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Platelet-Rich Plasma, a new treatment to Combat Ageing Skin

Numerous things can influence premature aging, but fortunately, there are new treatments emerging daily to help your skin regain its vibrant vitality.

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Your skin’s suppleness declines with age, and collagen is broken down. By injecting platelets and other growth factors into the face, a novel procedure called Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) can reverse the signs of aging by encouraging cells to make more collagen and elastin.

The body’s most significant organ, the skin, is protected and preserved by Dr. Saumya T. Gautam, an aesthetic medical doctor, and co-owner of S&S Aesthetics who specializes in aesthetic medicine and advanced skin health. She explains what PRP is and how this innovative treatment functions.

Having platelets injected into your skin may seem intimidating, but these big cells aid in blood clotting and encourage healing and rejuvenation. Similar to how they do when you cut yourself, platelets rush to the wound and congregate to create a seal that stops the bleeding. This characteristic promotes self-healing within the body and also causes the release of hormones that draw additional cells to the location of the injury to aid in healing.

Not only that, but platelets also carry growth factors that can aid in tissue regeneration by encouraging cell division and proliferation.

According to Dr. Saumya, “PRP therapy is a novel treatment that is gaining popularity.” This procedure requires drawing a tiny sample of your blood. The platelets are subsequently isolated from the other blood cells using blood centrifuge equipment. A very thin needle is used to inject the platelets back into your skin after that.

She continues by saying that PRP skin therapy is advantageous for the skin because it can encourage the formation of collagen and enhance the skin’s overall appearance. Additionally, it can aid in enhancing skin’s texture and tone and lessening the look of wrinkles.

Other conditions that can be treated with PRP therapy include rosacea, telangiectasia, erythema, hyperpigmentation, joint discomfort, and baldness.

PRP is absolutely natural and safe because it is created from your own blood, the expert claims. “Although the idea of drawing blood and injecting growth factors into the face with needles may seem intimidating, the technique is actually fairly straightforward, safe, and barely uncomfortable.”

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What it does

In order to ease any discomfort, a topical anaesthetic is given to the dermis. The patient is prepared to have the operation started after waiting for 20 to 30 minutes till the area is fully numb.

The skin care specialists at S&S Aesthetics have the option of injecting the procedure using NanoSoftTM by Filmed for patients who might be wary of needles or anxious just thinking about a syringe. A typical injection needle is almost three times larger than the NanoSoftTM. It makes the rest of the cosmetic procedure considerably simpler and increases patient comfort while lowering the chance of bruising.

Dr. Saumya explains, “We take every precaution, and safety protocol is followed by our medical aesthetic professionals to ensure that the therapy is applied safely.

You can combine PRP therapy with microneedling for even younger-looking skin if you desire a more pronounced outcome.

By making minute punctures in the skin with tiny needles, a method called micro-needling can encourage the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin.

The PRP can be absorbed more deeply because of the microscopic channels that the micro-needling channels in the skin generate. This can assist to lessen the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles while also enhancing the skin’s general texture and look.

“New developments in technology produce a significantly superior result,” she continues, “such as the 1NEED medical micro-needling pen that we use, which is one of the very few devices in the world to hold a CE medical certificate for micro-needling and microdermabrasion treatments.

PRP face treatments typically last 60 to 90 minutes. This includes the time needed to prepare the PRP and numb the face. The actual injection procedure often takes 15 minutes or less. After three PRP sessions separated by four to six weeks, the majority of patients see their best outcomes.

She does point out that certain people could require more frequent care in order to keep their results.

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Despite being a novel procedure, the platelet-rich plasma facial has a great deal of potential for people who want to seem younger. Being minimally invasive and only requiring one session, the treatment appeals to those who are busy. Another benefit is that there is little to no downtime following the treatment.

Visit or follow @sands aesthetics for guidance or medical information on skin health if you are thinking about this procedure.

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