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The 2015 rookie looked a lot like Nadia Nakai and less like Netflix reality TV drama.

The rookie has been described as the first time player of the team, the new addition that is yet to learn from the senior members.

In the music industry, the rookie challenges this rhetoric: moving and working at an independent and hungry pace, often surpassing the work rate of their predecessor.


K2 : Black blazer – Hilton Weiner | Balmain Harem pants – NotionX | Makeup – Vuyo Varoyi | Hair – Candi & Co | Styling – FearLes Afrika | Directed & photographed by Lawrence Manyapelo

The 2015 rookie looks a lot like Nadia Nakai and K2, two driven HipHop devotees that are maneuvering the scene at their own pace, with their end goals firmly placed in their tunnel vision.

Nadia has been on the commercial scene for a year, taking the reigns as the representative of the female HipHop voice. “There’s lots of pressure to remain relevant as one of a few females rapping. You have to look at others and see what they’re doing to stay on trend.” We asked Nadia to share her thoughts on what the business has taught her and she had this to add: “Nobody is your friend, no matter how hard they smile. Even when you receive congratulations, it doesn’t mean they’re not vying for your spot. Doing what you want, with no compromise will be the only way you stay in your lane”


Big brother contestant and fan favourite, K2 owes his growth to the reality show experience, referring to the show’s format as a life lesson in itself. “I play my game in my lane and I don’t entertain distractions. My eye stays on the biggest prize.” And what is the prize he speaks of? A global career that K2 hesitated to liken to any local artist on the scene right now. He fondly mentions a call from Maftown Heights, Award winning HipHop artist Khuli Chana as one of the highlights of his rap career. “You get egos and you get people who don’t want anything to do with you and that’s okay. I get respect where I need it”

Being a woman in a predominantly male-driven space can leave one exposed to a different type of resistance. Nadia believes her professional demeanour has helped her maintain respect, even with her audacious sense of style and curvaceous frame. “I’m still a girl!” she laughs. “It’s my natural habitat, the authentic me. People see me the way they want but this is all me, being sexy is not a business strategy for me at all”

K2 & NADIA | #GINKGOWOOD | Styled by Fearless Africa | Hairy by Candi & Co | Make-Up by Vuyo Varoyi

NADIA: Black leather Bustee – La Manche | Styling – Fearless Africa | Hairy by Candi & Co | Make-Up by Vuyo Varoyi | K2 : Black blazer – Hilton Weiner | Balmain Harem pants – NotionX | Photographed by Lawrence Manyapelo

K2 and Nadia have a new and infectious energy that permeates through the lens. Both rising stars are working at a solar pace to make their mark in the industry and they show no signs of slowing down. A triple fusion of looks, talent and drive? Definitely a recipe for a party.


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What to look out for: #K2Friday! I’m releasing a single every Friday so that the consumers get to know me. I think they deserve music to listen to for free, so that my sound becomes familiar. We’ve been doing great with downloads having hit 60 thousand hits last week. Check my page for the next jam!

2015 Highlights: The Big Brother experience was a huge highlight for me. Most of my supporters have been following since the show. Seeing my career kickoff and seeing the constant support for my music is still tops man. Oh ya, being the first dude to be recognized by Brutal Fruit is also quite something. Too dope.

K2 | Styling – Fearless Africa | Photographed by Lawrence Manyapelo


What to look out for: DotCom’s bomb hit single called Phola, featuring myself and Kwesta. Check my social media for more information. I have a lot I’m working on that’s going to test me and intrigue my audience so stay tuned and enjoy the music.


NADIA: Black leather Bustee – La Manche | Styling – Fearless Africa | Hairy – Candi & Co | Make-Up by Vuyo Varoyi Black leather Bustee – La Manche. Black sheer lace skirt, Heels, Accessories; Stylist own. | Photographed by Lawrence Manyapelo

2015 Highlights:

Finally getting to perform out of South Africa was a dream come true for me. Working with Ice prince was unreal and being the first female rapper to sign an endorsement deal and work with Brutal Fruit has been a career highlight. 2016 is gonna be lit.


Interview / Article by Star Khulu  |  Styled by Lesego Kgosimolao for FearLes Afrika  |  Makeup by Vuyo Varoyi  | Hair styled by Candi & Co | Shot at

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