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An Italian culinary experience for all South Africans

Italian dishes with a range of deliciously refreshing Malfy gin cocktails.

Consumers with a finer taste for delicious gin and Italian cuisine will now experience the first-ever MALFY culinary experience featuring UCook, where we guide our consumers to create some of Italy’s favorite dishes, especially curated for those that love indulging in Mediterranean lunches and appetizing bruschetta boards.

The vibrant La Cucina MALFY series features media personalities: Tshego Manche, K Naomi, and Kefilwe Mabote, who are guided by a food expert and consultant. They are also joined by the MAFLY GIN SA brand ambassador, Dineo Newer, who complements the Italian dishes with a range of deliciously refreshing Malfy gin cocktails.

“Food is an integral part of celebrations and we want to bring South Africans something that is engaging, entertaining, and exciting. By partnering with UCook, we are bringing Italian flair to our local context. The purpose is to introduce fine dining and distinct flavors to everyday dishes. Malfy Gin prides itself in delicious drinks and delectable food, we want people to enjoy this too, in the comfort of their own homes,” says Warrick Wyngaard Brand Manager of MALFY Gin SA.

Not only does the La Cucina MALFY series create a delectable culinary experience, but it also exposes consumers to the joy of the “La Dolce Vita” lifestyle. The MALFY La Famiglia demonstrates how to create a dining experience with Italian aesthetics, through both food and at-home entertainment; all inspired by the food, drink, and culture of Italian living.

Malfy gin is built on the spirit of Italy which is rooted in family, love, and food. In true Italian style, the brand wants to share the essence of La Famiglia and the beauty of uniting with friends and family, to revel over a wholesome spread, a snack, lunch, or dinner.

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