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Talk about #CrispnessInJuly, Nicksoul chats music, fashion and giving back!

Taking on life changing roles in local and international productions, Nick Nkuna aka NICKSOUL, is the first youngest African to play the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. | Article by Lwazi Hadebe

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Nick Nkuna aka NICKSOUL. Musician & Actor


From humble dark skin boy from Mpumalanga to Ballstate university in Indiana, taking on the UK stage as a performer to an acting career in Mzansi’s hit telenovela Skeem Saam. And just when you thought he was done, Nick does a total 360 turn and works on a music project! How Crisp!

First youngest, second of colorPhantom of the Operahow did that happen?

“I had just graduated from Musical Theatre, and it just happened that Phantom was one of my favorite shows. It seemed my gut was right by taking me that direction. It happened and that’s another part of history.”

Tell us about your immaculate sense of fashion! Have you won any award that celebrates your fashion style?

“I’m yet to [laughs and starts flexing]. I guess I haven’t put anything out there that warrants me the nod. But yeah man, dressing well embodies a lot of the work that I do; whether I’m heading to studio or to a photoshoot; I take my style of dressing very seriously.”

So Nick, as you know Redds is bringing crispness in July this year. What crisp news are you sharing with us this July?

“I’m releasing a EP this July. My team and I have been working really hard on it, I feel it’s crisp and ready! [Laughs]. It’s titled No Limits, a house track but not typical house. This is to get people talking and dancing while still working on releasing the complete project and I hope it influences the sound in one way or the other.”

I understand you went to the UK to experiment with sound for this project?

“I did a lot of that, wasted so much money trying to find myself and I’m glad I did; it’s all worth it because one can never regret the process.”


What music genre are you going for and who are you working with on this EP?

“I’m releasing a house-track because I like to dance, and I’ve always liked the idea of coming out like that, the twist is the whole album is Afro-trap-soul. I’m working with Eternal from Nigeria an outstanding producer and an inspired spirit. I also worked with a guy called Mark, he’s worked with Denise Zimba and Nadia Nakai; he is good with trap, 808’s. I did two songs with him. Diamonds, and another that is about heartbreak.”

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You said afrotrapsoul, that gives an impression that you might work with a few rappers.

“There have been talks, but you will know when the EP drops.”

What are people going to take from this project?

“I call it sound of emotion because it’s all my experiences packaged in one; from being a youngin’ from Mpumalanga, claiming my independence at a fairly young age to my first heartbreak, to travelling the world. All this has given me a chance to take a deep breath and share my life experiences. That’s why the EP is called Sound of Emotion – it’s being able to explain thoughts, feelings and experiences.”

What is your idea of giving back and being kind?

“Giving back is a constant thing for me. I always try and find ways in which I can make someone’s life easier. Being kind is a part of me, so I exude this everywhere I go. Like the time I produced a stage musical called Faith Takes Time with a team that included Denise Zimba, and musical director, Sandile. This play gave the youth a chance to do what they may have always wanted to do: be on stage.”

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