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Jaden Smith transitioning to become a Transgender girl?

“Jaden was photographed in a skirt leaving a restaurant after a dinner with friends. Prom was also another do he went to with Hunger Games’ actress Amandla Stenberg”

Jaden smith

Jaden Smith, Louis Vuitton’s spring/summer 2016 campaign. Photograph by Bruce Weber.

Transgender girl still under process?

Bruce Jenner grew his ponytail, it took applying lip-gloss before tabloids stirred speculations about his gender transition. Bruce eventually transitioned to become a transgender woman we all embraces as Caityln Jenner. But is Jaden Smith transitioning to become a woman too? No he is not! False allegations!

Jaden has admitted to frequent the girl’s section for one or two pieces in one of his posts, no statements or comments have been made regarding these allegations.

Jaden’s love for little dresses

Jaden’s daring take on fashion is rather unique and unexpected; some might call it gender bending and OTT.  Smith first made fashion headlines when a publication quoted his father, Will Smith, saying “he has three pairs of pants and five skirts”. Fast forward to April 2015, Jaden wore an ankle length white skirt for the event!

Today, Jaden Smith is flourishing as the Face Of Louis Vuitton’s SS16 Womenswear collection showcased at Paris Fashion Week. Campaign photos by Bruce Weber shows Jaden looking very passive and androgynous in his modelling.

Louis Vuitton - Jaden smith

Jaden Smith, far right, with Sarah Brannon, Rianne Van Rompaey and Jean Campbell in Louis Vuitton’s spring/summer 2016 campaign. Photo by Bruce Weber/Luis Vuitton

What are you taking from this? There are no girl-clothes anymore

 #HotTopics  |   Article by Lwazi Hadebe

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