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“Music is married to fashion, to culture in fact.” – Slikour | #YiSSUE #VCDeezer

We’ve seen a lot of artists come and go, but you have managed to sustain a career in the music industry for all these years. Why music?

Well, I’m still on it. Music is who I am. I don’t see myself as a musician or personality, it’s who I am.

Your views on today’s youth?

I think today’s youth has more access to things. From a digital perspective the world is smaller. Right now, with all this information that’s out there, it’s really about the people who are unique and who stand out, they make an impact.

In addition to your views on how the digital landscape influences youth culture today, what makes platforms such as Vodacom Deezer different for you?

If you wanna be anything you need to stand out now, because there’s so much competition. Vodacom Deezer is similar in a sense that you have so much music, but it’s about what stands out to you.

In your eyes, where does fashion and music connect?

Music is married to fashion, to culture in fact. Music is linked to culture. Historically people have always associated what they’re wearing with what they’re listening to.

There hasn’t been a Ventilation Mixtape since the 3rd Volume, when are you going to vent?

It won’t be ventilation. I’ve got music but I’m not ready to drop that message. There are a lot of things that I like in the industry today, whether it’s sound, approach or people mimicking another one’s success. There’s an opportunity to be unique and whether it translates into success or not, you’re still given an opportunity to stand out and you will matter to some people. It’s a global phenomenon; you’re either going to chase or have people follow you.

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