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In preparation for the #PreParty ISSUE! This week’s Menswear showcase is about ending October in Class & Style with SIMONI Exclusive; one of leading Mzansi menswear luxury brand. Tiger Of Sweden, TUMI and FRASERS  also puts on showcase all the must-have menswear items for all seasons.

Nkuli. Suit & bracelet: SIMONI.  Lanseria

Nkuli Tshirumbula

“..tuition fees have been an issue for a very long time.  It’s as if one goes to school to pay-off school debt.”

It’s an exploration of class & opulence, and it celebrates a self-assured man. Featuring Mzansi’s celebrated TV, Social Media Supers; Nick Nkuna, SOLO, Sean Stylist & Thami.

SOLO. Suit & tie: SIMONI. Lanseria


“Suits best show a level of respect I have for myself as well as an event without me having to say anything.”

BET-A List, Private Jets, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Cigars, Whiskey…
Styled by Oliva Harlow

Nick Nkuna. Suit: SIMONI. Lanseria


“I’m very much inspired by Kanye. I think all my friends know, and naturally I’m like that. I take the longest to get dressed, mainly because what I wear contributes to how I feel, and that’s how I become creative. “

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