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A rising star in all four corners of the world, Gigi’s effortless, Californian style, together with her strong social media presence, makes her the perfect ambassador for the TOPSHOP brand. The campaign will feature in stores, advertising, online and social media, globally.

TOPSHOP has 330 stores in the UK, with a further 137 international franchises operating in 40 countries.

How does it feel to be Topshop’s campaign girl?

“It’s 100% cool. I just love anything Topshop. I’m the biggest Topshop fan. I’ve really enjoyed the shoot – it doesn’t feel forced or posed – which I think is very much my style too.”

How would you describe your everyday style?

“I like to say casual chic because I have to be comfortable, but also like to stay on trend. My Met Ball after party look was a Versace mini dress with adidas trainers – I like mixing glam and casual.”



“Working with Gigi Hadid on this campaign continues to strengthen our international vision for the TOPSHOP brand. We are continually developing our footprint across all markets with ambitious plans both in the UK and internationally and I feel like Gigi is an ideal ambassador to underpin these efforts.” Sir Philip Green comments.

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Have you always been comfortable in front of a camera?

“My Mom was my first photographer & stylist when I was really little, so yes! When she stopped modelling she got really into photography and was always taking pictures of me and my sister. So when I got my first modelling job with Paul Marciarno for Guess – I just felt really comfortable and it didn’t really feel like work.”



Where do you start when putting an outfit together? 

“On a normal day I’ll usually start with a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt, then maybe pick a cool pair of boots or a jacket to build more statement pieces on top. But saying that, if I’ve just bought a new piece like a printed coat then I’ll be too excited to wear it and plan my outfit completely around that.”

What’s do you think it’s like being a model in 2015, compared to say the ‘90s supermodels?

I’ve heard from a lot of people in the industry that the supermodel is coming back, which is really exciting for me. For a long time you would see a girl for one season and then you’d never really hear about her again. Now models are getting to create a fanbase that keeps them around.



Do you think social media has had a part to play in this?

I guess that’s the biggest difference today. We live in a time where you’re not just a fan of a model because you like her picture in the magazine but you like her sense of humour. Or you might have the same style or like the same pizza and were able to share those things through social media. That’s what people want to follow – they want to see us hanging out outside of the studio, backstage at the show. The whole ‘squad goals’ thing is a big part of our generation – I think that’s what will help us create a new supermodel crew.

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