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Bantu-knots tweet sends global shockwaves

Black people all over are calling out Minnie for calling Bantu knots ‘ghetto’.

There has never been a time like this one where black people all over the world are coming together for celebrating who they are; culture and tradition. There’s a lot of black consciousness artworks that is also been produced by a lot of artists, with a lot of visuals recently been produced by world renowned Beyonce Knowles.

With that said it’s very important that when black people use social platforms understand what this means, the movement doesn’t end with a hashtag, it’s an ongoing work that needs to backed by all our influence at all times.

While on the subject of influence, let’s bring into question Minnie Dlamini’s latest post which is doing the opposite of the work that’s been done to end discrimination and self hate. Minnie Dlamini is under fire for calling Bantu-Knots ghetto, she is one of Africa’s most influential celebrities and of course social media called Minnie out for her problematic and discriminatory post.

Minnie has since not deleted the post and is enduring the backlash.

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