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Four super secrets to a fantastic summer – at home or away

Our country’s world-famous summer weather notwithstanding, no matter where you live – or which sho’t left you to choose to take – you’re sure to find an adventure waiting for you around the next corner.

South Africans are spoilt for choice, so make the most of wherever you are this season and let the celebration vibes brighten the dark months behind us.

Lamiez Holworthy is no stranger to any number of potential summer-time scenarios, and – due to her recent partnership with Red Bull on the launch of their new Summer Edition: Watermelon can – now you can keep energy levels up and be at the peak of your performance while you’re at it! Whether working out, partying, socialising at home, or working through the silly season, SA’s most loved DJ has these top tips to make the most of any occasion.

Have fun getting fit

Some of us used lockdown to get super fit – others of us…not so much! Now that the sun is rising earlier and the morning light gently nudges us to wake up before our alarms say we should, why not use that time to get moving? Early morning walks – whether they’re with the dogs through the ‘burbs or on the beach with your true love – are a great way to start building your physical fitness without it feeling like a chore. Just 30 minutes of brisk walking each day can reduce your long term risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 31% – and you’re 32% less likely to die too!

Be a tourist in your own town

We’re still not allowed to travel internationally, but that’s no reason to not explore your own town or province. We’re all very good at telling visitors where to go or at showing them around when they come to town, but when last did you do something touristy that didn’t involve an hours-long drive? Make sure to keep your energy levels up with a good nights’ sleep, a healthy breakfast and a refreshing Red Bull to keep you going, and then ask yourself – how many Capetonians haven’t yet abseiled down Table Mountain, the pulse-racing adventure in front of the whole city’s eyes? Achieve the ultimate in social distancing by hiking the breath-taking Otter Trail, or spend some time kayaking on KwaZulu Natal waters with some of the continent’s most dangerous animals in St Lucia– hippos and crocodiles! Get rid of the goosies and go diving with sharks in Gansbaai, or take up your wings and fly when you go bungy jumping in Soweto, Krugersdorp, or in the Eastern Cape.


Super-size your skills set

If international travel’s off your ‘things to do’ list for now, but the holidays are stretching ahead, why not use the time to learn that new skill you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t had the time to? Stretch your limits in new ways: maybe you mocked the chess nerds at school, but have you ever tried to master the queen’s gambit in real life? Teach yourself a new party trick and learn to write with your non-dominant hand, or learn the basics of a language that will help you make new friends when next you’re travelling, whether it’s in your neighbourhood, your own country, or abroad. If you didn’t already know, there are key components in Red Bull that are proven to increase concentration, which is definitely worth keeping in mind – you’ll all the help you can get to boost your performance while mastering your holiday skill!

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Spice up your living space to the sounds of summer

This year has been an extreme adventure in its own right, without you having to even leave your home. It’s also ok just to settle down at home and get creative with some DIY in your space. Put on some music, like the Sounds of Summer Spotify playlist, and let your inspiration guide you – it’s a guaranteed mood booster.


Regardless of your summer-time plans – heading home, travelling or on a staycation – have a small group of friends over for a braai, spend some time around the pool, or take some time out on the beach – whether it’s oceanside or alongside one of South Africa’s magnificent dams. Even though we can’t travel outside of South Africa’s borders, there’s no shortage of motivation for great, creative ideas to spend the summer holidays.

We’ve made it this far through 2020 – it’s clear that we’ve got the stamina to survive pretty much anything that’s thrown at us – so let’s keep on going, making the most of the glorious summer days, and the sparkling nights too.

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