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K-Naomi . Styled by Fearless Africa. Makeup by Vuyo Varoyi (Revlon) Photo: Lawrence Manyapelo

K-Naomi gets ready for a party – dressed in Keys Fashion, The Hamilton Boutique Hotel. Styled by Fearless Africa. Make-Up by Vuyo Varoyi (Revlon) | Hair styled by Candi & Co.

Dynamite in a small package with the mind of a warrior. What started off as a love for partying erupted into a career that saw her interview the most loved personalities and carve a beautifully moulded place in the eyes and the hearts of the South African viewer. A familiar face in social circles, a beauty product model and now a friend of Brutal Fruit, this triple threat is focused and ready to make the multitasking independent girl, the new age “girl next door”.

When did you see that being a socialite could possibly get you paid?

I wouldn’t consider myself a socialite, I’m a young ambitious female who’s doing what she loves. It’s general knowledge that people should get paid to work. I just didn’t think popularity could get you money until I saw it happen to other great females in the industry. Being approached by brands(personally) just clarified that possibility for me.


What steps do you go through to get ready for a party?

Wow, I’m very conscious about how I dress and look…so there are many steps that I have to go through to get ready.

I always have to take a warm shower with music playing in the back just to wake the body up, there’s makeup, then finding an outfit (which takes long). Then there’s finding the right accessories…then lipstick color to complement my outfit. Then I need to choose the right perfume for the night…then I head out and have fun the Brutal Fruit way!

K-Naomi . Styled by Fearless Africa. Makeup by Vuyo Varoyi (Revlon)

You’re also studying while working- how has doing these things changed you?

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Studying and working at the same time has been a huge challenge for me. I sacrificed full time work to study full time. I’ve eased through the whole process to get to where I am…it hasn’t been easy though. It has changed me in many ways. I’m more responsible, respectful towards time, more appreciative and have realized the importance of prioritizing and basically focusing on what’s important, not just now but long term. I’ve grown as a female and have become more responsible towards my choices and life.


K-Naomi gets ready for a party – dressed in Keys Fashion, The Hamilton Boutique Hotel. Styled by Fearless Africa. Make-Up by Vuyo Varoyi (Revlon) | Hair styled by Candi & Co.

Your take on the industry and girls you share the platform with?

Every girl is amazing, we are all different and that’s what makes the industry interesting. I think we lack unity, there’s too much competitiveness, disrespect and lack of understanding. The industry is big enough for us all…so there needs to be more patience and more unity so we can build each other and form a base were women are doing well and are leading the industry together.


What can we expect from you next?

My main focus right now is college, I need to get my certificate so I can venture into everything I have planned next year.

People can expect to see me on their screens and a different side to me as I do something really different next year…

I’m excited for 2016.

Interview / Article by Star Khulu  |  Styled by Lesego Kgosimolao for FearLes Afrika  |  Makeup by Vuyo Varoyi  | Hair styled by Candi & Co | Shot at


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