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For Diesel’s Pre-Spring 2019 collection, the afterparty is transitioning to dawn, and moving east to the endur-ing, hedonistic and 24/7 playground of Berlin, Germany.

The very spirit of the German capital—and all of its revelry and riotousness—matches the spirit of the Pre-Spring lineup. While it’s still wintry outside, springtime breaks through—like sunbeams over the horizon—in bolts and rays of color and print. There’s a strong focus on graphic elements for both men and women, the most iconic of which is a text motif that reads “AESTHETIC.” This theme is often paired with a digitized female silhouette recalling a classic statue. The overall effect is very techno after-after hours’ club (the sort of place where they keep the curtains closed, even if there’s full daylight outside). 

There’s a sportier vibe apparent but done in a grungier, more tiered way—fabrics are more precious and ele-vated, but, together, there’s a sense of motion and leanness. 

Women’s standout pieces include: crop sweats and dresses, and t-shirts with slits on both the sides and the sleeves (these will all feature Diesel’s Denim Division logo); each is designed for peeling off or throwing on, and optimized for layering through the transition. There are, additionally, leather jackets with metallic treat-ments, bleached outsized shirts, and embroidered bomber jackets. The complete women’s wardrobe is one of distinct mixed-and-matched edginess, packed with a put-together but freewheeling attitude. 

 Menswear features oversized denim jackets, iterations of a logo-treated satin coach jacket, sweaters and t-shirts featuring bold prints. 

Speaking of denim: The Diesel hallmark gets an update this season, with bleached effects, vintage treat-ments, lighter dyes, and another round of new styles (there are, in total, 6 new denim styles for both men and women combined). 

In the accessories arena, there’s a new expansion of the women’s “West” range, which sees knee-high boots in coated denim, as well as the all new “Scirocco” group, which is comprised of a hybridized sneaker-platform shape. 

Men will also have new shoe options: Vaiont, a dressy, chunky model with a double outsole in multiple mate-rials, and Padola, a sneaker realized with technical materials and details. Colorful caps and oversized bags complete the accessory field. 

The takeaway: the party doesn’t have to end just because winter is fading.

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