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Five Reasons to Make Vietnam Your Vacation of Choice in 2021

Vietnam is a beautiful, culturally diverse country with bustling cities packed with life and serene countryside with tradition still very much at its core.

Vietnam’s timeless charm makes it a wonderful option for your next trip abroad

Image: HoangTuan photography

Vietnam is a beautiful, culturally diverse country with bustling cities packed with life and serene countryside with tradition still very much at its core.

It is also a hugely popular tourist destination, not least with the people of Africa. Vietnam Briefing reveals that inbound tourists from Africa in 2018 grew by 19.2%, ensuring it is becoming more popular with Africans as a holiday destination, and for good reason. Whatever type of holiday you are craving, Vietnam can offer it to you; beaches, culture or adventure awaits in a country of timeless charm.

So, we have selected five great reasons to make it your next destination of choice.

image: Leon Ting

Hanoi is a bustling city brimming with life, whilst Saigon is unique with its roots still very much in the French colonial past. That influence is still visible in much of the architecture, making Vietnam’s cities an interesting place to wander around and experience. They are also full of traditional Vietnamese life, street vendors selling traditional food and goods line the markets and everywhere is awash with colour and life. The Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi is a must-visit location too, with exhibits dedicated to the late Vietnamese leaders’ life and achievements.

image credit: pixabay

Away from the busy city, there is an adventure to be had, with thrill-seekers adequately catered for throughout Vietnam. A detailed guide to Vietnam by Expatbets explains how the Vietnamese countryside offers lots of exciting things to do including scuba diving, rappelling, caving, and kayaking. With a varied landscape covered in rocky hills and dense forest, there is something new to explore at every corner. Asia Dive Site believes that Madonna Rock is one of the finest places in the country to go scuba diving, but there are numerous others for divers of all abilities. Along with the sprawling Ke Bang National Park, adrenalin junkies will have plenty to keep them busy in Vietnam.

image credit: pixabay, quangpraha

Another wonderful aspect of travelling to Vietnam is the terrific beaches on offer. Nha Trang, Da Nang, and Phu Quoc all stand out as top places to relax near the sea, but in truth, there are too many great locations to mention. Phu Quoc claims to have the cleanest air in the country, and as an island paradise, it is the quintessential beach break for the discerning traveller. It was once little more than a fishing port and hidden gem of Vietnam’s islands, but the secret is out; infrastructure is improving and very soon you might have to travel further afield to escape the maddening crowds.

Credit – Pixabay / Thutruongvn

Vietnamese food is diverse and exciting, with different flavours balanced perfectly to appease any palette. They do not go for food that is too spicy; chili sauce is often served as a side rather than as part of the main course to allow you to set the level of heat in your cuisine. With such a rich fishing heritage, the seafood is a wonderful place to start your Vietnamese food journey, but do not restrict yourself and be open to new experiences. Goi cuon is wonderful; it is spring rolls filled with greens combinations of minced pork or shrimp. If you are in the south, you will find barbecued strips of pork instead, wrapped up with a green banana and star fruit before being dunked in a peanut sauce.

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Credit – Pixabay / DLA Huerta

Vietnam is full of historical places to visit, perfect for photographers or those looking to get a feel for the ancient culture and beliefs. There are eight UNESCO World Heritage sites across the country, including the Central Sector of Imperial Citadel of Thang Long and the Citadel of the Ho Dynasty. The My Son Sanctuary ruins were the fourth site in the country to be given UNESCO status and are a cluster of partially ruined Hindu temples constructed between the 4th and the 14th century AD, well worth a wander around.

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