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Diesel Redefines Brick-And-Mortar Retail with A New Store Concept Premiering in Fourways Mall

Diesel is excited to announce an entirely new and revolutionary brick-and-mortar retail concept, launched in Fourways Mall, Johannesburg. The store is the first of its kind amongst all distributor countries. 

The design of the store is hyper-dynamic and adjustable, unbound to the structural ramifications and expectations of the location. 

The core aspects of this new retail experience revolve around flexibility and easily changing the store’s layout based on collections, consumer demands, trends, and activations; an “open window” approach that allows for more transparency into the store’s inner workings; a rolling library of stock; ultra-dynamism and personalised façades, which will be rendered in partnership with local street artists.

The store features an engineered presentation of modularity and modernity. Textures are key; industrial pipes are exposed from the ceiling, linearity—including corrugations and ribbing—is seen throughout; and the colour red, whether semi-translucent or solid, plays an essential visual role. The effect is one of designed randomness; a slightly entropic but metered layout of retail that looks decidedly to the future, abandoning the rules of the past.

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