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She put the turn tables down to turn heads for Brutal Fruit

“With almost 5years in the industry, I’ve learnt to look at my career as a business and invested a lot of time, money and effort into it.” – DJ Lamiez

You’re entering this industry at a time where a lady on the decks is seen a little more than a few years ago. What are the difficulties you’re facing with the industry as a newbie to this era of DJs?

I wouldn’t say its hard, but there are still a few inequalities as the industry is still male dominated. I have to prove myself ten times more because I’m a woman. Staying true to yourself and your brand is also pretty hard unless you stay disciplined and never lose sight of your goals because you can easily drown in this industry.

You’ve taken over Sun City as the biggest female DJ, what other spaces do you hope to take over and what sets you apart from the peers you share the space with?

I would love to venture into Radio and television.

What sets me apart is the time and thought I’ve put into my brand. With almost 5years in the lamiez-efindustry, I’ve learnt to look at my career as a business and invested a lot of time, money and effort into it.

Every move for me is calculated and being able to remain true to myself yet consistently keeping my followers interested remains an integral part of growing the brand. I’ve also learnt to separate Lamiez from the “Dj” or public figure…

How long have you been with Brutal Fruit and how has journey been so far?

lamiezI’ve been with Brutal Fruit since April and it has been pretty crazy. Nothing beats working with a brand that supports and celebrates young woman as much as Brutal Fruit does. Being afforded the opportunity to work with amazing individuals from different parts of the industry has also taught me a great deal

And with the Brutal Fruit campaign coming up just in time for the party season, what can fans expect from you and your advisory role? 

As the Beats Advisor not only will I keep the consumer updated with the hottest music in the club scene but I’ll also have the chance to share new music with my followers, what I’m listening to and whose hot right now. The pre-party is a different vibe and music plays the biggest role in setting that vibe so you have me to guide your party season.

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My pre-party must haves are…

The perfect squad, a sick playlist and a few chilled Cranberry Rosés and my wine glass


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