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Dr. Cino Shearer to give support to South Africans dealing with depression.

Humanitarian and Publicist, Dr. Cino has taken it upon himself to combat mental health problems.

1 of 130 Influential people on the African continent, founder of The Cino Shearer Foundation established in 2013  with one of its key focus points being to curb poverty, Dr. Cino Shearer is offering free therapy to those in the entertainment industry and matriculants who did not pass their matric suffering from depression. 

This follows tragic stories we have been reading about matriculants who have taken their lives because of the pressure and disappointment they went through after not getting positive results. Furthermore the stories of South African media personalities dying because of depression alone. In recent months we read of a popular singer and Idols South Africa runner up Thami Shobede who died due to depression and Shearer is taking a stand against such stories to keep emerging.  

Mental issues are frequently met by negativity, shame, and panic. This leading many to suffer in silence. With that being said, those suffering from debilitating mental health problems worsen from the negative comments and thoughts society imposes on them and this is why Dr. Shearer has offered free counselling to services to those in trying situations and is willing to assist further where he possible can and even connect the people with relevant departments that can assist where possible can’t assist direct. 
In a recent interview with Khutso Tleledi, Shearer argued that whoever is going through any personal difficulties must not allow themselves to be alone, if something is on your mind, say it, do not suffer in silence. 
“Pain starts in the brain, mental health is not seasonal but it’s throughout one’s life” said Dr. Cino Shearer. 

Those who need to get in touch with Shearer for these free services can contact or call/sms/send a please call me to 0725962327.

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