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Socialite & Fitness Entrepreneur, Brad Jay, on why you need to prioritise life around fitness!

“Fitness is a lifestyle not a quick fix” – Brad, wearing all Must-Have gentleman pieces on promotion from SIMONI Exclusive Menswear Collection. Styled by Oliva Harlow. Article by Lwazi Hadebe.

Of all fitness and health benefits, confidence and sex appeal are among many sought after fitness benefits. Talk about fitness, meet Brad Jay, Jozi’s urban socialite and elite body-shape entrepreneur!

One can find #bodygoals and perfectly chiseled abs on IG. How important is fitness to you?

“As a TV personality & fitness influencer, looking and feeling great is the foundation of my brand. I’m passionate about health and fitness, it’s also business for me so it’s really at the core of what I do.”

Where does confidence fit?

“Being fit and in good shape definitely improves confidence levels. Knowing your worth, sense of self and being able to live life to its fullest potential. Being in top shape in my career just adds to that confidence.”

Tell me more about Brad Jay Elite & how did you come up with it?

“I was apprehensive using my own name for my fitness company, but in actual fact it was the best thing I could ever have done. Brad Jays Elite is designed to offer elite fitness & body-shape training. It’s ultimately about having and celebrating the best body as much as it’s about sweat. From understanding your body to the food you need to eat, Brad Jay Elite is designed to help you achieve the best body out there. I do research and find new routines for my clients, and this helps me stay ahead of the game.”

What makes your body shaping business different?

“It’s training done in groups, we specifically tailor workouts for different individuals’ needs. For instance if you have a female who weighs 75kgs and a female who weighs 51kgs with a slim frame joining the same group session, their reps, sets and specific exercises will be made unique for their goals and their individual needs. So it’s not a copy and paste workout technique!”

What did it take for you to go for a career in fitness?

“When I became a sponsored model I realised that image today is everything. For me to get sponsorships and garner income from my looks I had to make sure that I believe in the road it takes to get there. So that’s when I decided to make a career out of it and I’m blessed enough to have turned this passion into a business.”

What’s the end goal with Brad Jays Elite fitness?

“The sky is the limit. I’m looking forward to franchises happening very soon in the future. My first is in Cape Town where I would like to live and start a family, and to keep the brand ‘elite’. “


What’s that one nightmare routine?

“Super man push-ups are a true testimony to a clients fitness levels. Routines are always different depending on the muscle group and day. There is no specific routine, my clients are all pretty strong in their own way.”

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Must-Do routine exercises for those who don’t have time for gym?

“Fitness is a lifestyle not a quick fix, so for those who don’t have the time to go to gym or even do something for their health sometime in the day is already half way to failure. You need to prioritise your life around fitness.”

Basic exercises you can do to gain strength and stamina if you can’t make it to gym:

  • Jog or run for 20minutes outside or in a park.
  • Body weight exercises in your home.
  • Push-ups, sit-ups, squats & lunges.

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