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1 million streams and counting as the Kiffness and Bilal Göregen go viral with Ievan Polkka

The Kiffness and Bilal Göregen have racked up a staggering one million Spotify streams, and almost nine million YouTube views, of the popular Ievan Polkka remix.

The obscure Finnish folk song was originally performed by Turk Bilal Göregen and with a remix by South Africa’s The Kiffness has seen it chart in regions including China, Italy, Turkey, SA, the UK, and many more. In South Africa, it has received airplay on almost a dozen radio stations and is currently on the Kfm Top40 chart.

Dave Scott from The Kiffness explains:

“It’s a big milestone for me. Not only because it’s the first Kiffness track to reach 1 million streams on Spotify, but because it was done completely independently. This song is a testament to me and all other independent artists that a song doesn’t need to be signed to a major label or get high rotation on radio stations to be a success. Thank you to everyone who continues to support the song! Bilal & I are super stoked.”

Dave explains the inspiration behind the remix.

“When I first saw the video, I thought it was incredibly catchy and I thought it would be a fun song to remix. So I did a short, live looping remix and put it online. The response was great so I DM’d my remix to Bilal on Instagram and asked if he’d be keen to collab. This song for me is a true testament to the human spirit: Chinese children vibing to a Finnish folk tune, performed by a Turkish street drummer, made viral by a vibing cat, remixed by a South African & currently charting in Italy. No matter where we are from, I truly believe that we have way more in common than what divides us. A truly global unifier!  My wish for 2021 is to give more energy to the things that bring us together.”

The Kiffness is extremely popular online in SA. The YouTube page is the 2nd ranked artist page in SA, the 6th ranked music page, and the 28th overall page in South Africa.

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