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Nkuli. Suit & bracelet: SIMONI. Lanseria

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Nkuli Tshirumbula on his acting career, fashion and weighs in on #FeesMustFall

“and when you take financial aid, the interest rate is insane. It’s as if one goes to school to pay-off school debt.” – Nkuli Tshirumbula. Interview & Article: Lwazi Hadebe. Styled: Oliva Harlow. Assistant stylist: Kay Khanye

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They say it is a better to be a jack of all trades and a master of at least one. Nkuli Tshirumbula, on the other hand may very well be the exception.


Great actor? Check! Great dancer? Check! An illuminating smile that commands attention? Check! Check! Check!
Lwazi sits down with one of mzansis’ eligible bachelors to unmask this sought after talent.

You were on Muvhango and Generations: The Legacy, that happened with so much haste. What differentiates these shows from one another?

“Muvhango is very traditional, when you get there the cast, crew, everyone gets to know you. Because of tradition and the language, it was easier for me to be there. The structure behind the storyline is tradition, it speaks to people, it’s a story you can take back home. “
“Generations on the other hand, for starters I have to say it was and honour to be a part of Generations: The legacy cast. Though the show is diluted, not so focused on tradition – it does have elements of tradition and culture. Id say that’s what differentiates them from each other.”


You had shortly graduated from university when you got your 1st role in a soapie, are there any friends that are affected by the Fees Must Fall movement that you left in school?

We are fortunate enough that my friends and I are done with higher education for now. But tuition fees have been an issue for a very long time. When I first registered I paid about R1 500, now that’s doubled, some pay more than that in other institutions. I don’t come from a privileged household, and when you take financial aid  the interest rate is insane. It’s as if one goes to school to pay-off school debt.

The curriculum keeps changing, books change, each year more money needs to be paid and that is financially strenuous for people who do not come from privileged households, it’s a lot, and I applaud the students that are taking charge and fighting for education.


Whats the one moment that makes you want to pat yourself on the back when you think about it?

Strictly Come Dancing, that was a roller coaster ride for sure. It was challenging, physically, emotionally, one wouldn’t think dance would have such an impact on you. I would push myself week in and out, so much that I made it to the finale and I’m not even a dancer. So when I think about it, I want to fist pump, HI-5 do everything. It was an awesome ride and thankful of it.

If you were to be cast as James Bond, where would you like it to be shot?

nkuli-previdar-simoniSouth Africa is such a beautiful country, most places hold beautiful heritage and history, but I will have to say Soweto. There are a number of scenes I would like to shoot in Soweto. The grit, the culture, though that wont be the focus, it would be a great addition to the movie. 

Who would be your Bond Girl?

Nomzamo Mbatha  is the one I’d want to be my Bond Girl without a doubt. She has sass, there’s a certain way a Bond girl behaves and Nomzamo Mbatha would carry that well. 

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Would you do the stunts yourself, or you’re the guy that wants a stunt double?

Do it myself. Whats the fun in it if you call in a stunt double. I’d Jason Statham that sh**.

James Bond wears a lot of suits, are you a suit guy? Is this your everyday?

I would say yes and no. The thing is; I don’t wear suits all the time, but yeah, I love suits.

What colour was the first suit you bought and how old were you?

(Laughs) I was 15 and it was silver. The kind of silver that KK from Muvhango would wear, with the long pointy shoe. I thought I looked good for my Matric farewell. 

What’s one trend for guys, you think should must fall?

The grey sweat pants, they are not bad, but I say let’s give them a break. The ladies love them, I will tell you that. 

Did you get a chance to go to the Pablo Pop up store in Cape Town a few months ago?

It’s a bummer that I didn’t, but had I gone, the Pablo Bomber jacket would be mine.


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