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How social media is turning tea into the beverage industry’s sexiest new offering

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In her recently launched single, “Look What You Made Me Do”, pop star, Taylor Swift whets fans’ appetites for tea in her provocative video. Similarly, TV shows like Downton Abbey, which has entranced millions of viewers, is fuelling the current tea revival. 

She says, the tea-drinking demographic is also widening as influencers on social media encourage followers to live healthier lives, by becoming more mindful about their lifestyle choices and the impact it has on the environment. 

“Many consumers are looking to cut back on coffee and are tending towards caffeine-free drinks with natural plant-base ingredients. This opens the door for botanical and herbal teas, such as Rooibos offering health-boosting benefits.”

According to industry experts, consumers have maxed out on other beverages and enjoy the variety of flavour combinations that teas offer them. Beverage giants have responded by launching tea-infused waters, soft drinks and energy drinks. Ready-to-drink, tea-flavoured alcohol options are also proving popular.

“So too, the increasing interest in ethnic cuisines is drawing food bloggers to unique flavours such as Matcha and Rooibos teas. Every time celebrity chefs, such as Gordon Ramsey or BBC’s Siba Mtongana posts a Rooibos recipe, it reaches millions of social media followers who share it with their followers.

Caption: It’s posts like these from celebrity chefs, Gordon Ramsey and Siba Mtongana that’s catapulting our homegrown Rooibos to superstar status on social media.

“Popular platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook have made our homegrown Rooibos accessible to the more than 3.48 billion users that are currently active on social media, which in turn is strengthening the demand for the tea globally.” she remarks.

Proudly South African: From Germany to Wisconsin (USA), peeps everywhere are posting these hot snaps to Instagram of our humble Rooibos, which only grows in the Cederberg region of the Western Cape.
Caption: UK foodies love using Rooibos to add a burst of flavour and colour to their food and drink posts.

Stenden, Netherlands


Madrid, Spain

The power of social media: One person’s suggestion to try Rooibos-citrus- and apple ice tea in the Netherlands or Rooibos-vanilla in Spain has helped to promote our homegrown Rooibos to thousands of people across the shores in a single day.

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