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“Fashion is complementary to everything that you do. And so is music”


Lootlove | OATH

What are your views on music and fashion and how the two influence one another?

They always go together, they’re both stimulating. Obviously, one is more of a hearing thing and the other is more visual, but if you put them together it becomes perfect. Fashion is exciting; fashion is complementary to everything that you do. And so is music… If you walk to the right song, then you feel extra confident. I love how people like Lady Gaga and Rihanna have found a way to bridge it. You can have the skill but you have to have the look as well.

What does music mean to you as a young person and a fan?

It means everything. I can’t imagine a world without music, I can’t imagine starting my day without music or ending my day without music. It’s life and so personal to me, it’s just sad that I can’t make it. But I’m glad I can contribute to the industry through the work I currently do.

LootLove | Dress: Tommy Hilfiger. Sungalses, Gloves & Bracelet: ALDO.

Obviously people consume music differently, and one way that is causing waves is music streaming. What has been your experience with Vodacom Deezer as someone who loves music?

Literally any and every song that you’ve ever wanted to listen to is on there. You’ve got so many options and it also suggests music for you, which I think is really dope. So you end up hearing things that wouldn’t necessarily listen to. It opens your mind, it senses what kind of music you like and it keeps adding to that. It’s your music best friend.  And it’s really easy, and if subscribe to Vodacom, you get the first two months for free. You just download the app, sign up and you’re ready to go, at just R59.99 a month.

Loot love | Skirt: Ryan Keys.

We understand that now you’re getting into fashion, having recently walked for Nhlanhla Nciza’s collection NN Vintage at fashion week – take us through your experience?

That was such an experience; the last time I felt like a super-model was when I entered a beauty pageant that my mom forced me to enter. But it was an incredible experience. I think the whole thing fascinates me as well, it’s almost like role-play. You become somebody else, translating a different message. It’s an interesting space that I definitely want to explore.

We know what Lootlove is up to now with your show LIVE and the modelling. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

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This is the year of turning everything upside down. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll see that my style has been onward, as opposed to when it all started out, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing with my career. I’m about to do some things that are going to set me apart from the rest. Be independent, and not that sharing a platform with two other people is a problem, it’s just time for me to stand on my own, I know I can carry it.

So personal that you called yourself LootLove Shakur, tell us about that.

I actually got that from Reason one of my favourite local rappers. I called him one day and when he answered the phone he said “LootLove Shakur” and I thought that I could keep that.

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