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Kelly Kumalo takes back her power ‘Undithata Kancinci’ out now

KELLY KHUMALO is undoubtedly the greatest singer of this generation South Africa has produced; known for her deep tone and emotive way of portraying love and pain, Kelly claims back her power with her new single ‘UNDITHATHA KANCINCI’

“I worked on this song for about four months, which is the time I usually take to make an album. During this period, I did some self-introspection, going to a place where I truly discovered who I am and realizing the power I hold”, says Kelly.

She called on the services of seasoned jazz pianist, Nduduzo Makhatini, who recently joined distinguished jazz record label Blue Note Records, exceptional singer-songwriter Msaki who is featured on of 2019’s biggest songs and seasoned producer Batundi who has written Tresor’s ‘Sondela’ and ‘Electric Night’.

‘UNDITHATHA KANCINCI’, inspired by Kelly’s personal journey, is about a woman who has been looked down on, underrated by society and in her romantic relationships. She is at a point where she has had enough and is ready to carry the power she has always possessed with grace. This is a statement by Kelly to remind herself and the world of how gifted, powerful and great she is.

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