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Rihanna at Dior RTW S/S 2017 show


Here’s to hoping Rihanna will still make time to go to the studio!

“Rihanna was my first wish. First, because of her voice and the way she smiles and looks and how she expresses herself. Second, because you know she won’t be intimidated on the set.” – Luc Besson

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Rihanna for Vanity Fair by Annie Leibovitz

Rihanna for Vanity Fair by Annie Leibovitz

It has been a phenomenal year for Rihanna. Though she never really had a bad year following the 2009 claims that “she was bankrupt, after her accountant gave her bad financial advice.” DailyMail writes. Since then, her Bitch Better Have My Money attitude, through various lucrative ventures of course, had her taking on various projects along the way and stacking that paper. The Navy will know she is no rookie when it comes to acting, coming after her last on-screen performance in Battleship and Disneys’ Home Rihanna is set to appear in not one, but two movies and a series in the coming years.

Though there haven’t been much information given out on Rihanna’s character on Ocean’s Eight, a reboot of the 2001 Ocean’s Eleven, which also has a star-filled cast with George Clooney, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt.
Since optics can tell a thousand words, there’s about 100 pictures out on the web of Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock and more on the set of Ocean’s Eight, and what’s apparent is that Rihanna might play a hacker.

Rihanna & Cate Blanchet on set of Oceans Eight

Rihanna & Cate Blanchet on set of Oceans Eight

Rihanna on set of Bates Motel

Rihanna on set of Bates Motel

While this film’s release date is set for 2018. Rihanna made exciting casting news on social media that she will also be “checking in” at the Bates Motel. The series is about a mother and son who come to a new town to start over after the death of her husband and start a new business, but a lot of mysterious incidents happen, including the unanswered and horrible acts of the son.
It’s been made public news that her role will be Marion Crane, the “iconic girl in the shower in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’  which became some sort of standard for films of the horror/thriller genre.” GamenGuide writes.

With three new colours added on the FentyXPuma Creepers line, another collaboration with Manolo Blahnik and the two roles she’s already been cast for, she went on and added to her itinerary the role of an alien stripper in the Valerian and the City of a thousand Planets movie. If you enjoyed 1997’s The Fifth Element, then get ready some galactic entertainment because the same guy who directed The Fifth Element and Lucy, is directing the Valerian.

Rihanna in the ‘Valerian’ trailer

Rihanna in ‘Valerian’ trailer

Director Luc Besson refuses to give out details about her character. Reports have claimed however, that the character she will be portraying will change personalities every 15 seconds. She will have “about 20 minutes of screen time” in the film, Says Besson. He also explained his reason for casting her, saying “Rihanna was my first wish. First, because of her voice and the way she smiles and looks and how she expresses herself. Second, because you know she won’t be intimidated on the set. She plays stadiums with 100,000 people.”

The first trailer for Valerian is out and it sure does promise to be a good one.

Watch trailer here.

Report by: Lwazi Hadebe | Image source: Tumblr

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