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Roxanne’s plans to save the world one Meat-Free Monday at a time

Ours is a world where flexi-hours, working-from-anywhere, and a prioritized ‘work-life balance’ has become the norm.

They call it Flexitarianism, the act of shifting from a meat-heavy diet to adopting a plant-based lifestyle as and when the desire arrives. And if anyone knows about desire, it’s Roxanne. She’ll tell you how delicious plants can actually be, and if you visit her, she’ll show you. Roxanne’s menu is filled with many vegan options that, perhaps, even the most meat-loving individual might try, and enjoy. It’s these meat-lovers who might also benefit from following the Reducetarian movement; which looks to reduce the amount of animal by-products consumed for health, environmental, and compassionate reasons.

Long gone are the days when vegan diets are considered weird, ‘hippie’ choices. And, also, long gone are the days when vegans are left to nibble on a side salad or attempt to make a full meal out of a plate of chips. Generally, restaurants have been ignorant to the plight of vegans when eating out and have struggled to offer anything more substantial than, if you’re lucky, a plate of roasted vegetables.

Roxanne believes that, perhaps, vegans were right all along. There is more than enough evidence to prove how reducing meat, dairy, and egg consumption can have a positive impact on your health and the Earth’s.

Historically, South Africans have placed food (specifically meat) at the heart of all special occasions and celebrations. Every braai came with a sirloin or two; every slow roast a lamb shoulder. Chicken curry was the order of the day and garlic butter prawns a firm favourite of many. But, it seems, times they are a-changing.

Pioneering Johannesburg’s flexi-eating culture, Roxanne offers creative, and delicious, vegan menu items for any occasion. You can eat meat-free versions of all your favourite dishes. Pizza, burgers, tacos, salads, sandwiches, desserts. Limitless really.

Roxanne also proudly follows the #meatfreemonday movement with a large menu that highlights the beauty and possibilities of fruits and vegetables, at the beginning of every week.

Will you visit her and try some?

Start the day right by tucking into the Oh so V! Vegan meatballs, corn tortillas, tomato compote, and sesame avocado. Now that’s a breakfast!

Roxanne’s gourmet sandwiches, otherwise referred to as ‘Meet between the sheets’ have two vegan options. Have some Fun without the Beef; vegan meatballs, vegan cottage cheese with spicy tomato salsa or enjoy Roxanne’s Uncompromised,the gourmet sandwich of all gourmet sandwiches, vegan chili con carne. Or should we call it vegan chili NON carne?

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Now say you have vegan friends joining you, what then? Roxanne’s very shareable Vegan Plate serves up delicious cannellini beans and lentil balls with crumbed mushrooms, corn balls, roast veg, and spicy egg free mayo dip. There might not be ‘mushroom’ for dessert after this 😉

When you visit Roxanne for #RoxMeatFreeMonday you can sit back and enjoy a vegan-friendly cocktail while waiting for your meal to be prepared (fresh, from scratch – the way we like it). Monday favourites include a nostalgic Vegan Cottage Piewith vegan mince finished in a wood-fired oven, and a Got no Beef burger, 150g vegan patty with egg-free mayo, kimchi and greens. Naughty and nice at the same time.

Have a sweet tooth? We got you. Why not dig into the Guilt Freevegan cheesecake topped with Tipo Tinto infused naughty berries. Reminiscent of hot, sticky summers spent on Mozambican beaches.

Roxanne, in all that she is, is breaking the mold with a menu filled with delicious choices abundant with flavour and textures that will appeal to vegetarians, vegans, reductarians, and flexitarians alike. A home for all palates, where everyone is welcome.

Why do what has always been done? Why eat what has always been eaten?

Take Roxanne’s hand and let her show you a whole new world.

This is not just another restaurant. This is not just another Rum Eatery. This is Roxanne.

Her ambience is unique, her offering tantalizing and her aura sensual but with an edge of knock-out confidence. And great food.

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