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How Trevor Noah transitioned into a Hollywood star!

From New York Times best selling author to MET Gala invitations, Trevor Noah’s star status can only go higher. Report by: Lwazi Hadebe

Transitioning to a fully fledged Hollywood star doesn’t come easy. There’s an array of American artists that are not on that level, but have worked on big budget projects that Hollywood may recognise. However, the actors themselves aren’t considered Hollywood status. What makes Trevor Noah became a Hollywood heavyweight you ask? Gather all your friends and read this out loud to them so they will also know.

He hosts a late night show.

On the late night TV show category there are major comedians from Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers to James Corden, there’s are a lot. Now you can add Trevor Noah’s name to the list. If you follow all their careers, you will find that comedy played a significant role in taking their careers to the next level. That level is a nightly or weekly late night TV show with sky rocketing ratings and major stars coming in and out to promote their projects on the show.
A classic example is the time when Dj Khaled was at the Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

A special on Netflix.

Although Trevor Noah has had many specials before, with the Netflix special, he gets to be among the big players in the comedy world. The likes of Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, the list goes on and on.
Think about the 90’s comedy specials we would watch people like Katt Williams, Martin Lawrence and the late Bernie Mac growing up. This kind of content is one that will live forever.

A movie in the works that is based on his life story.

Credit: Photo by Neil Rasmus/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

Trevor Noah is set to work with 2014’s overnight sensation: Lupita Nyong’o for an adaptation of Noah’s bestselling autobiography “Born a Crime: Stories From a Southern African Childhood.” If anybody tells you that this is not a big deal, you don’t have to be friends with them anymore. Lupita is extremely bankable right now, she is a black woman who has a voice and stands for women of colour in showbiz. Plus this movie is based on apartheid times, to say this will not be an instant classic is a total misstatement.

Emmy award winner.

Trevor Noah won his first Emmy for Outstanding Short series, from a Variety Series for The Daily Show: Between the Scenes. With him producing a movie adaptation of his book, it might earn him his 1st Ocsar, which will make him an Emmy and an Oscar winner.

He has casual encounters with other Hollywood superstars.

A year ago he was on attendence at Rihanna’s Diamond Ball, which is an event that aims to raise funds for the Clara Lionel Foundation. Don’t hold your breath because he has also introduced Beyonce to the Sports Illustrated Person of the year award, he got a peck on the cheek from Beyoncé. A whole Beyonce! Its hard not to mention Oprah on this list too because heres’ the evidence.

Trevor Noah has a foundation and aims to change lives.

Yes, he launched a foundation set to help vulnerable youth in South Africa through education & life skills to pursue further opportunities upon graduating high school. You can name any big star in Hollywood right now, they have a foundation that stands to help empower the people. Be it LGBTQ, Aids Foundation and many more.

Next? Saturday Night Live.

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If you don’t watch Saturday Night Live, the day they announce Trevor Noah as the host for that week, you have to do what you need to do, to watch that episode. This is the stuff for legends, bottom line, cut and dry. Maybe after this he can host a few award shows. Are we even ready for the moment he announces an award at the SAG Awards or The Golden Globes? Who knows, the possibilities are endless at this point.



Image Source: Instagram / Getty Images / Yahoo / Pintrest / Twitter

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