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Kim Kardashian West meets up with Donald Trump to discuss prison reform

Twitter is asking questions as the Wests’ make moves to make their presence felt in the Oval Office

Remember when Donald Trump campaigned for presidency? Everyone couldn’t believe it, the media went on to discredit him digging out all kinds of laundry, celebrities came together to boycott his campaign and we were almost sure Donald Trump will never make it to the oval office. Well, Donald is the president of the United States of America and he is running the White House the only way Trump can. Trump recently took to Twitter to share his excitement over meeting with Kim Kardashian to discuss “prison reform and sentencing”.

Twitter did not see this one coming and it’s divided over Trump’s post with Kim Kardashian standing next to him in the Oval Office.

Kim Kardashian’s husband, Khanye West, has also became very public about his support for Trump. West has also caused havoc by suggesting that 400 years of slavery was a choice while interviewed on TMZ.

Twitter is confused about these recent moves from the West’s; their recent involvement both politics continues to spark a lot of controversy.



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