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SHARED BEAUTY: The rise of the online make-up artist

Achieve the perfect contour at a click of a button and become your own professional make-up artist.| Article by Kay Khanye

If you love beauty it is inevitable that you share the same sentiments about Make up and one knows how expensive getting your face beat by a professional can sometimes be. With the advancements of our world and globalisation gaining momentum make up lovers the world over have achieved instant access to one another through the use of online make up channels.
In recent years we have seen a rise in the number of professional make up artists sharing top industry tips and tricks on how to look your best and achieve optimum beauty.
Online platforms like YouTube and tumbler have bridged the gap between make -up gurus and beauty enthusiasts the world over by making it easier to gain insight on top make up industry secrets at a click of a button. Users at home have an opportunity to learn techniques and different ways of applying different products with a step by step demonstration guided by the professional on screen. This allows the subscriber to achieve salon perfect skin without the cost of professional artist.
The number of tutors and subscribers has since grown drastically as the beauty market is constantly diversifying with more men having a keen interest in cosmetics and make up.Cosmetic companies have also caught on the trend and this is apparent in the number of endearments offered to make up tutors for promotion.
Whether you are an amateur who would like to experiment with your look or a professional just seeking new techniques to try out, online make up tutorials provide great learning opportunity while engaging viewers in a fun well informed and exciting way.
you can watch these popular local make up artist:



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