, I touch somebody because I mean, mostly you as much as going to fair, but with so many people can sign, it’s always going to be the love of his life.

[01:14:11] Khotso Rams: So I had to tap into that and also feel like, you know, he is emotionally, then invested there and also having to do the kissing scene, not romantic bedroom stuff with them because you need to be present. You cannot lie to the viewers are, you will never lie to the viewers. Camera picks up everything. So to me, it was like, okay, cool.

[01:14:35] Khotso Rams: Now I had to relearn how, oh, so you’re seeing this because it’s feeling like this, or the reason why you’re saying that is because of this and this. I enjoy because I got to learn about other people and also playing someone else. I mean, you get to tap into the emotional side, what they go through every day and you sort of like leave in, like he leaves in you activate [01:15:00] neatly.

[01:15:01] Khotso Rams: So yeah. Also our kissing scenes, we get to. Talk about them. Uh, me and obviously Mecosta would talk about it. I comfortable these. Yes. No. Okay. Why is there tongue, was there time, much time, but I mean, I’m very comfortable with it. It’s just literally a very good friend of mine and that was its own creation.

[01:15:25] Khotso Rams: You know, she’s a professional actress. She went to TTS. She was my senior year. It’s crazy age. I was like, wait, I was doing third year or first year because I had a gap year. So she’s saying to you, oh, I don’t want to reveal age, but when I was

[01:15:45] Khotso Rams: first distancing third year. So we got to like converse about it. I comfortable this. No, yes. Can you do this? Yes. No. And then, okay. How to, you want us to do it in that city and that way I think you get to, I mean, you can, the first [01:16:00] couple of takes gotta be weird. But with time, you now know them, it’s like a dating them because like, literally I’m initiating for entire you dating this person.

[01:16:10] Khotso Rams: You literally feel like now you are dating them because it’s the level of intimacy. And I always say, there’s no way you’re going to portray good chemistry on television. If you don’t care about that person, you need some hot develop a young feelings. Yeah. Wow. Well, why is my, thank you so much for joining us on a Bita online fashion radio, and I’m so glad that you were able to do this.

[01:16:34] Khotso Rams: Privia, um, cover. I’m so excited for your photos on my voice. I cannot wait for your journey. Your 1, 1, 1, 1. What is it? Is there a, do you have a dream role, a dream character that you would like to embody? Um, whether real, whether it’s a real life person or it’s, it’s somebody that you’ve conjured up in your head.

[01:16:54] Khotso Rams: Is there a dream character that. Um, you’d like to say Marty, I want to play a superhero. [01:17:00] I think I’ll do a very good superior. Like I watched what kind of the other child, I cannot be going to gym for nothing. And why do you want your policy to be, what do you want your policy to be? Um, I want to be, I should be able to fly and split-second disappear.

[01:17:17] Khotso Rams: Be there. Witchcraft vibes, Venda vibes.

[01:17:22] Khotso Rams: Oh, goodness. Well, thank you so much for coming to and online radio. There is one other thing I’d like us to do just before you go. Um, how familiar are you with tip top challenges? Um, well, I, I want to talk to a couple of challenges when I have time. I love it. There is one. Um, a challenge that I’m absolutely obsessed with right now.

[01:17:49] Khotso Rams: Have you heard of the drop challenge? What is the job? The job challenge plays the, um, so it’s a Beyonce song that they play. It’s called partition. And whenever the bass [01:18:00] drops, you literally like, like

[01:18:05] Khotso Rams: Okay. So I want us to do a quick little, um, challenge and let’s do, and then we’ll just say announce. So are you ready? I have the song. I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready. I have the song. I have the song, have the song. All you ready? You and you know how it goes now

[01:18:31] Khotso Rams: let’s give it a moment.

[01:18:36] Khotso Rams: So I was Cod.

[01:18:51] Khotso Rams: Oh, my goodness. Thank you so much for joining us.

[01:18:58] Khotso Rams: It was amazing, right? Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for being [01:19:00] open and honest with us and I can’t wait for your next chapter. Right? So many characters, so much dancing, Netflix, Netflix. That’s what we manifest. And the leads, please. Yes, please. Don’t want to be just, and I want to be talked about no, you call me just not the biggest

[01:19:19] Khotso Rams: Do you hear me, everybody? We are all putting up any, just to board a lead role for next week Netflix series. Wasn’t it. Thank you so much for being open and honest with the size at home. Thank you so much for joining us. The name is Kotzur Rams. This was a Vita online. Fashion radio. And, uh, I think I was do the drop challenge just once again.

[01:19:39] Khotso Rams: Okay. I think the base is a budget. They speed it up. So

[01:19:52] Khotso Rams: thank you so much for joining us. Join us again the next time, when we have an exclusive, super sensation that we’re going to kick you with the right, but [01:20:00] for me, it’s Rams and the rest of the beetle online fashion radio team. Thank you so much for joining us. Goodbye. God bless and take care.

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