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How does it feel to be collaborating with Skip and other local designers for this unique monochrome pop-up?

It’s always amazing working with local designers and we are honoured to be part of the process. We are grateful that Skip has chosen Prime obsession as one of the three monochrome designers, it is beautiful to see big brands collaborating with upcoming designers.

Describe your SKIP monochrome collection in 3 words.

Simple, structured, clean.

How would you describe the pieces that you’ve put together for your Skip monochrome collection?

The pieces speak to our personal style, the silhouettes range from fluid to structured. Very simple yet effective.

What fabric have you used?

We have used satin, chiffon, scuba, polycotton and organza.

Which is your favourite piece and why?

The multi layered shirt- the detail on the waist adds drama to the garment. The organza pants and crop- the details of the garments are subtle but very appealing, the silhouette is flattering to all body shapes.

Describe monochrome dressing?

It is power dressing, the colours do not shout but make a strong fashion statement.

What are your monochrome fashion rules?

More is more, you can get away with more, like layering, mixing textures and silhouettes.

When designing the collection, where did you draw inspiration from?

Interior design and architecture influence the pieces we make.

What would you say are key fashion items to mastering the monochrome look?

A black or white shirt is a staple, culottes/flared crop pants, a blazer/biker jacket and a t-shirt.

What do you love most about Skip’s new Perfect Care for dark & white clothing?

The preservation of clothing whether dark or white is great because you don’t have to keep replacing that dark pair of jeans you adore and you can remove stains from your favourite white shirt; the range is called perfect care meaning it is the best product to keep your clothing in tip-top shape.

South African designers, such as yourself, are really finding unique prominence within the fashion industry. What do you see the future holding for young South African fashion designers?

The future for SA designers even outside of fashion is booming, the world is taking notice of the beautiful work/talent that SA possesses. There is still a lot that needs to change but the future looks promising. 

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