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“Everything, be it small or big adds to the bigger picture, it adds to the end result & that’s what all the efforts are for.” – Thabiso Makhubela | Dressed by SIMONI Exclusive Menswear Collection | Photographed by Lawrence Manyapelo | Report by Lwazi Hadebe.

Thabiso Makhubela . Exclusive Menswear Collection. Image: Lawrence Manyapelo

At a time where anyone is a post away from being an overnight sensation, Thabzy shows that not only pretty smart captions, filters and hashtags can turn you into one.

With sheer determination and a very fruitful journey, Thabzy is having the ride of his life on the air waves before taking center stage on social media. Now with a branding company called THE DRAWING BOARD BRAND CONSULT, the man is out to get that paper.


Thabiso Makhubela. Exclusive Menswear Collection. Image: Lawrence Manyapelo

So what motivated you to start your own company?

“I spent some years working in the media and advertising space, interacting with different environments and brands. The industry in which I operate has been going through somewhat of an exciting evolutionary journey and while I enjoyed working at an advertising agency, leading the agency’s key accounts I felt that the direction I wanted my career to take couldn’t be fulfilled by traditional employment. As an entrepreneurial being, I knew that it was time to create a space for myself that I could totally control, a space that would see me doing work that excites me with brands and individuals that are totally in tune with my vision.

The journey to deciding on my own business hasn’t been one of smooth sailing. The decision was born out of self-discovery. Once I felt I had a stronger understanding of  myself and what drives me then I could go after my place in the industry.”

Thabiso Makhubela. Exclusive Menswear Collection. Image: Lawrence Manyapelo

Do you think about how people will perceive you because of social media? 

“Depending on the social media platform in question, you will find that I show different sides to Thabzy. On Twitter, for example, I engage on a range of issues as they pop up on the timeline, the engagements are always authentic – whether it’s a remark about a kiss on Our Perfect Wedding or the latest on a student protest – I speak my mind and don’t hold back.

When it comes to more visual platforms like Instagram, I’ve recently started to think about it a lot more than I used to. I always want to showcase moments and experiences that happen in real-time – a blessing & a curse. It’s not as easy as it may seem, people put us under pressure. Suddenly as a businessman I find myself having to think twice before posting a picture of myself in a speedo by the beach because for some reason, society is always on standby to say ‘Oh my, a whole businessman, topless?’ Or ‘he’s always drinking on the weekends and posting about it’, I don’t know why people are like this but I try to be authentic all the time while being mindful of the eyes watching.


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Thabiso Makhubela. Exclusive Menswear Collection. Image: Lawrence Manyapelo

I can say though that a lot of what I post on social media has helped me teach my clients who I really am to some extent. They know all I get up to because they understand that our relationships are always so much better and I don’t have to switch my persona on and off. I just do me!”



Thabiso Makhubela. Exclusive Menswear Collection. Image: Lawrence Manyapelo

How else do you know that you’re doing the right thing?

“When things feel right – they usually are. I am lucky to be both intuitive and strategic, I plan and run with things.

 On the business front, we do some really good work for a range of clients from looking after the youth market for a leading financial institution, consulting to a local radio station to work in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

 On the personal front – which I believe a spouse can also a business – I have collaborated with TopMan, did a new flavor launch for Lucozade, Power Play for Coca Cola, and recently, a partnership with a leading men’s shoe brand; SPITZ.

 I am constantly evolving and innovating, finding newer, fresher ways of doing things. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done but I am comfortable with the form it all takes.”

Last words?

“Learn to appreciate your journey. Everything that happens – big or small is a piece of your life puzzle. Listen to your heart, go after what your heart tells you and you’ll start to experience the pieces come together ”

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