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Sylvester Chauke: Chief Architect. Dressed by House Of Ole - Limited Edition Collection.

Sylvester Chauke: Chief Architect. Dressed by House Of Ole – Limited Edition Collection.

DNA Brand Architects announced its win from the prestigious 3rd Annual South African Premier Business Awards that took place at the Sandton Convention Centre. Scooping away the award in the Young Entrepreneur of the Year category, Sylvester Chauke, Chief Architect at DNA Brand Architects, said that this award was confirmation that the company was headed towards an upward trajectory and that the company was indeed contributing to the building of the South African economy.

“I know many young entrepreneurs who wake up every morning to open doors to their enterprises. I thank the SA Premier Business Awards for this category. It recognizes the efforts of young entrepreneurs across the land and the role they play in the fight against youth unemployment in our country. I thank my super awesome team that relentlessly support the vision as well as big business that support our business daily”, said Chauke.

DNA Brand Architects is a Marketing and Brand Consultancy that has shown in its very short time of existence, that Young Entrepreneurs can not only start business entities but also punch way above their weight in terms of working at a high level with Blue-chip corporations. A fundamental issue for Sylvester is how South Africans can win the war against Youth Unemployment in our country.

On a daily basis, South Africans are faced with the depressing facts of the high unemployment rate in our country. However, Sylvester is not someone to regurgitate on the doom and gloom of these facts, but rather sees this as an opportunity for a societal change and in particular, youth involvement in solving this major challenge.

“Youth Unemployment is a disturbing factor in South Africa, however with the power wehave as youth owned businesses, we can start reversing the trend by building sustainable small enterprises across our land. This award confirms that we are doing just that and we are keen for the future”, he concludes.

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