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Jay Z accused of amplifying Tidal streaming data for huge royalty pay-offs

Reports say Tidal exaggerated streaming numbers for TLOP (The Life Of Pablo). In February 2016 the streaming service said the album was streamed 250 million times 10 days of its’ release, it was a Tidal exclusive during this time. By the same token, Lemonade was streamed 306 million times in 15 days of its availability. While at the time the streaming service claimed 3 million subscribers.

“The investigation done by a Norwegain newspaper  was based on having received a hard drive containing what appeared to be two billion rows of internal Tidal streaming data” according to Spin.

The newspaper contacted the Technology’s Center for Cyber and Information Security (The CCIS) to run a forensic analysis of the data, after verifying with record labels that the data on the drive matched the numbers that of Tidal. After  The CCIS found that 150 million TLOP plays and 170 million Lemonade plays were “duplicates” that did not reflect the actual listening activity of the subscribers they were attributed to. All these inflated numbers generate handsome royalty payoffs. The CCIS study included the play counts had been falsified based on repeated patterns it found in the data.

Tidal’s lawyer said that the newspaper’s data has been falsified, and that the CCIS study was conducted under false pretences.


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Report by Lwazi Hadebe


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