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Nay Maps and Rudi Witkowsky (#TeamYellow) runners up in TIOT8

In what has to be the most nail-biting finale of any Tropika Island of Treasure to date, Brendan Peyper and Lisanne Lazarus (#TeamRed) came out victorious in the final challenge, making them the winners of #TIOT8 and that coveted R1 million prize! In last night’s final episode of the series, #TeamRed fought hard to beat Nay Maps and Rudi Witkowsky (#TeamYellow) for the title of #TIOT8 champions.

Did #TeamYellow expect to go head to head against #TeamRed in the final? Both Maps and Witkowsky note “yes”.

“We knew that there was a strong possibility that if we had to make it the finals, we could face #TeamRed because they were very strong in the first few challenges and were really consistent throughout the season,” says Maps.

Witkowsky echoes Maps’ sentiments, and adds: “While we expected to compete in the final against #TeamRed, the fact that there were so many Slenda Twists throughout #TIOT8 meant that the game could turn at any point – making it anyone’s final! #TIOT8 was really full of surprises”.

#TeamYellow fought hard to maintain their place in the competition throughout the season, and it worked well leading them into the final against #TeamRed. They unfortunately didn’t take the top spot, but they did earn themselves many a fan who followed their bromance throughout #TIOT8.

When asked about their bromance and team dynamic, Witkowsky confirmed that the two genuinely are the best of friends. “Throughout #TIOT8, Nay and I had so much fun and bonded really well.  We were both relaxed and laughed all day every day. We never blamed each other for any losses or mistakes; we always encouraged each other no matter what and just had the most fun in every challenge. We understood each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and were both extremely open with each other. Upon team selections we told each other exactly how we felt about each other – which was the best thing that we could have done. Nay and I truly are best mates today. YEBO, TEAM YELLOW!”

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Maps affirms Rudi’s sentiments 100%. “I loved how we blended and complimented each other. It was great how Rudi ran with the team spirit and energy I brought along. He was a team player in every sense of the word and we became brothers. That made our bond even greater and by being there for one another we both contributed to taking #TeamYellow as far as we could”.



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