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Introducing Apartment 2B at 99 Juta

Proudly South African and contemporary décor brands, The Urbanative, Mash.T Design Studio and MoniqueVee invite you into their new showroom, Apartment 2B; perfectly situated at the uber trendy 99 Juta, amidst the hustle and bustle of Braamfontein. 

Apartment 2B is home to contemporary African homeware accessories and art works, all 100% locally produced, with each designer bringing in their own unique perspective on African Design with the aim of making it appealing to their contemporary consumer. 

Sharing the narrative of Apartment 2B are 3 ladies who are passionate about locally designed and produced products, thus adding to the rich stories our African heritage has to share, whilst enhancing those and placing them uniquely into a contemporary world. 

MoniqueVee’s career started in 2007 when she debuted her first collection “Suspension” at the pretigious Design Indaba. Monique has since been known for her sleek, minimal work, thus seeking to challenge what we deem as conventional, yet functional furniture for everyday use. 

Apartment 2B is also joined by the distinctive “The Urbanative”, started by Mpho Vackier, who left her job as a process engineer to pursue a career in furniture design. Mpho’s work is uniquely identified by its contemporary designs which echo the celebration of our African heritage. In its artistic appeal , each of her pieces not only share a story , but can be incorporated into a functional space. 

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Completing Apartment 2B is Mash.T Design Studio, an interior design studio which has recently broken into furniture design. Armed with the inspiration to create beautiful spaces, Thabia Mjo creates unique pieces that provide a narrative of African history in a contemporary world. Each piece in its beauty is able to keep to its heritage and still tell a beautiful story in an unconventional way. Thabisa has won “Most Beautiful Object in South Africa” for the Tutu 2.0 pendant, proudly displayed in the showroom. She is also one of mail and guardian top 200 young entrepreneurs. 

The showroom is the Johannesburg home to ‘The Collection Studio”- a furniture company from Port Elizabeth, Vorster and Braye ceramics (Cape town), as well as Rose Chaston (Cape Town based artist). 

Apartment 2B is a store that showcases diverse aesthetics, resulting in an Afro-minimal design, representing what it truly means to be African in a modern, evolving world. 



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