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“I’ve been making waves now I’m sailing” SimmySimmyNya notes on the hook of his latest single

After his 2016/17 success with Look At Nya, SimmySimmyNya stepped back from music and has only occasionally contributed music to the scene. His last few singles were features with Stiff Pap and Ginger Trill, but today he’s debuted his new single, “Daily Paper.”

“Daily Paper,” bears a verse from Simmy and Trill with a hook that Look At Nyalovers will recognize as classicly SimmySimmyNya. Verse one sees Ginger Trill commenting on his ability to earn in a game as challenging as the music industry. It wouldn’t be a rap joint if a comparison to those who are less capable. “Quick flipper, lick hitter, body bag zipper, think Jigga” is how Ginger describes himself.

In the following verse, SimmySimmyNya references the difficulties of making a success out of one’s self, particularly for black men. He goes on to express his pursuance of riches and how he’s felt like a black sheep. At face value, what he shares seems casual until reconsidered on second thought.

What did you get up to while you were on hiatus?

I moved back home (KZN) from CPT at the beginning of 2018. I wasn’t in the best space mentally and spiritually, so I needed the downtime for introspection and self-discovery in the serene quiet environment of home, in the midlands. Then I spent the next 6 months to a year up and down between JHB and PMB in an attempt to make a name for myself; usually travelling to perform, record music or network.

I was MIA, but I never stopped making music. Features like Stiff Pap’s “Maradona,”  Xenlaii’s “Wenza Ngani?” as well as the release of my first few music videos were all created in this period. I wanted to figure out my sound and how I wanted to put myself out there musically and visually. Eventually, I started living in JHB from June 2019, worked a few odd jobs and even assistant produced a music video for DJ Mkiri Way (Emtee’s DJ) called ‘Drip Drip’, up until Lockdown commenced in April 2020.

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What made you feel ready to get back into making music?

I’ve always wanted to make music that represents me and where I’m from. I’ve always wanted it to be impactful. During the time I’ve been away, I’ve managed to create music I believe in again. Music I believe has those qualities and more. Now, I also feel like I’m in the right space to give music my everything, whereas in the past I felt like I was torn between two different lives. I also feel like there is a gap in the market for new sounds, and I feel like I am sitting on one.

How did the song with Ginger Trill come to exist?

Trilly and I had worked in the past for his song, “Forrest Guap.” The music video for that joint landed me my first ever TV appearance. We kept in touch and linked up on a few occasions. “Daily Paper” piggybacks off our previous collaboration which was also about chasing money. I recorded the verse 2017/2018 summer and had been sitting on it with him in mind as a feature. When I finally linked up with Trilly again in 2019, I played it for him and he wrote and recorded the verse on the same day. 

Outside of Ginger Trill who else would you like to work with? 

I’d love to work with a bunch of people, not even just in South Africa. But locally, Sho Madjozi & Nasty C to name a couple.

What other music are you working on?

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“Daily Paper” is the first single off of my upcoming EP Broken Crayons Still Colour 2, which might be my last project in English. I’m thinking of releasing another project later this year to usher in the new sound I’ve been fine-tuning. All the bars are delivered in vernac and the production features a solid blend of different soundscapes to create something I believe to be beautifully unique. 


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