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Bonang Matheba. image source: SISTA magazine


#IAmBonang trends, Sjava gets a BET nod while Beyonce flashes “her twins”!

Latest entertainment news on Radio 702’s the Early Breakfast show with Relebogile Mabotja & Lwazi Hadebe

Somizi Mhlongo threatens to open a racism case against a student! 

Somizi. Image source: Times LIVE

Media sensation Somizi Mhlongo was called the k-word, by a University of Pretoria student called Lia Meyer on the social media app where everyone says anything, Twitter. It wasn’t long before there was a reaction on Twitter. Somizi then took to Instagram posting a screen shot of Lia’s tweet with the caption: “Racists belong in jail,” he added, “please help me find this one”, which was a clear indication that Somizi wanted the authorities to deal with this matter.


The student commented on said post exactly 15 minutes after Som-G posted. She mentioned that her account was hacked, that she does take responsibility, lastly, “I sincerely apologise for the horrific message that was sent out, please understand it wasn’t me, I’ve requested for the account to be deactivated & stopped from further hacking”. At the time this post went live, the twitter account was indeed deactivated.

Lia’s freind, Hannah, came out at the side of her neck confirming Lia’s account was hacked, “and when the truth comes, I hope Somizi will have the decency to apologize to her publicly for starting a witch hunt. I agree that racism is unjust but it needs to be dealt with in a proper legal way.” She continued, “Now Somizi have tarnished her name, reputation, studies, her friendships & her future. Lia is not a racist, Lia is not a homophobe  and Lia did not write that tweet.”
A proper investigation must start so we can really know if her account was hacked.
Sjava gets a BET nomination.

SJAVA. Image source: Music In Africa

This is the third South African artist to be added in the list of potential South Africans to receive the gold award & to dust on their day off. This was such a huge deal for the artist that Cassper Nyovest tweeted, urging his fans to vote for Sjava to get it. Surprisingly, Casspers fans all share another thing in common, besides the love for Cassper of course. They’re all said they will not vote for Sjava.
Maybe this stems from the fact that Sjava did voice out a while ago that his next album will be the last one. Could it be that current artists are finding it hard to deal with fame and the hype? American singer-songwriter SZA shares the same sentiment. Riky Rick announced a few weeks that he was taking a break from anything that would require him to leave his kids, while Bucie Nqwilisho declared that she “wants nothing to do with fame.”

Things have taken an interesting turn for Bonang. She is being celebrated by the #IAmBonang.

Bonang Matheba. image source: SISTA magazine

Here’s an artist who’s had a good week in entertainment news. Turns out Bonang is no longer a person, her name has transcended to being a mantra for anyone who may be feeling a bit down on themselves in any aspects of their lives. The name became synonymous with passion, determination, conviction, reigning supreme and many more. Could this be the time that Bonang gets added to the dictionary?

Her relationship with her friends has changed drastically in such a way that she even makes certain decisions with them. Case in point when Comedy Queen, Tumi Morake publicly asked she come to her show and the B-Force said no! Which is understandable because her reality show is doing good, she just broke up with AKA, she is on the cover of TrueLove magazine, she is busy. It makes sense why she would have to go to WTF Tumi because Bonang may need to clarify a few things with the public & promote all she is doing. This comes  as no surprise, if you remember well, Bonang also rejected an interview with Anele Mdoda on Real Talk.


Beyonce Knowles-Carter & Shawn Carter. Image source: Insider

It appears that any couple can, indeed, work through anything. From the elevator to the cheating scandal, Bey & Jay seem to have renewed their wedding vows during the time we were all minding our business. Though some circles may have reservations about their secretive lives, it sure does make a huge impact to share the intimate moments with your die-hard fans – which is exactly what the Carters did.

It was astonishing to read that the first image of Beyonce holding two babies are in fact not Sir and Rumi, even though the whole world believed it to them. Then again Bey is not only the queen on stage, but charades too.

The #OTRII promises be a thrill ride, who knows what else can be revealed going forward?

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