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Nick Nkuna. Suit: SIMONI. Lanseria



“What I think about myself is much more important than what people think of me”  – Nick Nkuna. Stylist: Oliva Harlow. Assistant stylist: Kay Khanye

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It’s no secret that after BET’s Top Actor Africa, Nick Nkuna hasn’t stopped to smell the roses.  And if there is one thing you can put you bets on, is the fact that he keeps going from strength to strength, taking on new challenges and roles along the way.  Right before he dashed out of the country, Previdar had a shoot with him for the MEGA Issue at Lanseria airport, and he gave word out on a few things. 

 Who inspires you in fashion, and how important is fashion to you?

“I’m very much inspired by Kanye. I think all my friends know, and naturally I’m like that. I take the longest to get dressed, mainly because what I wear contributes to how I feel, and that’s how I become creative. So looking good for me is an everyday, it’s a must.”


“Because in this business you are what you wear, what you say, how you say it, what you stand for, what you do and so much more. Everything contributes to what and who you are.”

After this, you have to head out to Atlanta, what are you doing there?

“I’m shooting a movie titled Love by Chance. I’m playing a South African character who goes by the name of Aaron. The cast includes Denise Zimba, Altovise Lawrence and Athandwa Kani. It’s  produced by Samad Davis and I have to say, it is  like a reunion all over again because Samad produced Top Actor Africa.”

You’re also on SABC2’s telenovela, Keeping Score. Tell me about your character a bit.

Yes, I play Isaac Toubia who is Sudanese, he’s also a child soldier who managed to escape the military. He ran all the way to South Africa and tried to change his life, now the way he did that was to join a sporting academy. All while his family was murdered by soldiers, so he’s basically turning his life around independently.

Self-assured, are you that person?

What I think about myself is much more important than what people think of me so yes, it’s safe to say I’m self-assured, without it I wouldn’t survive a day. 

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Are you seeing someone?

I might and I might not be seeing someone. I’ve never really been excited about sharing my personal information with the world. 

You’ve been spending a considerable amount of time with Denise Zimba. What is the situation between the two of you? 

Denise in my friend, a soulmate and you know what? She gets me. There’s also a purpose why I met Denise, that purpose is bigger than us and that’s to give showbiz a face-lift.

And finally what is success to you?

It’s simple, when you wake up everyday and take steps that bring you closer to your dream – you have been successful.
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